Baby Halloween Costumes

I know, I know . . .  it’s too early for Halloween, but it’s never too early to see adorable babies!  Seriously, they are the cutest in their little costumes!  I was going nuts over these photos yesterday.  Just the sweetest. image image image image I’m DYING over the sweet pea and the little guy so excited to be a pumpkin! image image image image *First 8 images are from Pottery Barn Kids. image image    image image image image image image Holy cow, that baby is just so cute I could melt!image Which one is your favorite?  Have you thought about what your baby is going to be for Halloween?  James is going to be the cutest.pumpkin.ever! 🙂

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  1. Liam had 2 costumes last year. 🙂 His big costume was a lion and then he also had a pumpkin sweat-suit. Ahhh… so cute. I think he's going to be Cookie Monster or Elmo this year. He ADORES Sesame Street.

  2. You read my mind. about 15 minutes ago I was just browsing Halloween costumes. Halloween is my favorite I think about costumes about 3 months minimum in advance.
    I happen to love the PB Owl!

  3. Awww…don't think I could pick just one, they are adorable! Brings back memories, my girls were both a Dalmatian puppy their first Halloween. They thought mom was nuts for painting their nose black!! James will be adorable with his new jack-o-lantern grin.

  4. Haha! I love the hershey kiss & the chicken with the orange tights! Soooo cute! No babies for me yet, but I do have a little puppy that I need to dress up 🙂 Now the wheels are starting to turn!

  5. Totally digging the turtle costume!!! So cute! Nick was a peapod for Halloween last year. He was only 3 weeks old, but adorable. AND the costume did double duty several months later when I got the brilliant idea to dress him up in it, and position him between two pieces of paper I had printed out: HAP on one page and BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA! on the other page. (Get it? HAP-PEA Birthday?) My MIL LOVED it!!

    I am thinking Nick might be a Kangaroo this year since I saw the most adorable costume at BRU

  6. I love the dino and the owl from pottery barn. My son was Bob the Builder for his first time dressing up (age 2). He loved it. To this day he still loves costumes. after Halloween I snatch up all the left overs and then save them for Christams gifts. That way you get a great deal on them.

  7. So cute! I kinda love the chicken! Is that wrong? haaa
    The last 2 years my son was Winnie the Pooh and then a monkey. This year he wants to be DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. I already got the costume! 😉 I may also be dressing up as one of the Yo Gabba Gabba gang! 😉
    Fun to dress like your hubby, but super fun to dress like your kids!

  8. I like the monkey! I was just looking for Halloween costumes for the kiddos!

    Wall aret giveaway on my blog if interested!

  9. CUTE! I haven't decided what the boys are going to be yet. I just might have to get that little skunk costume for Henry. He would be adorable! Cade wants to be batman, a ninja, and Woody from Toystory.

    Have fun picking out while he is little, b/c they get very opinionated about it once they get a little older.

    Little pumpkins are always adorable.

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