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Hello friends!  How’s your week going?  I’m already looking forward to the weekend and doing more holiday decorating.  Half of the lights on my garland gave out, so I’ve got new ones on the way!

Jordan and I will be decorating the darling little Christmas tree in her room this weekend, and I’m also hoping to get my bedroom Christmas tree decorated too!  Most of the living room is holiday ready and I did a mix of white, green and gold in there.

One thing I love to do each night is light candles.  I do this year round, but there’s something especially soothing and relaxing about evening candles at the end of the year when it gets dark so early.  Here, the sun has been setting around 5:30 p.m.!

Today, I’m sharing several candle favorites that you can use in your own home, or give as gifts.  I have a theory that most people don’t buy themselves nice candles very often (or at all), but they do really appreciate getting them as gifts!

In this post, you’ll get to see some sneak peeks of my holiday decor too! 🙂



The Threshold candles at Target are great!  Just goes to show you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the scent, ambiance, and pretty look of a candle.  These are only $10! These were the two I chose, both are nice and big (15oz) with a 25-hour burn time.

Vanilla Gingerbread • This one smells just like the name suggests, vanilla gingerbread, but the gingerbread part isn’t overpowering.  It’s more subtle.

Joy to the World• This scent is Holiday Balsam, kind of like a pine tree.

I like how they come with gold lids, in case you want to gift them!  Click here for more styles and scents.

Candles, Vanilla Gingerbread, Joy to the World

Jug VaseVanilla GingerbreadJoy to the World

Candles, Vanilla Gingerbread, Joy to the World

Vanilla GingerbreadJoy to the World

Pottery Barn VasesPicture Frames

favorite holiday candles

Amazon Wooden BeadsLeopard PillowCheck PillowThrowVanilla Gingerbread

Amazon Wooden Beads • Vanilla Gingerbread

Frosted Garland • Vanilla Gingerbread Candle

Candels, Vanilla Gingerbread, Green Truck

Frosted Garland • Green Truck • Vanilla Gingerbread

My favorite Candles, Target Three Pack, Vanilla Gingerbread, Joy to the World

Rug • Candle 3 Pack • Vanilla Gingerbread • Joy to the World

shop by clicking the photos below


Soy Wax Candle 3 Pack • This 3-pack of mini sized candles is also from Target- the Magnolia Hearth & Hand line.  I swear, they have so many cute things for Christmas this year!

The candles are in ceramic containers and fill your home with the relaxing aromas of nature.  There are three scents : citrusy and spicy bergamot, woodsy cypress, and earthy cedar and pepper.

These three little guys come in a pretty plaid package, so they also make a nice under $20 gift!

Candles, Three pack candle, Gold Deer

Standing Deer • Sitting Deer • Aspen Candle

I’ve sprinkled mine throughout the house, and they make such a cute little addition to my decor.

Gold TrayMini Pine Trees in Planter

Similar Red CarafeHandsome MugBeautiful MugNorth Pole SignSimilar Wooden TraySimilar Matchsticks

The kitchen is a great spot for candles too.  I like to “reward” myself and light a candle (or more!) after the dishes are done, the counters wiped clean and the floors are vacuumed.

Target VasesSimilar Branches with Berries

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Hearth and Hand Sugared Birch •  This wooden lidded jar candle contains the Sugared Birch sent, a wonderful woodsy fragrance that makes your space smell like fresh Christmas trees!

Candles, Hearth and Hand Sugared Birch

Sugared Birch Candle

Marble Lazy SusanS&P ShakersWhite Knife SetWooden S&P Mills • Bird

I think it looks so cute here on the marble lazy susan that I scored at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale two years ago!

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I adore the print on this tin pine candle.  It adds that pop of pattern to your decor and smells like pine cedar fir blended with pale balsam.   It’s especially perfect for putting in a room with a faux Christmas tree, because you’ll still get that Christmas tree scent!  It’s made with 100% soy wax and comes in more fragrances and colors.

Similar Lighted GarlandSimilar Large SnowmenSimilar Small Snowman

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Now these are some fancy smancy candles- perfect for gifting since they come in such a pretty box and the candles themselves have a gorgeous lacquer finish.  When you open the box, the candles are neatly packaged in a deep blue velvet box.

The Esna Home Candles are made with premium and highly refined all-natural vegan soy wax.  The candle scents are: Purple (Fresh Cut Roses & Berries), Navy (Teakwood & Cognac), Red (Champagne and Whipped Cream), White (White Tea).

So gorgeous, right?!  I love how they come with the gold lid, it’s nice and heavy and looks and feels expensive.

shop by clicking the photos below


Have y’all seen the Homesick Candle?  They have one for every state and the scent is specific to that region.  The candle itself in minimal in style, and slightly masculine, the perfect gift for a guy.  Or maybe a college student living out of state.

For the Lone Star State, the scent is with leather, pine, and citrus with a bit of musk thrown in.  Light this baby and you’ll be taken right back to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  It’s also nice and big with a 60 – 80 hour burn time.

Candels, Silver Deer, Homesick Candle, Hourglass

Similar Target Deer • Hour Glass • Homesick Candle

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You might remember these  tall gold candlesticks from my Thanksgiving table.  They come with the real wax candle and gold base, but they are battery operated!  You’ll need 2 AAA batteries for each, and you just push the lighted part down to turn them on.  They also come with a little remote so you can operate them with the touch of a button!

You’ll get a pack of 6 in an order and they look so good wherever you decide to put them!  I also appreciate how the candle “burns” a warm white light, instead of orange/yellow.

Amazon Candlesticks • Frosted Garland

See, no drippy wax or hot flame for little hands!  You just push the ‘flame’ part down to turn off and on!

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Fresh Linen • Oh man, if you love the scent of fresh linen, this is your candle!  It’s not a holiday scent, but it smells like laundry fresh and clean out of the dryer!  It’s made with eco-friendly soy wax, and is vegan, paraben free and cruelty free.  You can get it in 6 oz. or 8 oz., I have the 6oz.  It makes a thoughtful gift for that person in your life that loves to clean!

Fresh Linen CandleJOY hand towel

shop by clicking the photos below


Ooh, this candle is so good and so pretty!  It literally smells just like a candy cane and the jar is gorgeous!

crushed candy cane candle

Crushed Candy Cane

Holiday Candles

LaJolie 3 Pack (didn’t really enjoy these scents, so I’m returning) • Fresh LinenHearth and HandSoy Wax Candle 3 Pack

I’d love to hear what your favorite candles are!  I keep candles in (almost) every room of the house.  I have a candle going in my office right now as I type this! It’s also a great touch to have a lovely candle burning in your guest bathroom when you have people over.

Did you like seeing sneak peeks of my holiday decor?  I’m excited to use this weekend to do more decorating!

Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. Very pretty! I love that flocked garland so much that I just ordered it! I am more than the usual amount of excited to do up the house for Christmas this year ♥

  2. I LOVE your Christmas decorations. I am a first grade teacher teaching from home and I light candles every morning before I start zooming with my students. Keeps me calm. ?

    Do you know the name of the paint color in your kitchen? I’m looking at colors right now and I love it.
    Thank you!

  3. Love your bracelet (wearing it with a watch) in one of the pictures. Do you mind sharing where I can find it? Sometimes it is hard to find petite jewelry.

    1. Hi Gina! The bracelet I always wear with my watch was given to me by my late Grandma many, many years ago! She used to live in Hawaii and it’s a traditional Hawaiian jewelry piece with my name on it. I cherish it so much!

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