Vitamix Blender- Worth It?

Some of you who read about my endeavors to cook healthy and get more nutritious food into my ultra picky toddler recommended that I make veggie smoothies.  I read all of the comments and thank you so much for your helpful suggestions.  I really don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before to blend up some veggie smoothies since I buy my son the pre-made ones from the store already.   And I drink protein smoothies myself (just protein powder (usually Lean Body for Her) and skim milk or water).  A couple people swore by their Vitamix Blender, but cautioned that they are an investment.

I went to the Vitamix website last weekend and was surprised to learn that they are over $300.  Are you sure they’re worth it? I realized that our regular blender broke a few months ago, so we don’t have any type of blender right now, but we do have a food processor.  I would be willing to spend the money if the machine was something that would last for years and we would get a lot of use out of- like our KitchenAid mixer.  But, if there’s another brand that works just as well, for less, I’d be interested in hearing about it.  I’m pretty confident that James will eat the veggie smoothies if I start making them for him and that will make me a very happy mama!

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  1. They are an investment, but they last. My mom has had her vitamix over 10 years! We have a ninja that has served us well. Consumer Reports ranked it high, and overall for the money we have been pleased. My heart still desires a vitamix, but I haven't been able to bite the bullet and pay that much for a blender yet. The key word is yet!


  2. We love our Vitamix Blender. It is very powerfull, which is important when you use it for veggies and greens.
    I would highly recomend it. And the whole process takes a few seconds.

    We use it for smoothies made with spinach, carrots, parsley, basil, avocado,…

  3. I will be happy to read all the comments on this because I was going to get one of these for smoothies until I found out the price! But I have heard if you don't want to keep breaking blenders or spending to much time mixing you have to get one like this.

  4. I haven't tried a Vitamix, but we have a Ninja blender that's really great. It has 3 levels of blades which blend really well. I haven't tried veggies in it, but we make frozen fruit smoothies all the time.

  5. I have spent a lot of time watching the Vitamix videos and they definitely seem powerful and versatile (oh so tempting!). That said, I often make veggie smoothies in our regular blender. It's some common brand (Hamilton Beach maybe), and was a hand-me-down from my MIL. We've had it well over ten years now, so it would be hard for me to justify spending mega $ on a Vitamix. I've never blended a whole lemon or anything crazy, but cucumbers, greens, sliced carrots, etc. whir up just fine.

  6. Yes, yes, yes!! We bought ours 2 weeks ago and have used it everyday since. The 2-speed model is all you need ($378 on Amazon), do don't be suckered into anything more. My favorite smoothie is kale + spinach + mango + 2 bananas + coconut water + protein powder + ice. Delish!!!

  7. I vote yes IF it will fit in your cabinets. Its size is definitely one of my biggest issues. You might compare it to the Blendtec before biting the bullet! 🙂

  8. i bought my vitamix almost a year ago and i have been 120% happy with it. i've made soups, ice cream, and the obvious smoothies in it. my kids love the smoothie combinations i make and they really never know just what i've put in it!!

    before i bought it, i owned a kitchenaid blender which was good but not riproaringblendeveryspeck good. this machine could liquify a boot. there is NEVER a speck of ice cube, or food chunk left to the human eye…it is that amazing.

    not only that, i can my own spaghetti sauce every fall and this process allows me to put the entire tomato in and get all the good from the skins, where before i was removing the skins because they never really left during the cooking down process.

    it is an expense, but if you use it, is totally worth it!!!
    i bought mine off QVC so that i could send it back no questions asked in a month.

  9. For that price I would check out a Blendtec Blender. They will blend EVERYTHING! (For those who haven't seen it… look up "Will it blend?" on
    I don't actually have one of those, this post just made me think of "Will it Blend?" and I thought I'd share. They are also insanely well rated on Amazon.

  10. Vitamin and Blendec are both great. However, like the ladies said definitely check the dimensions on the Vitamix. It wouldn't fit on our counter, under the cabinets. It also wouldn't fit in a cabinet, vertically (pieces taken apart) OR on its side!!! I got over it really fast! We originally wanted the Blendtec, but chose the Vitamix first due to cost. We finally brought the Blendec after doing hours of googling! The Blendtec is specifically designed for crushing ice, like in smoothies. It is SO EASY to use. The simple buttons on the front display screen make it so easy. And it knows how long to blend whatever you are making, like a smoothie, and then stops on its own!! We use it every morning and I also know people who use it for making baby food. Blendtec over Vitamix…no question. There's a reason why it is $$ and it is worth it!!

    1. You can get the vitamix with a smaller container. I got mine when it was on a special buy it was 64. Oz, and it doesn't fit under my counter. But I do love it.

  11. Absolutely worth every penny! We have had ours for about 6 years and we use it 3-4 times a week. When my kids were babies I made all their babyfood in it and it works great! My husband makes various protein shakes throughout the week and can't live without it.

