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We’re just one organizing project away from completing all 10 of the Top 10 Organizing Challenges that I set out for myself in January.  And good thing, since we’re already in March!  I didn’t want these organization projects to drag into March, but I’ve realized it takes time to get to everything and to do it well, especially with tasks like the pantry and playroom.
My closet needed a good clean-out (seems like it needs it yearly) and that’s no small task when it involves trying on everything and letting many things go.  I had been holding onto lots of my “lawyer” clothing like blouses, dresses and suits that I have not worn since I worked in an office and even then those things might not have been my favorite.  Now that I’m going on two years sans office job, I figured I could get these never worn items out of my closet and not miss them.  The Everygirl has a good “7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet” that I followed.  “Do I feel confident when I wear this?” is my favorite question to ask yourself as you try things on, and if the answer is no, maybe that item goes in the “donate/sell” pile.  Why wear something you don’t feel fantastic in?  That’s probably why we wear 10% of our closet 90% of the time!  I heard that statistic at a church fashion show and it stuck with me that it’s probably pretty accurate.

I didn’t get a good “before” picture of my closet, but here’s what I pulled out, although you can’t see the socks, old pjs, scarves, and jewelry.  I went through those too.  I also emptied all the drawers and gave them a good vacuuming.
Going through this process is time consuming if you really give your things a thorough questioning about whether to keep.  If you haven’t worn, carried, used an item for two years (even though the EG list says 12 months), then I’d seriously consider letting it go.
With some of the suits I was holding onto, they were really old (some I’d had nearly 10 years!) and actually didn’t fit that well anymore. I still have lots of things I can wear that are business/professional so it’s not like I’d need a whole new wardrobe if I went back to work in an office.  Instead of just donating all these things this time, I’m trying my hand at selling them online via a neighborhood Facebook group I’m a member of.  If you want to sell some items online, I’d check to see if your area has a similar group you could join.  So far I’ve had a little luck, but some things I’ve gotten no interest in.  I can do a post about how to sell your things online if you’re interested, let me know.
But, on the other hand, I put other items out of my closet on a “wait and see” basis.  Those pink heels  and grey boots in the picture above made it back in.
Ah!  I know I still have lots of clothes, but I can tell a big different when I walk into my closet now.  I have room to breathe!
I moved all my jewelry to the left side of my closet, and the casual shirts I wear most often are on that side too, arranged from tanks to short sleeve tops to long sleeve.  These thin velvet hangers are perfect for keeping the shirts on without slipping and give you more room.
On the right side of the closet are thin sweaters (hanging), blouses (below) short sleeve to long, dresses, and cardigans and vests.
Dresses are hung based on style (tank, short sleeve, then long sleeve).
The cardigans and jackets are hung on wooden hangers to support their heavier weight.
On the back wall, I can now fit all my jeans, shorts and skirts.
I use the small felt hangers for jeans.
And the pinch hangers for shorts/skirts.
I still love using this tie/belt hanger for scarves.  It’s really strong so it holds a lot of scarves without bending.
In the cubbies are tank tops, shorts, and heavier sweaters.
Shoes are still fitting inside my built-in shoe shelves, but I had to put a couple behind its mate to make more room.
And I tidied up my dresser top to make it less cluttered.  You can read how to clean your makeup brushes here.
I can’t believe my son just turned 5!  He’s just 2 months old in this picture.
While I’m going for calming, neutral, serene and soothing in our master bedroom, my closet got a high dose of energy and pizazz with a splash of bright pink and orange accents.  Pink and orange is a favorite color combo of mine, so why not go bold in a place like a closet?!  I figured if I get tired of it, it’s just paint and can be easily painted over.
I’ll share with you later this week the details on the new pink paint and how I framed and hung those Tory Burch bags.  It’s a super easy, inexpensive project and I’m crazy over the pattern and pop of color they add!  They are also practical as they diffuse the sunlight in the room.
Yay! Only one more organizing project to go!!!! 
You can see the organizing challenges I’ve completed so far here:
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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. This is a great post! I have a large closet but it is still too full! I get rid of things annually so most of what I have are keepers. I love how you did your jewelry!!! Can you talk more about how you did that? And I love what you did with the TB bags! I would love to hear more about that as I have some bags I have saved because they are so pretty! I can see I will be in my closet today since it will be raining outside! Thanks for the inspiration. Peace! Cheryl

    1. I'll have to share some more detailed shots. I have the necklaces hanging on silver pushpins that I just pushed into the wall. I like being able to see my necklaces- I find I wear them more when I know what I have. 🙂

  2. Ahhh I would kill for a walk in closet like yours!! Since having a baby, none of my old clothes fit and I'm slowly going through it all – these are great tips – thanks for sharing!

    Gentel /

    1. That's definitely a struggle when you have different size clothing in your closet. But, I'd say be patient- I bet your clothes will fit you again. Even if you think they won't, give it time! 🙂

  3. Okay–I need to replicate your closet. We moved into an old house, but got so lucky in that the previous owners' renovation included a master closet that is 10×12! The problem is that the space is currently not being used efficiently. It makes me crazy that my huge, luxurious closet is actually LESS organized than the small walk-in we had at our former house. The closet has been on the back burner with other projects (and babies) taking priority, but I'm thinking it may be time to figure out how we can really make the space function well for us. I love what you've done!

    1. I totally get that. I have lots of storage options going on in here- hanging, shoe shelves, cubbies, and more shelving you can't really see behind the door. Also, I love having the built-in dresser inside the closet too. I hope this helps give you some ideas. Kiss those sweet babies for me! 🙂

  4. Your closet is fabulous! Beautifully organized and I am loving the pink and orange you added. It looks like a gorgeous boutique!

  5. Loving the pink in the closet. So pretty! I also love the comment about asking yourself if you would buy that item again.

    1. Yes, many times the answer is no.:) So hard to let go of things you paid money for, but I'd rather let it go than keep it and never wear.

  6. I've always loved your closet, but now I'm completely jealous of your wardrobe and shoe collection! I just cleaned out my closet, too. It's such a great feeling!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this! Perfect timing too, since I've just gotten my own little closet, nothing like yours, which is beyond gorgeous by the way, but these tips will really help me decide what to keep when editing my wardrobe. I so love the pops of colour and those velvet hangers are a dream, I've spent ages getting rid of plastic hangers and replacing them with the velvet ones. Thank you so much for this post, I couldn't have found it at a better time. Sending hugs from a sunny today Scotland x

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