Thursday, September 3, 2015

Restoration Hardware Lookalike Dresser & ShePlans Planner 2016 Launch

Hi friends!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw we were working on transforming a less expensive Overstock wooden dresser into a high-end Restoration Hardware look-a-like.  I'm excited to get the $1800 look for about $650!  You can read all the details about the project and see the finished result later today on my friend Jen's blog, I Heart Organizing.  The dresser looks great in James' new room and I hope to show you some progress on that space soon!

Transform a less expensive wooden Overstock dresser into a RH look-a-like with the addition of drawer pulls! Easy!


And back at the HWH headquarters, I'm still in organization mode   I often get asked if I still use my Master List and the answer is YES! But that's an organic list that's never ending, and just allows me to "brain dump" onto paper, not necessarily a "to do" list for everyday.

For my daily list of things to do, I still use my ShePlans daily planners like the one below from last year.  These sheets are an instant download you can order from her Etsy shop and print at home. 

Operation Organize Your Day with daily printables

Now, I'm in love with the Weekly To Do List too.  On Saturday or Sunday, I spent a few minutes filling out the page and it really helps set the tone for my week.  I put my blog post topics for each day at the top and then pencil in my appointments for the week below.  I can write in my "to dos" for the week for everything I need to complete for the week.  The "Calls to Make" and "Emails to Write" helps tremendously too.  I love the sense of accomplishment you feel when you cross something off the list!  When you order, it comes in five pretty colors that you download and print from your computer. 

Operation Organize Your Day with daily printables - ShePlans Planners

Operation Organize Your Day with daily printables - ShePlans Planners

2016 ShePlans Agenda Now Available for Pre-Order 
use code HONEY2016 for 10% off (until Sept 7)

Ashely (the beauty, brains, and owner of ShePlans) just launched her collection of Agendas and I was super excited to get a copy of my own.  I got the 2016 To Do List Planner and I can't wait to start using it!  The thing that sets this planner apart for me is the Time Slots!  I love those and they make so much sense for organizing my day by time! I think it really helps to be able to schedule your day and to-do's by time because then you can be much more realistic about what you can accomplish in a day.  

2016 ShePlans 2016 Weekly To Do List Planner w Appointment Times
2016 ShePlans 2016 Weekly To Do List Planner w Appointment Times
2016 ShePlans 2016 Weekly To Do List Planner w Appointment Times

2016 ShePlans 2016 Weekly To Do List Planner w Appointment Times

The ShePlans Agendas also come in a Six Month Daily Planner and Monthly To Do List Planner available in different cover designs.  Which one would be most useful for you?  

2016 ShePlans 2016 Daily To Do List Planner

2016 ShePlans 2016 Monthly To Do List Planner


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  1. Hey Megan! I have been using these lists from she plans as well when I first saw them on your blog! Love, love them! I think I'm also going to order that planner because if it works for you, I know it will work for me. Thanks for sharing all of your helpful finds with us:)

    1. They save my life! It makes me ready to start using it, but have to wait till Jan!

  2. Where is the adorable June calendar from?

  3. OMG i love those planners!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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