Decorating Under the Staircase

Thanks to my friend Stephanie (Cre8tive Designs, Inc.) and her Pinterest board, I found a lovely velvety grey-blue Target settee with nailhead detailing for under $300.  Although I originally thought it would be perfect in our entryway, for now it’s made a home under the stairs, an area of our home that was previously barren.

Today, I wanted to show you the progression in this little area of our home with the Target settee.  I originally started with some pillows I already had on hand and the silver side table I got at Home Goods.

It was an improvement, but still lacking.  The colors were drab and weren’t really showing off the settee like I’d hoped, so I made envelope pillows using the two fabrics from our dining room and living room drapes.  I think the two patterns mix nicely together. 
I also changed out the blue flowers for these two faux leaf branches from Hobby Lobby.  The woven basket is from West Elm (y’all know I love my baskets and trays!)  I’d been wanting to get an area rug for that space, but hadn’t gotten around to it until now.  I found a 6-foot round rug at Pottery Barn and it was “free” because I had a gift certificate and rewards points:)  (I can feel my husband rolling his eyes at my use of the word “free” here!)  The rug is nice- very thick and soft.

I liked how it was looking, but wanted to add another layer, so I brought in this lime ombre throw from West Elm.  I like the contrasting color so much- it’s fresh!  They also sell it in coral. 
I’m liking how this area is coming along, but wonder if I should put something on the wall?  Perhaps a round mirror?  Or is the blank space nice?  I get anxious if there’s too much going on visually in one area and we do have a large framed family photo on the adjacent wall.  
* * * * * 
It finally hit me this weekend that our home is really coming along, feeling like home.  More spaces and rooms have been given the love and decorative touches.  When we moved in nearly two years ago (it will be two years in July 2012!), we literally started from scratch.  It’s nice to finally look at all the progress we’ve made and feel a sense of satisfaction with all the little touches that make it ours.  I love being home.  
Have you taken the time to step back and admire the progress you’ve made in your home?  I hope so.  

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  1. I love it, it looks so great. I love the prints and colors you chose…and the leaves from Hobby Lobby. Ok, love everything! If you are looking for something to put above the settee, what about two small prints rather than something large to keep the vignette/space intimate? I'm sure anything you choose will be fabulous! Love your house!

  2. Ohhh it looks great!!! amazing how adding different pillows and the rug and some different accessories really made the are pop! Great job on the space 😉 I could totally envision a circular mirror or something on the wall behind it, once you said you didn't know if you wanted to hang something or not 😉 Love the transformation though! ~Bre

  3. It looks gorgeous! I would leave it as it is. I am the same way, get anxious when there is too much going on visually. You could hang a lantern, that's the only thing I thought of right away.

  4. I absolutely luv those pillows. They are perfect for the settee. Could I make a friendly suggestion? The jute rug is a great color–but may be a bit too much "rustic" for the elegant set up you have going on here. AND I think you have the right idea with putting a sunburst type of mirror up there. Your home is absolutely beautiful!

  5. It looks amazing! I love everything in that space and I would agree for something to go on the wall above it as well. Love the pillows also ;0)

  6. It looks so pretty!! That throw really added the perfect punch of color. I might have to look into the coral one! I also love the branches from HL. Great idea. I agree with Amanda that a porthole mirror would look perfect in the space.

  7. It looks great! Love the additions. Love the idea of a round mirror, or maybe 3 small prints to echo the lines of the staircase (one on left with two on right mimicking the angle).

  8. Love it! I have those Robert Allen pillows too-I love all the colors you can pull from it. I think a round porthole type mirror would be perfect!

  9. You have lovely taste. 🙂 Of course I'm not really sure what the wall space is like, or how far it extends, but would it be possible to just paint that an accent color? You could even just paint an inset area bordered by another paint color so it looks like a framed space? But if the area is small enough accent walls are nice and can easily be repainted! Good luck!

  10. It looks great!! Love how you've styled it! I think a mirror on the wall would look beautiful!! 🙂

  11. I LOVE the contrast between the rustic texture of the rug and the elegant feel of the settee–I like it when things are mixed up and not what's always expected. And the throw adds a fun pop of color. I agree with the suggestion of an asymmetrical arrangement over the settee. NICE job!

  12. Oh, megan it looks great. I really love the texture the rug brought to the space and the energy of that throw. Beautiful!!!

  13. Such a nice little vignette. I think you've styled it beautifully – not too much, just enough.

  14. I just love seeing that settee in your house, makes me smile every time I see it. I noticed that you have a plug in the baseboard, maybe eventually you can get a larger table and place a table lamp there and move the smaller table to the other side and then you can add a small cluster of prints above the couch. Love the circular rug, and the pop of color with the awesome throw and pillows.

  15. That is looking so nice! LOVE the mix of color you put there. On the last pic I did think it looks like something should maybe be hung on the wall-but nothing that would compete with that gorgeous staircase! 🙂

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