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Most nights you can find me here, in my home office, working on my part-time lawyer stuff, browsing design blogs and websites, or blogging to my heart’s content.  It’s also where I do crafty stuff like play with my Silhouette, dream up decor plans for our home, and email with friends.  All from this pretty little (well, actually not so little) desk.  It’s the Jett Desk from Z Gallerie.  It’s one of the first things I ordered for the new house, because I liked it so much!

The chair is from Crate & Barrel.  Amazon has one similar too.


Let’s back up so you can see the whole room!

One organizing challenge the space posed was how to store all my magazines, paper, books, fabrics and such.  Ikea Expedit to the rescue.  It’s a really sleek, efficient, and affordable option at $129 for the 6’ x 6’ size.  Having all your goods out in the open can be visually overwhelming, so I tried to keep the contents streamlined.   I’m sure I’ll be playing around with organizing this in the future.
The unicorn on top is a sentimental gift from my baby brother, Austin, when we were kids.  He was about 5 years old and used his allowance to buy it at a neighborhood garage sale!  That unicorn has moved with me a million times- the horn is chipped, but I still love it because it reminds me of the sweet sentiment.
To the right of the entry door is the Made by Girl ‘Blogs & Coffee’ print that I love to look at from my desk.  Wrapping paper is at easy access in two Container Store bins.
I created this silhouette of my son with the Silhouette machine, but I couldn’t quite figure it out (those point edits) so I had to free-hand it.  If you know how to do this, please let me know!

The two black pieces are leftovers from our former townhouse.  I don’t know if I would originally have added black to the room, but it works okay for now.   The garden stool was a Z Gallerie splurge.  One of those things where, after admiring it for months and it never going on sale, I finally caved.  The lamps are from Target. 

The “media” chest is from Crate & Barrel and currently holds wrapping supplies like ribbon and bows, and envelopes and labels.
I love to have some of my favorite inspirational books close at hand.  I created the inspiration board with a cork board, spray paint, fabric, and thumb tacks.  The acrylic tray is from CB2.  The small clock is from Pottery Barn and the decorative box was found at the Restoration Hardware Outlet.
I guess I’m sentimental about gifts.  Above: The little fish is from my Grandma.  The owl is also in her honor, since she loves how they represent wisdom (mine is from West Elm).  That’s a Tory Burch paperweight that I used a $50 gift card on. 
This mirror was a recent Home Goods steal at $39.  Kinda reminded me of the expensive ones I’ve seen sold elsewhere.
I painted a medallion stencil on the ceiling around the Overstock chandelier but I’m not sure it will stay.  I’ve been considering painting the ceiling a solid color.  Thoughts??  Also, the quality of the chandelier isn’t the greatest in case you were eyeing it.
And my rug- that I LOOOOVE!  It’s from Overstock and so super comfy on my feet, like a pillow cloud.  I had considered other graphic patterns but didn’t like how they felt.  
I made the curtains and then found a great sturdy and sleek curtain rod at West Elm.
Here’s how the room looked when we moved in:
Here’s my Inspiration Board:
And here is the Result:

I’d love to add a little upholstered chair and ottoman at some point . . .  Are we ever really DONE with our rooms??  🙂   I tried to cover all the bases, but if I left something out or you have a question, let me know! 
Have a great weekend!

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Beautiful girl! It's perfection!! Hope you had an easier time hanging up this new rod. 🙂 And that rug looks so comfy! Oh, and I say yes to painting the ceiling. 🙂 xo

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous. So glad you took the time to share it and all of the sources. 🙂

  3. It's so fun to see the whole room! Everything came together so beautifully – the perfect place to blog from 🙂

  4. Oh, my goodness! Your office is simply gorgeous! I love your pretty and sleek desk and your drapes! I'm drooling! Your organization of all the supplies – perfect!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  5. It looks great! You have quite the book collection! I really love all your sentimental touches -makes a room feel lived in!

  6. I open my dashboard to see this as the first post. Wow. Megan. So organized and happy.

    James must love crawling on that rug!

    Talk soon…

  7. Wow Wow Wow! This looks wonderful. there is so much I love. 1)the desk! 2)the DRAPES!! 3)the rug 4)the amazing organization 5)all the different trays.
    You must love spending time in there. 🙂

  8. Breathtaking…but then again, I can NOT imagine a room that you envision let alone put together be anything less. I love the desk…the rug…the organization. You are always inspiring.


