The Ray-Ban Sunglasses Fit Trick

Our city has been deluged by powerful rainstorms lately, buckets and buckets full, taking us all back to Tropical Storm Allison (my car flooded) or Hurricane Ike (left without power for 11 days), which has our city practically on lockdown with no school or work for the majority of us.  Yesterday, we had a pajama day until about 3pm, when my lazy couch potato status turned into that itchy “need to accomplish” something mode.  I actually put Jordan down in.her.crib for a nap (instead of her usual resting place, my lap) and lo and behold and she slept!  She slept on a real mattress.  Praise the Lord!!
I’m celebrating another minor miracle over here today.  I finally found out that I could wear those fun, colorful mirrored aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses!  Okay, getting baby to sleep on her own WAY outweighs the sunglass thing, but I take my victories where I can get them. 
Anyways . . . back to the Ray-Ban story . . . 
I’ve always admired those colorful mirrored Ray-Ban aviators, and wanted to be able to wear them, but unfortunately, they didn’t fit my face.  I’ve tried them on several times and always concluded that they just don’t look on me.  Not all sunglasses look good on our face, right?  It can be hard to find a pair that looks great, depending on your face shape and size.
I was at Nordstrom a few weekends ago and that rainbow of mirrored Ray-Bans caught my eye again. And they’re on sale 25% off! Well, couldn’t hurt to try them on one.more.time.  

But, alas, too big and falling down my face just like every other time I tried them on.  

v-neck tee (on sale) 8 colors | jeans | necklace | ring | similar purse 
Maybe the blue will fit better?? 
Not so much.  Grrr. 
So, I moved on and tried on some other styles.  This pair below is the same style, but instead of the 58 mm, they are the 55 mm size.  They fit my petite face perfectly!  So lightweight and comfortable and the dark lens with gold frame will go with so many outfits because they are neutral.  Win!!
I also tried on the Ray-Ban Highstreet, 57mm sunglasses, and really liked them.  I can see these going perfectly with hair up, a swimsuit, and a pool!  They feel like real grown-up sunglasses. 
And I couldn’t resist trying on the classic Wayfarer, 50 mm.  The small size fit perfectly and they are so sleek and stylish.  If the black is too stark for you, they also come in ‘tortoise’ which is a warmer dark brown that’s also gorgeous.  So cool. 
but, I still really wanted the colorful ones!  
The helpful Nordstrom sales lady saw me continuing to eye those sunglasses and came over and showed me the RAY-BAN TRICK that has now changed my life.  This is so simple and please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t know . . . . you can adjust the fit of your Ray-Bans by squeezing the nose piece together! What?!?!?  
All these years I thought Ray-Bans just wouldn’t fit me! Duh!!!!! You have to be careful though and just bend it gently- you don’t want it to break.  I let the saleslady do the squeezing for me, but demonstrated for you below what I’m talking about.  
Now look!  
So much better!!  The 55mm still are probably the best fit for my small face, but I’m seriously giddy that I can finally wear those colorful sunglasses!  But what color to choose??  

Which color would you get?
Well, as you can see below, I’ve been proudly sporting my new blue Raybans all over town, starting with my son’s t-ball game.  And it’s so funny because as I looked around at the moms in the stands, most of them had on Ray-Ban aviators too.  They probably already knew the trick.  But I know why this style is so popular, because they are light as a feather and actually functional, doing a great job of shielding your eyes from the sun.
jeans | baseball tee (XS) 3 colors | striped tote
Isn’t he a cutie?!
And the colorful styles add kick to your outfit!
ripped white jeans  ($59) | top (reg XS) 4 colors | necklace ($18) | striped tote

And because it’s like the 55 mm were practically made for us gals with a smaller face, I had to get those too.  Makes it easier to buy two pair when they’re on sale!  Don’t want to miss out on that goodness.  
Striped top (XS, runs big) 3 colors | jeans (2P) | lace up heels | necklace | reversible tote | watch | sunglasses

Did you already know the Ray-Ban trick?  If so, why didn’t you tell me?!?!?! 

keep in touch! 

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  1. I never would have guessed that tip! What a difference it makes on how they look on you. And yes, such a wonderful day when the baby sleeps without being held! I hope y'all are safe from the storm. I need to check in with my dad, I know he didn't go to work yesterday.

  2. Totally trying this! I am the same way – too petite of a face/head and they never fit. I keep eyeing the gold with green lenses and maybe this will work now! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This post came in handy, just got my original 58m rayban in brown but it's too big for my small face, I was going to return it and saw your post! Thanks for sharing the trick with us, it fits so much better after adjusting the nose pad. Thank you!

  4. I have always had the same problem as you, hence no Ray-Bans in my life! Thank you for sharing this tip-it's a little bit life-changing!! Now I know what I'm asking for for Mother's Day!!

  5. Megan! You are TOO cute in those sunglasses! And everything else you wear! Seriously buying a pair for myself. Darling! So fun catching up on your blog tonight! xo

  6. Lady, you rock! I have a pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses that were causing me great irritation to my cheek area. By adjusting the nose piece as you showed, all is a better fit. Thank you so much!

  7. I just got my first pair yesterday and they have been slipping down my nose like no one’s business! Now they fit a lot better. Thanks for sharing! <3

  8. Oh how I wish I could wear these!! I need prescription glasses…..can they be ordered with prescription??

  9. Do you never pay attention when your glasses are adjusted(if you wear them)? What did you think the wires on the nose pass were for, decoration?

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