baby james {14 months}

Month 13 had to be one of the most exciting months so far because James.Started.Walking!  I had imagined that Jimmy and I would teach James to walk by sitting across from each other in the living room beckoning James to “come to mama” but that didn’t happen.  He just started walking one day right after turning 13 months and within 2 weeks, he gave up crawling completely. 
Here he is just last weekend as dad was doing the yardwork.  Ever tried to snap a pic of a walking baby??? And he doesn’t like to hold my hand while he’s walking.  He wants to do it on his own, thankyouverymuch!
image image
image image 
So cute how he walks with his arms by his side like that!
And he loved his first time at the beach. 
Getting to splash around in the water was so much fun for him.  Squeeeeals of laughter and delight!
Our babysitter taught James how to drink from a straw and he’s obsessed!  He loves to say “Ah!” after a sip of a cold drink and then laugh at himself.
And we were finally able to turn the car seat around.  I kid that “King James the 4th” loves to get chauffeured around town.
The trip to the zoo with the fam was so fun!  Love James’ The Beetles tee:)  But now that he can walk, he’s not so content to sit in the stroller.
Ug, now he can climb up onto the couch by himself.  He just hikes one leg on top of the seat cushion and pulls himself up.  He’s always after those dang remotes! 
His basketball hoop is a new favorite toy.  Also, notice the ugly baby gate. (James was crawling halfway up the stairs so we needed it, but the good thing is that he learned to crawl down on his belly, feet first, so he can get off the couch or bed that way too).  I don’t know how he figured that out.  As for the gate, I’m petitioning for an iron gate that matches our staircase, but Jimmy was in favor of the $20 two-gates-rigged-together-option. 
Enjoying some time in the little blow up pool with the cuz!
And sitting in his basket of books, while eating a book.

He “talks” nonstop and can say:

and when he sees the lion in the book, he says “roar!”

He waves “bye” but waves to himself instead of to the person leaving.  Laughs and smiles at anyone who will engage him. Strangers at the grocery store beware!   He’ll put something in my hand if I open my hand and say, “Give it to mama please.”  His favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, moon pops (kind of like a rice-cracker), and grapes, but he loves to “share” my oatmeal and dad’s cereal in the morning.  We usually eat our weekday breakfast while curled up on the couch and James crawls right up in our faces and opens his mouth, waiting for his bites.
I’ve started finding things in the oddest places too.  Like my cell phone in the pantry or a half-eaten moon pop in one of the kitchen drawers.
He’s made connections like when the garage door goes up, dad is home and when the phone rings, he looks for it.  He’s not much of a morning person (like his mom), because he cries in his crib when he wakes up and is fussy until he’s fed (like mom before her coffee)!
But if you ask for a kiss, he’ll plant a big-ole-open-mouth wet one right on your lips! 
keep in touch! 

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  1. How exciting! Baby James is walking now, definitely another milestone and he is totally adorable while doing it. Reading what you wrote reminds me of my son (He is four now) when he was James's age, like how when he started walking, he refused to hold anyone's hands and how he is always obsessed with the remotes. And yes, most kids want whatever you are eating. 🙂

    What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Yay for walking! Go James! Reid is on the verge so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It makes going outside so much more fun.

    Love those zoo & beach pics. What fun! That Beatles shirt is too cute.

    Reid has discovered his throwing arm this month. He is starting to chuck everything and say "ball" …that is when he isn't hogging the remote. 🙂

  3. I'm one of those people who always read but never comment 🙂

    But I had to comment to tell you how cute James is. He's adorable!!!

    Our twins were late walkers and I said, "thank God" because boy, life is hectic now, isn't it?

    And they don't like to let you hold their hands – it's sad, isn't it?

    Anyway, back to work now for me.

    PS you look great and are such an inspiration!

  4. I love those little legs! He's adorable.

    And, I'm going to be "that mom" but did you know that they actually suggest that you leave kids rear-facing up to 2 years of age now? The tests they have done have shown that the damage to babies necks, heads, etc when they are rear-facing are incredibly less. It was so hard with my second child so we just waited until she was about 20 months and it was 110 degrees out.