  9. i love your office… those curtains are gorgeous, and the rug.. oh i would love to sink my bare feet into it!

  10. What a cozy little room. I especially love the gift wrapping station. I plan to have this in my future office space. And I am in love with the chandelier- it's the first thing I noticed 🙂

  11. As always… adore..and , sigh.. looks like heaven to me! I've mentioned before but the fabric on your inspiration board is fabric I chose for curtains my mother is making for us (when I will actually ever see the finished product is t.b.d) ha! We also have the same office chair! Love! Such a beautiful job I just love every single detail!

  12. This room is absolutely GORGEOUS! I feel like I'm looking at a page from an interior design book/magazine. Great job! :0)

  13. Such a great space! I'm trying to finish my home office right now and you have provided me some great inspiration!! Thank-you!

  14. It looks amazing! I love how cheery it is! You did a fabulous job. That desk is a show stopper, and all of my favorite offices have the expedit bookshelf! We have those same black cabinets from Crate & Barrel! 🙂

  15. This is amazing! I am 1000% in love with your curtains…and the colors that you used are simply gorgeous! So calm!

  16. I have loved this room since the first little sneak peak. The fabric works so well. You have done a gorgeous job. I think painting the ceiling {despite your hard work on the stencil} would be fantastic. What a cheery place to work from.

  17. Love your little "Mom Cave"! Gorgeous! and that rug…can't even imagine how soft it feels under your feet! Beautiful job as always! <3

  18. I am so glad to see the final product!! It turned out beautiful. I told ya you could sew your own drapes!!! LOL Glad you finally found the perfect rod. I like the medallion, but can see why you might want to paint it out a different color. Great job!!

  19. It is beautiful! You've done a very nice job with every detail. It's wonderfully organized and chic. I love the rug and your desk. The unicorn is such a sweet story. And, the curtains you made are stunning. May I ask you where you found your powder blue boxes on the shelves?

  20. Your office is plain old stunning, Megan. 😉 I am a sucker for pretty organization, so I love the way you have the IKEA bookcase set up as well as the media cabinet. Such a pretty room…I could see myself actually getting some work done in there! 😉

  21. That white desk is incredible! I want to live in that office!

    The light and the stencil around it is wonderful.

  22. Your room is truly an inspiration! I'm working on an office/craft room right now and I'm loving the way yours came out! Great taste!

  23. Wow, what a cheerful space! You have such an eyefor creating stylish, happy rooms with a touch of glam.

    I'm reupholstering a little x-leg bench. Seriously, small. More like a stool. You?

  24. I just found your blog this morning and I LOVE this room. It's so bright and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your great style!

  25. Your office looks GREAT! Definitely giving me motivation to work on mine … maybe starting today!? 🙂

    Happy Friday!

    – Lauren

  26. nice room. I like how organized and practical it is. Thanks for the walk through, it helped me to brainstorm a few idea to perk up my office.

  27. Beautiful office…so soothing and relaxing!! I recently discovered your blog and am loving all of the design inspiration I am getting here, Thank You!!

  28. Fab! And as far as the silhouette, my husband just made one for me of out 8 month old son-he used the tutorial on Jones Design Company blog-she's uses Paint.net-except we have a mac so he had to use Gimp.net and follow the same steps. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and I can ask him!
    Also, I bought the Expedit shelf from IKEA for my baby's nursery, but don't want to use it in his big boy room, so now you've show me a new use for it-my craft room! Thanks!

  29. You are amazing! What a fabulous office space! I love all of the sentimental details, and of course the organization is top-notch.

  30. This is a gorgeous space, so simple and elegant. I love all of the intricate details that you have added and the color pallet. Love!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It looks absolutely amazing. I love everything and you are so organized. I really like how there's a glamorous feel to it, nice and feminine without being "frilly." I am impressed!

  32. Shut the front door! That is an amazing space, it's like a craft store only beautiful!! I seriously could move into that room and never leave.

  33. Megan, this room is so beautiful! It must have taken you forever as there are so many nice touches. just love it. so pretty.

  34. Hi Megan,

    You did a fantastic job on the curtains. I'm also working on a grey/yellow room and I've been looking for curtains…these are awesome. How big is your window and about how many yards did you use? I'd love to try it out!


  35. Really gorgeous, Megan! You've done a fabulous job. My favorites: the desk, the perfectly organized Expedit and the adorable personal touches (that unicorn? so sweet!).

