Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions, all in one place:)


What size do you wear?  I’m super petite, just 5’1, and weigh about 105 lbs.  Sometimes people say I look taller in pictures and I appreciate that! My “True to Size (TTS)” is usually an Extra Small Petite.

How old are you? 43 years young!  I had Jordan at 41.  I can’t tell if she’s keeping me young or aging me faster! 😉

Who takes your outfit pictures?  My husband and mom have taken my outfit pics in the past, but now, my good friend Tisha Carlson takes most of them and I credit her for making me look good! I really enjoy the girl time we get to spend together and I love putting together outfits to share with you!

What do you eat in a day?  I usually eat 5 meals a day, and I have a major sweet tooth so the chocolate is always calling my name.  This post is a good example of some of my typical meals. My sweet tooth can usually be satisfied with a couple of Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares (sometimes dipped in peanut butter)!

What kind of coffee maker do you have?  Our Jura Impressa J9 coffee maker is like the beloved fifth member of our family!  We got that as a Christmas gift to ourselves several years ago and love it! And if you come to Houston, you might run into me at one of these local coffee shops.

How often do you workout? I usually workout about 4 days a week, a combo of lifting weights and cardio.  I train with a trainer once a week and do group classes at my gym and also run my neighborhood (3 miles).  Since I started waking up at 5am to get my workout done early, I’ve been so much more productive during the day.

What is the age difference between your kids and how has that been for your family?  James is 6 years older than Jordan and it’s been wonderful!  He was pretty independent by the time Jordan was born, so that helped reduce the stress on me as a new mom and he’s also a big help.  Now that she is one and he is 7, they adore each other and he is extremely loving and patient with her.  I wrote more about their relationship and our family time here.  I have 6 years between me and my middle brother and we are extremely close, so I’m sure my own kids will be too.

What are your go-to beauty products?  All of my must have beauty products are listed here and a special shout out to my lashes for days mascara, dry shampoo, stretchy hair bands (great for top knots), and self tanning spray.  In 2017, I started using Colleen Rothschild’s skincare line and have noticed a big improvement in my skin since then.

What bras do you recommend?  You will definitely thank me for this Perfect T-Shirt Bra that is wireless, seamless and the most comfortable bra with good lift and support ever!  It’s the one in my drawer that I each for most often.  And for your strapless dresses, one shoulder or off-shoulder tops, you need this Strapless Bra.  It stays put with sticky lining and keeps the girls up without feeling like you need to pull at your bra all day.  Both run TTS.  And while we’re talking bras, I may as well go ahead and tell you that you need these amazing seamless Change Your Life Panties!  It seems weird that they are ‘one size, but trust me, get them and you will love them!


What are the paint colors in your home?  You can find all the paint colors in our home as of 2016 in this post.

How do you like your marble counters?  How have they held up and would you get them again?  The short answer is, “We love them, and although they have scratched, stained and etched, we would get them again.”  Read more details and our experience restoring our marble counters here.

Where did you get your living room sectional, upholstered bed, white lacquer desk, rug in the sitting room, etc.?  All of our home decor is listed here where you can click on the picture to shop.