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Happy Monday and happy Spring Break!  I have to admit I’m a little nervous about being home alone with two kids, but our 6-year old is pretty self-sufficient and even though he probably plays too much on the iPad and video games, I’ll take it right now.  #reallife  As you with newborns know, my days currently revolve around those at-least-every-three-hour feedings, but thank God, she’s a good eater and breastfeeding is going well.  I am going kind of stir crazy being home so much and I miss being able to get out more. It’s not all sunshiney feelings, there’s lots of hormonal emotions I experience that range from joy, fear, adoration, loneliness, jealousy, and, yes, happiness.  I’m sure it’s all normal and maybe you can relate to that now- even without a newborn baby at home.
As a new, breastfeeding mom, I wanted to share what I’ve found to be the essential items I’m using everyday.  I know not all moms can or choose to breastfeed, so I understand that this post might not be particularly helpful everyone.  

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Must-Haves for New Mom

1 |  Nursing Tank – I have found this nursing tank to be indispensable and I wear it almost every day. I only have one, so I have to wash it a bunch, but it is so comfortable and convenient with nice stretchy material, that I’ve been living in it lately. I have the small/medium, which fits perfectly with lots of extra room. I actually wish it was a little more fitted in the waist, but that’s OK. 
2 |  Nursing Bra – my friend recommended this nursing bra and I ended up getting it in black and gray also in size medium and I’m pretty sure I’m at least a DD right now. These bras are perfect for wearing with any kind of top when you’re not wearing the actual nursing tank.
3 |  Water Bottle – I don’t know what it is, but nursing makes me so thirsty,  especially while she’s nursing. You’ll never find me without a big water bottle close by! 
4 | Pumping System & Hands Free Bra – I’ve had this breast pump since my son was born 6 years ago and it still works! Even after lending it to my sister-in-law. I don’t remember using a hands-free bra in the past, but what a genius invention! I used to hate pumping with a passion because you were literally stuck to the machine during that time. But this hands-free bra actually works really well. Freedom!
5 | Button-Down Pajamas – I found button down-pajamas to be the most convenient for middle of the night nursing and also for lounging around in the morning or before you feel like putting on clothes. 
6 |  Lanolin – sore nipples no Bueno. This really helps!
7 | Comfy Robe – I’m also a fan of a comfy robe. Easy access for nursing and cute to wear around the house.
8 |  Baby Carrier – I’ve used this Carrier for our baby girl when we’ve gone out to a couple of our son’s sporting events. I think it will be even better to use when she’s a little bigger and I can keep her head exposed. Right now, I covered her head with a Muslin blanket because I felt like she was getting too hot being completely under this. But I do love the material and it’s easy to wear, comes with a diagram that is actually easy to follow!
9 |  Nursing Cover – six years ago, whenever I needed to nurse and I wasn’t at home, I felt banished to relatives’ bedroom and I never was comfortable nursing in public so I never did it. I’m done with those days! Seeing my sister-in-law nurse easily and discreetly, at our house on the couch with one of these covers caused me to realize I could do that too. This cover is great because it’s lightweight so you don’t get too hot and it also has a piece in it that lets you see down to your baby so you know what you’re doing.
Car Seat & Stroller – I mentioned our car seat and stroller in the must-have’s for newborn post, but I didn’t get to show you a picture of it in action. Here it is last weekend when we went out to lunch. Of course James was all, “can I push the stroller?!” He really is very helpful! I have to say I’m totally not used to navigating the world with a stroller. It’s all coming back to me now! This car seat and stroller are awesome, it’s the kind where the car seat fits into the lightweight stroller frame and the frame has cupholders and room underneath for storage, bonus!

Medicine & Schedule |  One of the first things I did when when we got home from the hospital was fill my prescriptions and figure out when I was supposed to take what medications.  I was taking meds three times a day (4 if you count the middle of the night pain medicine), which can get pretty confusing, so I made alarms on my phone and also wrote on the lids of each medicine the times I was supposed to take them.  This also helped when I was nursing and could ask my husband to bring me my medicine.  He could just look at the lid to see what I needed.  But ladies, it’s so important to take care of YOU and remember to take what the doctor prescribes for your recovery. 

Meal Delivery | We have been so very blessed to have a great group of friends who organized a meal delivery for us, so we are getting dinners 3 nights a week for 2 months!!  How seriously AMAZING is that?!  I cannot tell you what a huge relief and weight off of my shoulders this has been.  It eliminates the stress of grocery shopping and cooking, which was particularly helpful when we first came home from the hospital and I couldn’t get around very well.
It feels very indulgent to accept these meals, but we appreciate them so much and I just know that, in the future, I’ll be the first one to sign up when we have friends in need.  It can be difficult to receive so much, but when we do, we give other people the opportunity to serve and that is a blessing too.  

Thanks Yous | I wanted to gift each friend a small token of our appreciation, so I gave them small thank-you gifts of a nail polish and thank you note.

What are your new mom must-haves?

keep in touch! 

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  1. I'm not sure how you feel about wearing those bras as an everyday bra-but I wore a nursing bra like that as my full time bra, and I look back and can't believe it. I get big (like GGG big) and those did not do me any favors. The best thing I did following my subsequent births was go out, that week (not kidding, someone drove me) was go to Nordstrom and get the Anita nursing bra with underwire-life changer!

  2. One of my favorite things was the covered goods nursing cover. It comes in really cute patterns and you can use it for nursing in public, to cover the carseat, shopping cart/public highchair later or as a scarf. It's inexpensive and like getting several things in one. You should check them out!

  3. Totally agree with you on the Bravado nursing bra! I only learned of them with my second. There are so many colours now – how nice! They were comfortable enough to wear 24/7 which I had to do. I had to use breast pads all the time – not sure if you have that problem… Lansinoh makes the best if you do.

  4. I use coconut oil as my body lotion so it was only natural for me to use extra on my nipples. I never had any problems and nursed my first for 18 months!! Plus, it's all natural and good for you so I felt good knowing that my baby wasn't ingesting any thinking harmful. Enjoy this time with your sweetie. Babies are the best!

    1. You'll be in the same boat as me! James is so helpful right now, it makes a big difference. And I have a 6-year age difference between me and my first brother and we are super close. Congrats to you and your family Susan!

    2. Thank you, Megan! I never thought I'd want such a big age gap, but it's already working out so well! Henry won't let me do anything…"Don't pick that up! You'll hurt the baby! Let me do that for you, Momma!" I love it. And, we can't stay out of the baby girl section at the stores. So many cute things!

  5. I nursed both of my daughters and had a couple of items from You Lingerie. They have super cute tanks and bras, but their stuff can be a bit pricey. Sign up for their emails, they send promos pretty regularly. Cheers to you for nursing your daughter. It is such a gift to your baby, but I know what a sacrifice it can be. You are awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Another good idea is to double check when important things (passport, drivers license) expire. I have a five month old and completely spaced on renewing my license. Luckily the TSA lets you fly for a year on an expired license.

    I would add easy snacks to you list! I have never been so hungry, particularly in the middle of the night, as I am breast feeding.

  7. Who took those great pictures of you and Jordan in the hospital? Was it your husband? Did you give him any directions or is he just a natural photog. My husband is good at a lot of things….taking pictures is not one of them!

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