  36. Oh heavens – I love it! I wish I had a room that large for my office so that I could organize, spread out, and look oh so pretty like you have done here! Jealous, but very happy for you!

  37. Girl, you constantly impress me with your great taste and ability to organize! I have a rug just like that in Sterling's nursery and I love it! Your office is beyond gorg!

  38. Your office is incredible! I have been eyeing the "I love you blogs and tea" print for a while…. I just may have to purchase it now that I see how great it looks in an office.

    By the way, I started reading your blog about a month ago and absolutely love it!

  39. All I could think as I was looking at this gorgeous space was 'I wish I lived near her so we could hang out in this room together!!! We'd come up with such great projects in there!!!"

    I love your stacks of books with trays on top. And love your acyrlic tray. I love it all. Well done me love!

  40. Your office looks ah-mazing!! Megan I fell in love with your home and posted a little tour on my blog today, I hope you like it!
    Nancy xo

  41. I absolutely love that room! Everything about it is beautiful. I've also been eying that garden stool from Z Gallerie but haven't brought myself to buy it yet..

  42. Truly lovely! And very functional. My office is sorely neglected, which is silly when I consider how much time I spend in here. It should be the BEST room in the house, not the worst!

  43. i am in love with your office! you did amazing! i hope you don't mind, but i featured you on my blog for an inspiration post 🙂

  44. It looks so great and there is a place for everything! Its fab!
    Totally love the desk most of all – such an amazing room!
    Rachie xo

  45. What a beautiful space.. I understand why it's so wonderful to spend time there! Gorgeous 🙂 x

  46. Very pretty! Love the desk and the C & B media cabinet used to store ribbons.

    As for the ceiling color, I'd paint it a soft gray. Take one of the gray colors from the drapes and put it on the ceiling. I think it would look marvelous.

    Overall, a really pretty, feminine room.

  47. Wow, Megan. It's absolutely PERFECT!!!! That rug looks so cozy. Love all of the storage and personal gifts. The space is so well thought out and coordinated! Great job, girl!

  48. I love seeing your rooms. It is beautiful. I also love the rug. It looks delightful! My favorite little surprise that I love about your room is all the wrapping paper in the buckets. It is a simple thing, but is really cute. I might steal that idea in our home. 🙂

  49. What an amazing space! Can I move in?? I could get so much more done in that room than in my office/media room/living room/playroom that I'm currently sitting in. Lol
    Love all the colors you chose! Looks so peaceful. Great job!!

  50. Gorgeous space. Looks like a place you would enjoy working from! Thanks for sharing this.

  51. I love your style. I wish you could come over and transform my house. I just do not seem to have the eye for detail and organization like you do. Gorgeous!

  52. I'm pretty sure I saw you say you got that fabric you used on your DIY corkboard at Fabric.com, but what is it called? I'm eying it for some pillows I want to make 🙂

  53. your office is so amazingly organized and chic! to say i'm inspired is an understatement! love what you've done!

  54. I love you blog office! 😀 Good job on the makeover. I'm sure you'll be able to post more wonderful entries in such a serene environment. 🙂

  55. Megan- it looks stunning! My favorite part is how organized that side cabinet it!! I want my office to look like this one day (: The yellow and the fabric for the curtains are all so pretty! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your day XO

  56. I am simultaneously very jealous and very inspired! I would be so productive in a room that was this cheery and organized! Thanks for sharing, you did a great job!

  57. I love your office! I have the same chandy in my den, and while I agree the quality isn't 100%, it's visually just what I was looking for. I love the yellow paint and the drapes. Wonderful!

  58. I am just about to clean/organize my office space and this so inspires me.

    By the way, I like what you did to the ceiling. I'd keep it.

    Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking at it daily and will look at it one more time before really dig in and clean!

    thank you!

    (I'm a writer, my biggest challenge is how not to be overwhelmed by books!)

  59. Definitely paint the ceiling. Pick out a blue/grey from the drapery and paint the ceiling. I like the light fixture, but I think you're right about getting rid of the stencil above it.

    I LOVE the desk and the drapery. What a gorgeous room! You're uber-organized 🙂

  60. I absolutely LOVE this!!! You did such a great job making it fun, modern, and colorful while still looking peaceful! What an awesome place to work!

