Fall Inspired Porch

Although it is still literally in the 90’s here weather-wise, I am so ready for fall and all the beautiful fall decor.  Fall just says crisp, cool days, home-baked goodies, and family togetherness to me.  It’s sweaters and boots and wreaths and pumpkins.  It’s the season we prepare for Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful for all of our blessings and focus on what’s important to us.  Including decor:)  This year, we have a new home to adorn with fall attire.  I’d love to come home to a porch like this:  image Image via Pottery Barn What is so beautiful and inviting about this space and can I make it happen at my home please (for less)?  Wreath:  The full multi-colored leaf wreath is definitely the focal point of the porch.  It looks like it could be crafted in an afternoon while a little baby sleeps.  We have a double door though, so maybe I’ll make two smaller wreaths?? Lanterns:  The lanterns (two hanging and two floor) are also great.  We don’t have any lanterns on our house, but I’ve seen floor lanterns at Home Goods for a decent price.  Fill them up with tall candles and some walnuts and you’re set. Hay:  Bushels of hay are pretty rustic and add height to the decorative accents.  Not sure where I could find hay?? Pumpkins:  What is fall without pumpkins?  A variety of textures and colors that blend nicely are scattered artfully about.  I can definitely scatter.  Branches and Leaves:  A few more accessories layer the porch.  Sticks- easy to find in the yard and I have some leaves from Hobby Lobby. Welcome Mat:  The PB mat is nice because it’s says ‘Welcome’ in big, bold letters.  We have a welcome mat, so that’s done:) The only thing left to do is decide when to break out the fall decor.  I’m thinking mid-September or perhaps after Labor Day if I’m feeling ambitious.  What are your plans for fall decor?  When do you start decorating?  Did you already start?  ha!

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  1. Love fall and your blog!!! I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year because it is the hubby's bday as well! Cannot wait to start decorating either end of Sept. or early Oct.!

  2. I love FALL! This pictures makes me so excited to decorate. You can usually buy hay bales wherever you get your pumpkins! They make a mess in your trunk though! My birthday is the 16th (the big
    3-0 :() so I always hope for sunny skies until then. But after that I'm in fall mode:)

  3. Love that picture! I love fall decorating (not into the Halloween stuff…afterall, it's only a day!), but the fall stuff lasts from Sept. 1 til time for the Christmas decorations. You can usually find hay at plant nurseries or even Home Depot (they use it to put over new grass seed). I've already filled our flower bucket on the front door with fall flowers and switched out the pots/hanging baskets on the back porch. I love all the orange and purples.

  4. I'm also looking forward to breaking out the fall decorations. I say anytime after Sept. 1 is fair game, despite the heat here. I will warn you that last year it was still so hot that one of the little gourds on my fall wreath melted/burst in the heat and had to be fixed. It is so much fun decorating a new house for each season! I think 2 smaller wreaths would be perfect for your double doors. I've got several lanterns purchased at HomeGoods. Also, I've seen bales of hay at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I've been thinking of getting some for my front porch, too!

  5. I LOVE how you broke this down into the individual elements! Makes it so much easier when recreating at home! Can't wait to see what you come up with. No fall decor up for me yet, but it will be sometime between labor day and mid-month, for sure! 🙂

  6. Thanks on the tips for where to find hay. I am seriously considering getting some. And looking closer, I see that there is a little side table with a tray holding caramel apples with tags that say "Happy Halloween." Cute idea for a party.

  7. Call me the black sheep of the bunch but ive already added a few things around the house that represent Fall :-/

    I love Fall. Just love it. It's my favorite season. Also, even though I live in the South, this morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and there was ZERO Humidity outside and a cool breeze. It was about 70 outside and just that alone let me know that Fall is right around the corner!

  8. Love this porch!!!! I've had a hard time getting into the mood for fall since it's been so hot here, too…. but this morning I went to Starbucks and they had pumpkin spice lattes!!!!! So I am sipping one right now and it's helpin' me feel the fall love. 🙂
    Candy apples are the cutest. My sister-in-law is getting married this November and we chose to do candy apples as her wedding favors! CUTE.
    Can't wait to see your porch!

  9. Gorgeous porch…but ugh, we're back to the 90s this week! My neighbors would think I'd lost it (completely) if I whipped out hay and pumpkins now! 🙂

    xoxo, cassie

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