    A lot of people don't know since it has been "one year" for so long but I just wanted to mention it! Do the research and see what is best for you!!!!

  5. Precious! That was a beautiful post that made me very nostalgic for those toddler years with my kids. Treasure every one of those moments, they go by so very quickly.

  6. Watch your trash can! Michaela Byrd figured out how to throw things away around 13/14 months and I'd catch her putting stuff in there all the time. For 2 years I thought she had thrown my car keys away, but they were really in a deep pocket of my trench coat. My bad. :s

    He is so cute! I always notice a huge difference when you finally turn the car seat around. They are so much easier to keep happy!

  7. So adorable! I love when they're "walkin' short" like that. Mine is about to crawl and I'm getting ready for all of the unattractive baby proofing. It's worth it to know my kid's safe (and it'll go by fast). I'm looking forward to all of the fun stages ahead! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Seriously…. looking at those photos was like a flashback for me. This time is so exciting, when they start walking. It's like a whole new adventure, not only for mom and dad but for the little guy as well. Enjoy every moment! Such a cutie! 🙂

  9. James is so adorable! My son is 9 months old, and seeing your photos of James makes me very excited for the things to come!

  10. Aw, Megan, he gets cuter and cuter each month! And I can't believe that he is talking and walking. It's such a fun age when you can actually start communicating with them!! Love the pics : )

  11. oh girl! its a whole new world when they start walking!! and the independence that comes with it *sigh* he will soon be telling you "No! I do it!" -it seems like it happens overnight. LOL

  12. I have to second Kate's comment. The American Academy of Pediatrics just came out with a statement that all babies should be rear facing until they're 2. My pediatrician sent out an email about it, just a few weeks ago.

    Just an FYI! He sure is a cutie!

  13. Agreed on the car seat!! I know you were not asking for opinions, but when it is SO much safer for your precious little but I can't help but add another comment. Please do the research!

  14. Walking!!! That's amazing. King James is quite the handsome boy! Grady is wearing those green plaid shorts today! 🙂 What a sweet boy you have. Enjoy every minute.

  15. What adorable pictures!! What is it with babies & remotes? My nephew LOVES them. He got my mom's & pushed some buttons & she couldn't make her TV work! HA!

  16. So cute!! Is your James the Fourth?? Mine is too but we're calling him by his middle name!! Hes's 10 months behind your James!!

  17. Oh I just love watching James grow up! You are going to loose those last few pounds now since he is walking 🙂 They never seem to stop, wish I had that energy. Once again, he is just adorable, lucky girl you are.

  18. What a sweetheart and I agree it seems like he is growing up so fast! So neat following him via your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I was about the mention the car seat thing, but it looks like others already did. I have my 12 month old twins rear facing and it's a huge pain. The car seats take up so much room that we can't get to the 3rd row of seats in the van.
    Totally stinks, but apparently it's the law now 🙁 Turn that car seat back around…

  20. James is so adorable! I love watching little ones learn to walk. They each have their own stride. Next, you know, he will be climbing out of his crib — yikes!

    Your Mother's Day card are so cute. I just love making and giving handmade cards.

    Had to comment on your Houston Blogger Meetup. I've been seeing a lot of those around blogland & they look like so much fun. A couple of us in the Phoenix, AZ area are talking about getting one organized for this fall. You're right, it sounds like fun, but also a bit scary. There's just something about remaining incognito. The "fun" of it will win out, though.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  21. Thanks guys for letting me know about the car seat! I was just going by the guidelines on the one we have- Jimmy and I will definitely look into it now.

  22. Oh my. He is SO cute. I love how he walks around with little arms up like that. Happy early mother's day!!

  23. Glad to see you are willing to look into extended RFing that PPs mentioned. It really is safer. The recommendation is 2 years or to the limits of your seat for RFing (for many seats this is 32 lbs or so). I think the info has been slow to trickle out.

    Didn't mean to do a mommy drive by, but your little guy is so cute and I think most parents want the most up to date info on carseat stuff. Many peds and other sources of info just aren't up to date yet unfortunately.

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