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Happy Friday to you!  Today is a “rest” day – yippee, I need it!  I’ve trained heavy Monday through Thursday with my sleep all messed up and finally got a good night’s rest last night.  I feel so much better.  We are having a bout of gorgeous weather here and I’m chaperoning a class field trip today so it’s going to be a great day.  
Below is the LEG & GLUTE workout I did recently.  I’m training to add more muscle definition to my legs- I have lost so much over the years.  My calves are genetically round thanks to my mom, who has the same legs.  

I always start with these, a great compound exercise that works primarily the thighs, hips, butt, quads, and hamstrings.  The “Smith Machine” keeps the barbell steady and will only move up and down (as opposed to forward and backward), providing more stability.  I put that cushion on the bar too behind my neck because it’s more comfortable.  
This machine might look intimidating, but I love it for training quads. I put 115 pounds on each side, for a total of 230- your legs are often stronger than you think! 
Image via Teach PE

You step onto and off of the bench 10 times on each leg for a total of 20 reps.  This one really gets your heart rate up, but go at your own pace and be careful not to fall- place your whole foot on the bench, not just your toes. 
Via You Tube (click for video)

This machine isolates the quad muscles.  You’ll need to adjust the back to fit your height.  I can use it on the “shortest” setting, but I found a back piece that fits into the chair and like using it so the machine fits me perfectly.  I put 70 pounds in the workout, but I’m up to 75 now. 

Images via Shape Fit
A great hamstring exercise.  
Image via The Deadlift

Image via Cybex


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    1. I would just do modified versions of some of the above- like squats with body weight or dumbbells, or "wall squats" – sitting with your back against the wall in a squat position and then holding that position. Calf raises you can do by putting your feet on a step or stair and the same with the step ups- you just need a bench or something to step onto. You can also do dead-lifts at home.

  1. Great tips Megan. And, I am happy you answered Mix of 6's question. That was something I was going to ask as well. I am however thinking about getting connected with the trainer at my doctor's office so that he can show me how to do things correctly, and then I can go out on my own later on.

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