Mudroom Bench Seat Fabric

Sometimes, you start a decor project thinking you’re going one way with it, and you end up going in a completely different direction.  Inspiration for the look of a room might begin with a paint color, fabric, or rug and then you work to pull together elements that fit with your original design idea.   I started with a paint color when redoing our mudroom on a whim, but it hasn’t come together that well yet.  
After I painted my pantry doors (Comfort Grey, Slow Green and Fleeting Green- all Sherwin Williams), I wanted to change up the rug and possibly the mudroom bench seat.  I ordered two rugs  at the same time to see which I preferred and ended up returning them both.  The first one was too large and too aqua.  The second one (Target Boho Boutique Medallion Floral Rug) I actually loved (fun pattern and colors- super cozy on our feet), but again, it was too large.  It’s a 5×7 and this area accommodates a 4×6 better (and it doesn’t come that size).  The rug I had in there originally was actually too small at 4×5’4.  

The true colors are more like this photo below. 
So, I started sourcing fabric for a new bench seat at  You can order swatches for $1.75 and orders over $35 ship free so it’s not a big commitment and you get to see the actual colors, weight and texture of the fabric before you order too much.  It’s also nice to get to see in person the repeat of the pattern because sometimes you picture it smaller or larger than it really is.  
I’m pretty crazy about all of the fabrics except for the chenille- that’s better suited for upholstery.  For the mudroom bench, I’m going with the Premiere Prints Sofie Slub Premiere Navy, which I think will work best in the room.  The floral prints are gorgeous and I would consider ordering the HGTV Home Bespoke Blossoms Damask Mineral to make pillows with, but since we usually have lots of coats/backpack/bags/scarves/hats hanging on the hooks, I think the floral is too much going on (and it’s twice as expensive). 
But, it’s back to the drawing board for the rug . . . . 

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  1. Love the navy choice. I would be stumped too with the rug, even though I do love the one in the picture. So sad they don't make it the size you need.

  2. Have you looked at Dash and Albert (although not sure they have 4×6) or RugsUSA…they do carry 4×6, and I love you can select from style, color and size to narrow down what you are looking for.

  3. Great choice on the print 🙂 I would love to get an ivory rug, but it's just not practical with a baby and 2 doggies. Anything with a lot of print helps us "hide" any stains/marks that accumulate after time. I would try visiting the Home Goods on West Gray. They always have great rug selections 🙂

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