Missoni SOLD OUT!

Remember this post about the Missoni line at Target?

Ug! Can you believe that after all that hype that the Houston Targets sold out of the entire line of Missoni goods within the first hour of the store being open?

My sis-n-law called me the day the sale started from the store and told me there was nothing left!  The employees told her that people were lined up outside before the store opened and when they got inside, started grabbing everything in sight.  And the employees said the other Houston stores were the same way!

I sure hope they restock- I haven’t even had a chance to check it out!  Did that happen in your city?  Or did you score anything great?


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  1. I think it was like that everywhere given all the blogs I've read since Tuesday! Some were able to get a few items, but not as muhc or what they wanted. Been told they'll restock, but we'll see. Tons of shoppers were grabbing carts full and are now selling the items on EBAY with a huge mark up! Ridiculous. I didn't even bother, as I am one who to be honest is over the whole hyped up mess!

  2. I'm not sure they are going to re-stock because they are completely sold out of most of it online too. Their website crashed due to the traffic and was down for almost an entire day…pretty nuts in my opinion. Our store still has some things, I live in a small town, but unfortunately I wasn't all that impressed with any of it.

    That being said, a lot of people have posted everything on e-bay, so if you are really dying over everything there is 659 pages of it selling there! Ahh the things people will do for a name brand!!

  3. I live in Toledo, Oh and the Missoni collection hasn't sold out here yet. Definitely a cute line though! Target has some other really cute clothes out as well!

  4. Our Targets were completely ransacked and sold out too! I really hope they restock because I have my eye on a pair of flats and one of the cute sweater dresses. I just didn't want them enough to wait in line for the stores to open!

  5. I had the complete opposite experience! My Target’s parking lot was empty, so I thought, maybe they aren’t open yet? But they were. I strolled in, picked up the skirt, cardigan, dress and flats that I wanted, I was the only person in line at the register, and I strolled out. Sometimes it pays to live in a sleepy little town. 🙂 I would have bought the luggage if my budget had allowed!

  6. I went yesterday so apparently i was behind the times but other than a few picture frames and girls tights…nada! They had they Xhilaration clothes hanging where Missoni should have been!

  7. The word must not be out here in TN that people need to be snatching it up. I went in yesterday and it didn't look like much had been puchased. I am not a fan of it so I didn't get anything.

  8. It was like that in NC too! I went in on Tuesday around 5 p.m. just to check things out and there was ONE skirt and TWO dresses left, and a few pairs of shoes (none in my size of course). I couldn't find ANY of the home decor. I was absolutely floored. I think it was hyped up a little too much.

  9. I didn't go until late Tuesday night, but I did luck up on a dress, cardigan, tights, picture frame and a votive. But, mostly everything was gone! I was shocked! But now that I see how crazy the whole fiasco was, I'm glad that I was able to find anything at all! I've always loved Missoni and was thrilled that I could actually afford something from them!

  10. Oh my goodness! From what I heard it was madness, like the day after Thanksgiving in the stores! People were fighting and yelling to one another over the check out lanes. I even read that when the totals of some womens carts were rung up they were over 6,000$!!

    I didnt go until Tuesday afternoon and it did look picked over and I ended up not buying anything. Although this morning I had to make a stop in Target for a few other things and found that they had restocked the accessories and a few clothing items. I ended up buying a laptop case and some makeup bags.

    Hope you find some goodies if they restock your local stores!

  11. I sure hope they re-stock too! I got an eternity scarf, but really wanted one of the blankets and some towels…my Target had niether. They did have some of the pottery, but the quality was crap 🙁

  12. Here is Jackson, MS everything was sold out in mere minutes. I was lucky to find what I did by standing next to 2 ladies with 3 buggies full of Missoni stuff they were sorting through. I am totally bummed I didn't get the other stuff I wanted! If anyone would like to pick up a few things for me I would be happy to send you money for it! :0) pretty pleeeasse!? Haha


  13. Went after work Tuesday and got the last pair of flats in my size. I also snagged a laptop sleeve. My friend/fashion blogger was in line in front of me and she too had the last pair of flats in her size. Nothing was left in the home section and there was limited stock in the clothing. I wasn't all that impressed with the clothing options anyway. There was still plenty in the girls sizes though. We just lucked out though because we're in a medium-size market. One of the many times I'm happy to no longer live in a big market.

  14. Reporting from St. Pete, Florida – I heard that all three of our local Targets were slammed and sold out within hours of opening. There were ladies with carts just piled high and openly admitting they were going to sell them on eBay.


  15. Ours are pretty picked over but I did score a few things on Monday night. Of course the sweater I got had a hole in it and I didn't realize it until I got home, so that got returned. I didn't want to fully decorate my whole house in it, but it would have been nice to see more in person!

