Saturday, December 28, 2013

Honey We're Home 2013 Year in Review

Happy weekend everyone!  It's felt like the weekend all week and I'm ready to get some things accomplished today.  I'll be heading to the gym and then starting to clean house, make our food menu (we need to start eating healthy again!) and maybe hit an after Christmas sale or two.  I haven't left the house except to work out since Christmas! 

Today, I've collected some of my favorite and most popular posts from 2013 to share with you.  I was updating my project gallery yesterday and was seeing how far this house has come over the years- not to mention my blog. My photos have improved tremendously and I've learned so much about blogging and how to put better posts together.  I just took the Decor8 Blogging with Intention e-course and am excited to incorporate what learned from Holly and her co-teachers in 2014. I have so much appreciation for my readers and especially those that have been there from the beginning- over 3 years! We are connected like family and you've literally seen my son grow up through the years.  I love sharing these things with you and I'm wishing you all a wonderful 2014!













Thank you so much for being a part of this blog, for your support, your comments and your loyal readership.  


  1. Beautiful home and decor! I just love your style. Looks like you had a wonderful 2013! Love the blog. :)

  2. One of the great things about blogging - being able to easily to look back through the year and see all you have accomplished.

    That ahi salad is tempting.

  3. Beautiful! Loved your year in review! Happy new year!!

  4. All of your projects are amazing and your decor is beautiful. Hugs, marty

  5. Love the year in review! You are so talented and have such a great eye for home projects and decor.

  6. ALways gorgeous Megan and it is fun to look back. Your photography is awesome girl and of course, I love all of your projects that you've shared! Happy New Year Megan! Cheers!

  7. what a stylish year you had! such an inspiration. thanks for all you create and do!

  8. Your dark grey doors make my heart melt every time... I seriously think that will be one of the first projects I do once we own a house again! Beautiful! You rocked 2013, girl! Happy New Year!

  9. I love the curtains in the dining room. Where did you find them?

  10. Love the curtains in your dining room. Where might I buy them (or did you make them)?

  11. I don't know why my comments aren't posting... But I'd love to know where you found the rug in your sitting room. It's awesome :)

  12. Where did you get your entryway table?


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