Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Hi friend! I’ve done several posts about what I eat and my favorite sweet treats, and some of you have been curious ask about what my kids eat.  Today, I’m sharing the kinds of things I pack in my kids’ lunch and hopefully it gives you some ideas to make lunches easier at your house.

I like to make things as simple as possible and lots of times my kids eat the same things on repeat.  I don’t stress about them having lots of variety, but I wanted to give you several easy options in case your kids have different preferences.

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Lunch Ideas for Kids


Hummus • Strawberry JamNatural Peanut Butter *check with your school about allergies • Sliced Ham • Sliced Turkey Breast • Egg Salad • Hard Salami • Pita Pockets • Roast Beef Slices • Sliced Bacon


Greek Yogurt • BabyBel Cheese • Skinny Pop PopcornTrail Mix • Granola BarsBeef JerkyVeggie Straws • String Cheese • Laughing Cow CheeseGuacamole • Tortilla Chips • Kind Bars • Pirates Booty • Chex MixCheerios • Pita Chips • Graham Crackers • Roasted ChickPeas • Sun Chips • Pumpkin Seeds • Pepperoni


 Carrots • Broccoli • Bell PeppersAvocadoBlueberries • Strawberries • Edamame • Apples • Celery • Bananas • Cucumber • Pears • GrapesRaspberries • Peaches • Watermelon • CantaloupeOrangesPlums • Kiwi • Pineapple • MangoCherry Tomatoes • Snap Peas

Lunch Ideas for Kids


As a busy mom, I want my kids to eat healthy, but I also want to make things as easy as possible.  I usually prepare lunches the night before, right after dinner, so they are ready to go the next day.  Mornings can be hectic and having the lunch already made lightens the load.

My daughter in kindergarten uses a bento box for her lunch and I love how perfect the little compartments are and how it keeps things separated.  I try to add a combo of a sandwich or wrap, fruits, a veggie, some crackers or pretzels and a little treat.  Even if she doesn’t eat everything, I feel good knowing I served it to her and that it was an option.

Sometimes kids surprise us with what they enjoy eating, so I try my best not to let my own prejudgements preclude me from serving her a particular food.  For instance, she really likes broccoli, which is something we tend to think of kids not liking.

I snapped five lunches she took recently to school so you could get some ideas of your own.  These are really so simple to assemble- no cooking required!  I don’t think it’s genius, but we all get in ruts sometimes, so I hope these lunches help at your house!


My daughter often helps pack her lunch and she choose all the items in this one.


Tortilla and American cheese wraps are kinda like cold quesadillas and pack well.

Kid Lunch 2


Ham and cheese roll ups are an easy source of protein and great if your child doesn’t like sandwiches.

Kid Lunch 3


You can cut your sandwich into fun shapes with cookie cutters and kids get a kick out of it.


Another thing Jordan likes is hummus.  I just dollop it out right into the compartment and it stays put without making a mess. She might not eat the peppers, but I serve them anyway!

Kid Lunch 5

Lunch Ideas for Kids

Jordan also started wanting to order the school lunch on Friday because that’s pizza day, so we’ll try that.  What do you pack in your kids’ lunch?  I know some kids prefer a hot meal, and I’ve heard this thermos work well for that.


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Have a fantastic day friends!


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