  16. Oh man that's pretty crazy. My store wasn't cleaned out but many items were already sold out. I didn't get there till after 1pm. The store employees said the same thing. People were there before they opened and came in and grabbed tons of stuff. They said some people were there to buy the stuff just to put it on ebay! Surely they'll restock- it would be in their best interest to do so. Who knew people would go so crazy? It may as well of been Black Friday 😉

  17. Yea it was the same in Dallas. I only wanted one thing and didn't get it and now its on EBAY selling for like 5 times the amount that it was in stores. LAME!! I guess I will just have to see if someone returns it and if not then it wasn't meant to be. The one great thing about fashion and home decor is that there will ALWAYS be something new to buy. 🙂


  18. I thought mine would be empty (I live in SE Idaho near Yellowstone for goodness sake) but apparently people made treks from all over to our Target… nuttiness. I wanted the flats but they were sold out in my size by the time I got there. Sadness.

  19. I'm one of few here, but I don't get it. At all. I don't like the prints. I don't like the zigzags. But it's interesting to see people go bonkers over fashion I guess. lol.

  20. Well…I messed up my dates and thought that it was starting on Wednesday! I decided to make a quick stop on Tuesday (around noon) just to see if they had put out anything "early", and lo and behold it was already out and mostly gone! I did manage to score a big tote–the one I wanted–and grabbed on melamine plate that will be nice for buffet set-ups. It didn't appear my store had even gotten ANY bathroom stuff, so I ended up ordering the shower curtain online (which was the one thing I really wanted!) and 2 hand towels. Once I was finally able to get online, that is! The cashier said one lady bought over $1,000 of the stuff, which I assume she then listed on ebay–SO annoying!!

  21. The Target on San Felipe (Houston) was clean out within 15 minutes. The target on Meyerland withint 30 minutes. I was able to get a bunch of crap online but rethining of reselling them on Ebay but just double the price.
    It's ridiculous that this people that dont appreciate were bying all kinds of crap!!!
    They will do some minor restocking in the stores but online if it's gone it's gone. (this is a little insider info we got)

  22. tons of stuff here in Phoenix still in stock! I was just there last night I didn't buy anything but there's tons of it.

    my friend who lives in NYC went to the Brooklyn Target and she said it was crazy, lines out the door like Black Friday crazy. She even whitnessed a girl fight over some stuff!

  23. Maybe if you drive out to the suburbs you might be able to find something. I was at the Target on highway 59 near Kingwood yesterday and they still had quite a bit. I looked at the girls clothes for my daughter but nothing was cute enough to pay the higher than normal Target price for.

  24. Completely sold out of everything except a few pairs of little girls flats. I mean everything & I live in an outer burb of Memphis. Too many stay at home mom's in this area.

  25. I was at Meyerland Target at 8:03 am and only managed to get one silk scarf, one dress, one pair of tights and 2 canisters! i did score more online although it took me multiple attempts several times that day! just broke down and bought the one thing i didn't get on eBay!
    There were several people picking up multiple of one item without hesitation – I think they had eBay plans from the beginning!
    My store tells me they will get SMALL shipments of everything but clothes.

  26. All part of the hype from Target – everything from the Fashion Week pop-up shop, to understocking so that people cannot get what they want. It will be restocked because they would be crazy not to since they know they can sell whatever they put out!! Still I want some!!

  27. I live just outside Houston (Tomball area) and that Target (249 @ Jones Rd) still has several items from the line. Maybe you should try checking some of the other Target stores outside of the city limits. Hope that helps!!

  28. I live in London (England) and on the 13th morning- so maybe 6am east coast time for you Everything was available online, so I filled my basket with all I wanted, and then had to feed my baby. When I was done feeding the website had crashed!! But I managed to get a few items later on! I loved everything but unfortunately most was sold out 🙁 H&M (I'm not sure if you get it stateside) always has amazing designer collaborations- I got some Roberto Cavalli, Mathew Williamson and Lanvin from the, so its always worth keeping an eye out for them!

  29. our target is wiped clean. i didn't see anything.

    i really liked the candles and the platters. oh well.


    i got crazy lucky with the liberty on london stuff last year.

  30. I went to Target yesterday to get our usual items and DUH totally forgot about the Missoni stuff…Most of it was already gone but the little girl stuff was very cute. I LOVE Target but I think most of their high end designer adaptations come off as awkward. It just doesn't appeal to mass market. Missoni was the exception of course…but I really didnt see too much in the women's line that I had to have 🙂

  31. PS Target by phone said that's it for the merchandise. The most you can do is show up early and hope that someone returned something (remember, 30 day return policy) and it will be on the shelf the next morning.

  32. I was out of town and missed the madness completely. Have you heard any updates on any of the Houston stores? I would love to get my hands on a couple of items.

  33. I'm from Canada and have a trip planed to the States just to shop Missoni at Target….I was super disappointed to hear they sold out so quickly. Now everything is posted on ebay for three times the price. Makes me mad how greedy people can be.

  34. I had planned to buy a few things (I loved the vases) online and ship 'em to an American friend. Sadly, sold out practically instantly!

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