Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Heart Organizing

Today I'm thrilled to be sharing with Jen over at her wonderful blog, 

I'm sure you know her, and her amazing organizational and design skills, but if you've lost touch or haven't been over in a while, please come say hi!  

See ya there!


  1. Love that blog...will head over to "see" you. :)

  2. Jen is so cute! Glad to see your feature over there!!

  3. Megan, I've actually lost touch with your blog and now I know why. I never followed. I used to read your blog quite often and found your great post over at Jen's blog. Glad that I found you again. I am officially a follower now. Yay!

  4. I found a link to your blog on i(heart)organizing. Your home is gorgeous! I thought I would pass along something to you....I saw your coupon storage. I noticed that you said when you are done with coupons you throw away the expired ones,but I thought I would pass along some information to an organization called Coups for Troops (you can Google it) that collects coupons from people and then they send them to military families overseas. You can send in expired coupons as well, because overseas (since they normally don't get coupons there) they can use them for up to six months after the expire date. I don't use coupons (I'm not organized OR disciplined enough haha!) so I just send all the coupons I get in the paper to them. Thought I would just pass that along!


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