  61. Oh to have an office as cute and inviting one day! Where did you get the 4 bins on the top shelf from?

  62. It's totally amazing, Megan! The color combination of your home office is very attractive. I'm sure you enjoyed every moment working in that awesome office.

    My daughter is a blogger too and she asked me to design her own home office. I told my husband about it and we decided to turn an empty room as her working office. We checked every photos of Charlotte meeting rooms and Charlotte NC office spaces for inspiration. I'm inspired with your photos and this blog post too. Thanks for sharing!

  63. What color are your walls? In the "just moved in" picture it appears very baby, pale yellow. But in the finished space pictures is appears more rich/gold toned. I like the finished pictures, what a gorgeous room. Well done!

  64. What a beautiful room! I have a Mom Cave in progress and love how you styled your Ikea Expedit – that's something I've been struggling with, so I may have to take your cues and utilize some of your ideas. The curtains are gorgeous as well – I love the print. Well done! It looks like a great room in which to work!

  65. Gloriously neat, tidy and beautiful. Everything is in it's place and has a place. The room if full of eye candy and I think you did a fabulous job in making this room functional and so beautiful.

  66. Hi there, I googled Waverly Bedazzled Silver Lining and your blog entry came up. I love that fabric but havent seen it in person. Can you tell me if the grey is metallic? Would you say the yellow is more like a lemon or a butter? Joann's is having a 40% off waverly fabrics online so I was hoping it would maktch my guest room with medium grey walls…
    Great blog!

  67. i too was going to ask what color the walls were. Yellow is a tough color to pick out i am blending pink with mine. Your room is fantastic though, Love it you have great design style.

  68. I really, really love your rug. I went on Overstock, but it's out of stock. Did you happen to find any others similar to it? Also, is it hard to keep the white rug clean?

  69. Hello Megan, I know that you have heard this one thousand times but your office is beautiful. I wanted to find out where you purchased the white jars, one is located on top of the bookcase next to the unicorn. I've also seen another photo of these jars in your office but on a smaller scale. Please advise.

  70. I llooooove the drapes fabric. Where is it from? My living room is grey and I just decided to go with yellow accents, that fabric would be perfect!

  71. Your office is beautiful. I was wondering how it's faring after a year, though, as I am considering a similar look for my study re-do. Does the desk surface scratch easily? Does the chair show dirt? Also, where do you store your printer and do you have any tips for dealing with cord clutter? Finally, how do you childproof all of your craft supplies? I'm wondering if I can make a similar look work with three kids in the house!

  72. Your office is very beautiful and composed. How did you come up with the designs of your home office? Our home office is kind of cluttered right now, because our kids sometimes get in and mess about. I wish I could find a way to make it more organized. Maybe I could do a makeover too!

  73. I love your home office! It's beautiful and perfectly organized. I really like how you stored your fabric away. Do you know where I can find the baskets you used for it? Thanks!

  74. I've loved your office for a long time now. I had to sell my bulky office furniture before a transformation similar to yours could be made. It sold just before Christmas and I can't wait to get organized and make it a reality. Just wanted you to know I featured your office as one of my goals for 2012! Happy New Year!

  75. You did a really great job! I love the colors and balance. A couple ideas??? find a solid color fabric, maybe yellow and sew a strip about 6" on the inside of the curtains, I think a color block might be cool to add. I would suggest (since you asked) to paint the ceiling light shade of gray and the medallion a darker shade 1.5 strength of paint, or hit it with some lt metallic gray. Absolutely love the organization….makes me realize I have too much so I can't do what you did. I really like your chandelier too! Happy Decorating!

  76. Found you via Pinterest love your home office. I think we have the same desk, but mine is not nearly as clean as your's 😀 One day… Thanks for the inspiration! Will check back for more!

  77. Hi

    What is the size of this room?

    I wan't to see whether I can do the same in my house…

    It looks great, looooove the desk!!!


  78. Hi

    What is the size of this room?

    I wan't to see whether I can do the same in my house…

    It looks great, looooove the desk!!!


  79. Hello!

    I love your office! Thank you for sharing your "process"! I love seeing the journey!
    I was wondering how you are liking the desk? I am currently trying to design my own home office and am having difficulties deciding on a desk style….
    Do you find that the surface scratches easily? What about the bar underneath… do you find yourself banging your legs on it at all? Is there any functionality for having a desktop computer… I don't see any access holes for cords etc….
    If you could give me some feedback that would be great!

    Just came across your site and I LOVE it!!!!

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