Summer “To Do” List – FAIL??

I had to laugh when I just looked back at the post I wrote on June 20, 2011 proclaiming my summer to do list!  My husband just declared it an epic FAIL!

I have accomplished all of TWO of the NINE things on the list!  We managed to get to the beach for a little vacation and my hubby and I recently went on a date.


Planting the hydrangeas- um, no.  BBQ with friends- not so much.  Swimming lessons and bike rides- my bike has a flat tire!

But I can’t really say it was a complete fail.  Because this summer we played like crazy with James and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and our new home.  Lots of time was spent in our backyard with a little inflatable swimming pool, a homemade sandbox, and sidewalk chalk.  Many a popsicle and ice cream cone were eaten.  Naps were taken and photos were snapped.


I’d say it’s been a GREAT summer!


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  1. LOL! That's great! I would say it was a great summer for you guys as well. And check out your beach bod! We definitely didn't hit everything on our to do list either. Lots of frozen treats and swimming here.

  2. List-schmist!! Looks like you've had an awesome summer… It goes by waay too fast, doesn't it?

  3. Enjoying family and taking it easy are the most important things, so sounds like your summer was more than successful! There's always next summer for a list! 🙂

  4. Fun! It sounds to me like you've accomplished the most important thing of all: cherishing summer fun and memories with your family! The summers with your baby as a baby are sweet and move so fast – you'll look back on this one so fondly and will be so glad you forgot about the hyndrangeas and instead played in the baby pool or took a nap with your son.

  5. Haha!! I posted a summer to-do list on my blog too, except for I was even more ambitious and had like 20 things….I think we finished about 3. Oh well.

  6. Pretty sure I've not accomplished much at all either. Mainly LOTS of time at the pool but that's fine by me! Also, not sure where in Houston you are but my daughter does swim lessons at Houston Swim Club and they are AMAZING. She loves going to much now that we may keep her in year round. You should definitely look into them when looking for swim lessons.

  7. I haven't accomplished much this Summer either, I keep hoping I'll be more productive when Fall comes around. We shall see!

    It sounds like you ended up having a fantastic Summer anyway! Enjoying time with your family can't be beat!

  8. I know just how you feel. I always start summer with great aspirations (usually in regards to projects), but I've learned that the fun part of summer with kids is to just let them go. Mine seem to enjoy those carefree afternoons at the pool the most. 🙂

  9. I am always amazed – really, really amazed – at how quickly summer seems to fly by. I am refusing to acknowledge that fall is around the corner. But maybe that's because I, too, have not completed my list 🙂

    But the fun with loved ones is what really matters. When James is all grown up you'll be remembering the fun you had, not the fact that the Hydrangeas didn't get into the ground!

  10. Love how your husband called you out and told you how it was! haha My husband always tells me I try to fit in too much. At least they love us anyways right? I'd say at least you did the most important things and hit the beach and pool with your loved ones – definitely a success!!

  11. Lists are great for work, but for play….. I say just do what you want! Looks like the summer was a success anyway. And early fall is actually best for BBQ's with friends!

  12. Don't feel bad I have accomplished nothing either! Sometimes it is nice to relax and enjoy time with your boys! Girl your abs are insane, I need some tips!

  13. Epic fail 😉 Thanks for keeping it real. I knew better than to do one of those posts, though I was tempted after seeing your goals…

  14. We were just saying the exact same thing about our summer list last night. While we didn't do many of the things on the list– we still had a great summer! It's not over yet! Enjoy!

  15. Look at you, Six Pack McGee! Hot beach bod! (is that weird? ha!) I think that summer is allll about doing NOTHING. Seriously! So forget about the lists and chalk it up to an amazing few months because it looks like it was! : ) xo

  16. Sounds like a great summer to me! I'm hoping to have those abs sooner rather than later with all this crap, I mean exercise, I'm doing!!

  17. I'd say that's a perfect summer! What's better than spending time with that cute little boy of yours and your hubby! I made a list as well but didn't get much done. I feel if I got one item checked off that was OK. We had fun, family time and a little R & R and that's what's important. You look beautiful on the beach there, Megan!

  18. Oh well, the list can wait until later.LOL It looks like what were doing was more fun. I'm so glad you and your husband found time to have that special date too.

  19. At least you made it to the beach! James is too cute!

    Completely unrelated, I think you should do a post about working out and what your diet consists of because your abs are ridiculous!! Can you be my trainer?!

  20. So glad you enjoyed summer! My list keeps getting longer… have checked off a couple of items, but like you, tended to relax and enjoy rather than getting things done this year!

  21. As far as I'm concern, your summer was a success! You got to spend quality time with your hubby and your baby boy, and at the end of the day that's all that matters!

    I agree 100% with the previous comments: You look incredible!!!! You should seriously write a post about your workout routine. Whatever you're doing is working!!!!

  22. I know, where did the summer go?? I'm still trying to have my garage sale I've been planning since May :/ You look amazing by the way! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  23. You look ridiculously good! I need to put a picture of your abs on my fridge for motivation every time I want to eat junk! Great Job Megan! You did it!!!!!

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