New Year’s Eve Outfits

Hi friend!  Did you hear our bad news on Stories?!

We have a RAT!!!! Ugggg!!!!  Jordan actually saw it on Sunday afternoon and my pest control friend Johnny came out yesterday and confirmed!  He gave me sticky glue traps to put out and you better believe I’m totally freaked out about our unwelcome holiday visitor!  I told Johnny I’ll calling him 911 if I wake up and see a rat wiggling around on a glue trap!!!

But, I want it gone! And quickly!  Kitty has been living with us inside since it’s been cold out, but Johnny said she probably won’t chase a rat since she’s already well fed.  I’ll have to keep her inside James room at night (where she likes to sleep) so she doesn’t get caught in the trap.  If your pet does get caught in a glue trap, Johnny said to use baby oil to release them.

Okay, enough rodent talk!  Onto to more exciting and sparkly things!


Do you have any fun new year’s eve plans?  I don’t – yet – but I’m keeping my options open! I rounded up some FABULOUS outfits- dresses, jumpsuits, pants and cute tops to choose from!

NYE Outfits

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I also had more NYE outfits in this post!

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Have a fantastic day friend!



  1. December 21, 2022 / 3:13 am

    Sorry for the rat, I hope you’re ok. Clothes selected are qamzing for newYEars party, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Melinda
    December 23, 2022 / 5:59 am

    Oh, no! I’m very sad to hear that you are using the sticky traps to catch the rat, they are terrible and cause the animal so much suffering. 😢 I know people tend to be terrified of rats because of how they are shown on TV, but most are not aggressive, they’re just trying to find food and survive…not that you want them moving into your beautiful home! I do hope that you will look into other options, sticky traps are just so terrible.

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