Pretty Christmas Packages & DIY Pom Pom Decorations

Wow!  And just like that we’re already at December 1st!  Can you believe it?!  Somehow I’m always amazed at the end of the year just how fast it seems to have gone by.  Don’t you feel the same?!  The years are going faster or I’m getting older!  Definitely the latter, I’m sure!  But, I’m ready to savor all the goodness that December has in store!  We’ll have family visiting soon and a long Christmas break with my son home from school and I can’t wait for that!  
As for me, I’ve started decorating our home for the holidays, including the dining room and I’ve also started shopping.  This Cozy Things for Her Gift Guide is a good place to start if you have women on your shopping list. And many Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have been extended too, so they are worth checking out to see if they make for another person checked off your list.

And then, wrapping up those gifts and presenting them in a pretty package is a delightful feeling of giving.  So much better than a gift bag (although I admit to my fair share of gift bag gifts for kid birthdays). 

My friend Stefanie (Brooklyn Limestone) knows the impact of paper.  She creates the most original, creative invites around, not to mention the most mind-blowing Halloween decor.  Today, I’m participating in her “Pretty Package” series, where she celebrates pretty gift wrap for the holidays.  Stefanie joked that she was gonna call the series “nice package” and I thought that was hilarious #JohnHamm, but in the end “Pretty Package” won out.  😉 
For my contribution, I’m sharing my DIY pom pom embellishments that I attached to my faux presents (because I didn’t have real gifts yet!), but soon, there will be real, thoughtfully selected gifts ready to open and I hope the pom poms make my recipients smile!
I made several large pom poms in under an hour using the easy tutorial below, but let me give you a few helpful hints to make your pom poms even better! 
To make the big, fluffy pom pom above:
  • I wrapped my thick white yarn with gold thread (found at Hobby Lobby) around a small piece of cardboard (approximately 4×4 inches) about 75 times.  
  • Slide the yarn off the cardboard, then tie it in the middle with another piece of yarn. I tied it in the front and again in the back. 
  • Cut the yarn loops with sharp scissors and trim any pieces that are too long. 
  • Fluff to the desired pom pom ball shape.
  • Use on piece of yarn to affix the pom pom to the package. 

DIY Yarn Pom Poms | Honey We're Home

With thinner yarn, I had to wrap the yarn around the cardboard (or you could just wrap around your hand) about 125 times to make them really fluffy.  When I wrapped 75 times, the pom poms were too limp.  
I’ve also seen tutorials for small pom poms where people wrapped the thread around a fork.  That would work too.  

You don’t need fancy department store professionals to achieve a gorgeous gift wrap, just check out some of our friends’ DIY gift wrap designs! 
Jennifer has such a knack for making the simple, simply beautiful!  Loved finally meeting her this year at the BHG Stylemaker event. 
Okay, seriously, how did she do that?!  Can’t wait to read Stef’s post! 
Such a cute way to incorporate those mini gold clips into your packages!

I’m smitten with typography, so of course I adore Jen’s handwritten gift wrap!
You can see all the gorgeous, Pretty Package gift wrap inspiration below: 

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  1. Cute cute! I'm doing Pom poms and tassels this year and so far loving it! I bought an inexpensive set of Pom Pom makers at hobby lobby a couple years ago and use them all more often than I imagined. Such a fun inexpensive way to embellish a gift!

  2. Thanks so much for joining! And yea, I would have totally gone with #nicepackage but my husband said that was lewd. Spoil sport!!

    Love those poofy pom poms. I tried to make some earlier this year and they were pomdisaster! I have to get to practicing my poof. (I could insert some dirty jokes in here too but I'll restrain myself!)

  3. Yes ma'am…I love a good pom and will put it on just about anything! Especially darling on gifts…love it!!

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