Friday, August 13, 2010

Style Saturday {A Hair Affair}

If I added up all the time I’ve spent washing, drying, curling, styling, spraying, cutting, coloring, discussing, obsessing, loving, hating, and debating my hair, surely it would add up to  . . . more time than I care to admit.  I’ve had all lengths (mostly long) and all colors (mostly blonde) over the years.   Each style tells a story.

December 2007 (long, blonde).  Just married and oh, so in love!


May 2008 (short, blonde).  Ready for a “change” and chopped it to my shoulders.


June 2009 (medium, brunette).  Getting tired of appointments with the colorist and decided it would be better to just do a solid brunette to avoid all that maintenance. 


May 2010 (pony tail always, blondish).  Bummed to discover that the brunette also required maintenance, and faded so quickly, so  . . . going back to blonde- but in the Houston heat, pony tails work best.

James 1-3 months 158

“Hair” Academy Awards

In my Academy Awards of hair, those shown below would be my winners.  I often wonder if it’s the hair or the gorgeous face that makes the women look so beautiful.  I’m sure it’s a combination of both. 

Best Short- Halle Berry.  This is how I like her best.  She rocks it like nobody’s business. 

Best Long- Olivia Palermo.  Looks shiny and healthy and perfectly sunkissed.


Best Bald- Natalie Portman.  Are you serious?  She looks fabulous!

Best Super Blonde- Jessica Simpson.  A blonde bombshell.

Best Red- Julianne Moore.  Super sexy.

Best Brunette- Jessica Alba.  She’s done a lot of colors, but rich brown is my favorite on her.

Jessica alba

Best Bang- Reece Witherspoon.  A classic beauty.

Best Waves- Gisele Bundchen

giselle bundchen Top 10 Richest Celebrity Designers

Best Curls- Kim Kardashian


Best All Around- Jennifer Aniston.  Just looks effortless and gorgeous always.  Beautiful color always.  I don’t know how she gets it so super-straight.  Remember the really early days of Friends- naturally curly??

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Who’s got your favorite hair?


  1. Hands down Nancy O'Dell. Have always envied her hair. I took her picture to my stylist and said I want the brunette version of THIS!

  2. Wow you look great as a brunette too! You could pull off many looks very easily. I do love Jen Aniston of course and Reese's bangs. Reese always has great hair. I tried to have bangs like that and yea, it didn't work. I look stupid with them.

    My hair is in a clippy. Every single day. :)

  3. Had the super blond with bangs like Reese for a long time. Now it's grown out, wavy, and dark blondish... going for the Giselle look. I love ALL of your picks. I agree that Jen Aniston's hair always looks great. Such a natural "California girl" beauty.
    I feel ya about the ponytail. I think it's a mom in the summertime thang. ;)

  4. I change my hair all the time too. I was blonde for two years and for my wedding, then went brunette shortly after; now, a year later I'm blonde again! :)

  5. I used to change my color a lot too. The past 2 years I've kinda settled on the idea that brown is best on me and why fix what's not broken?! Now I just mess with the style (bangs, curls, braids, etc.).

    I love Olivia's hair too! It always looks so perfect! I'd like to be a fly on the wall while she dries and styles it!

  6. If you took Reese Witherspoon and compared her hair styles to mine you'd find that...well, she looks awesome and I just try to copy her!

  7. Oh I definitely have to agree with Jennifer Aniston. She has THE BEST HAIR all the time. She always looks gorgeous.

    I'd give my right arm to have her hair. LOL

  8. I agree with all you "best of..." hair awards!! I covet Gisele's waves!! :)

  9. This is a great post. Love all of your picks.

  10. Ok, you are so supermodel. I love you blonde...but I'm a blonde, it's what I know! Jessica is THE definition of bombshell blonde.

  11. Ok, you are so supermodel. I love you blonde...but I'm a blonde, it's what I know! Jessica is THE definition of bombshell blonde.

  12. Ok, you are so supermodel. I love you blonde...but I'm a blonde, it's what I know! Jessica is THE definition of bombshell blonde.

  13. Every hairdo you've sported was awesome! Mines been blonde... blonde... oh! and the same ol' blonde! It's naturally this light and I would love to play brunette for a while but blonde roots would look like I were going bald. And that's no bueno :)


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