  12. We've had our Vitamix for 4 yrs now and use it at least 4x a week. Love it!!! Bought ours at Costco when they were having their road show ~ it is worth it for sure! I have the wet blade and dry blade container (I think the new model comes in one and does both) anyway, you can grind wheat, make your own nut butters ~ this thing is amazing at making whole foods! I always add spinach or kale to every smoothie I make and my family has no clue ~ the key to hiding the green color for picky eaters is adding blueberries to your smoothie ~ it will hide the green. You will love this thing! And James will be begging for smoothies that are healthy! Check with your local Costco to see when they plan on having their next Vitamix roadshow ~ you may get a better price & 2% back if you're an executive member! Tracey

  13. I've been to demos for the Vitamix and I can't say I'm overly impressed with it vs. what we have. We have the 7 speed kitchenaid blender, and that thing is a monster of a blender. I highly recommend that one as a cheaper option for you…it rocks at smoothies, soups (and randomly, salsa). 😀

    1. Do you put in whole vegetables and fruits in your kitchenaid blender? That is my biggest pull to the vitamix. My dad just throws in a whole piece of anything and it comes out great for the smoothies.

  14. We received one as a Christmas gift from my MIL and I have to say, it's great. My husband is an athlete and health nut and makes smoothies almost daily. I also use it to make soups. It's $$$ but worth it, I think. (then again, I didn't pay for mine, ha!)

  15. My MIL has had her Vitamix for over a year and LOVES it (she uses it 1-2 x/day). She struggled with the investment since she doesn't have a ton of disposable income but she feels it's one of the best investments she made. She had gone through 3 blenders – the last being a Kitchen Aid – before finally biting the bullet. Not sure but I think Amazon may sell them cheaper.

  16. I have a Vitamix and LOVE it! We use it OFTEN! I use mine every day. They also have a 7 year warranty which is amazing! It is worth the money. Good luck.

  17. We have a Kitchenaid blender at our house for over 5 years now and we love it as much as the day we bought it. We have found it is as durable and well made as our Kitchenaid mixer. Also, I think it was a little over a $100.

  18. We have a Ninja blender, and it's seriously the best blender! It's so quick, easy to use, and can seriously do it's smoothie business great! I would HIGHLY recommend this over the Vitamix. It's a THIRD of the price of the Vitamix, and does such an awesome job!

  19. If you are just wanting to make smoothies I say buy a regular blender. I keep buying regular blenders for about 20 dollars at Walmart. I use mine all the time. They last a year or two. So you could buy 15 blenders for the price of a vitamix. 15 cheap blenders would probably last you 15-30 years.

  20. I love my ninja, use it to make salsa too, with jalapenos, onions, etc and it does a great job. We have had it for 2 years and still works the same, easy to clean and wipe down.

  21. I have never heard of this blender, have a kitchenaid myself which works amazing as well! Guess it depends how much you use it! Love your blog by the way and am a new follower!!

  22. We have a Ninja & L-O-V-E it! I serves up my Green Monster smoothies just perfect. You can get it at BBB & use a 20% coupon – total out the door around $130 bucks!

  23. Vitamix head quarters is located on a quiet Cleveland suburb in which I has the pleasure to work on Winter Break as a college student. It's a great company that loves working with a great product! I would say if you are serious about smoothies and use a blender often. Go for it, it should pay for itself after awhile!

  24. I chose the Blendtec over the Vitamix and glad I did. A friend bought the Vitamix on impulse and struggled to learn how to use it. The Blendtec is super simple….and my entire family uses it all the time. Even makes hot soup ready to eat! Check it out before you decide…but definitely buy one of them!

    1. My Blendtec quit working after 5 years and not used much until recently. Blendtec said that when I bought mine the warranty was for 3 years and were not helpful. I plan to replace mine with a Vitamix. I think I want the Pro 750. I will not buy Blendtec again.

  25. I covet the vitamix – but actually my cusinart that I bought at Costco has done the job for the past seven years! And I have a green smoothie almost every day!

  26. We also have the Ninja, AND LOVE IT!! We make all the babies food with it. It also comes with 3 different bowl pitcher thingys.. you can do bread etc.. AWESOME! My MIL actually took her Vitamix and got the Ninja.

  27. BEST investment ever! I've used mine everyday for the past 4 years- I make the kids smoothies everyday after school. I have also made salsa, soups and sorbets in it as well. It is also the only blender I think that juices spinach well- most blenders leave chunks of spinach-the VitaMix doesnt. Let me know if you get one and I pass on some of my favorite smoothie & green drink recipes.

  28. Worth every penny. My 2 year old eats "ice cream" full of healthy ingredients spinach, coromega, chia, etc. My husband even uses it. It makes awesome mixed drinks for the summer and my smoothies taste like Smoothie King. Well worth it! And the clean up is a cinch. I recommend looking up a local demonstration (Sam's, Whole Foods) and you will be sold!

  29. Yes! Yes! Yes! I couldn't believe how much it was when I went to purchase, but I am beyond thrilled with the way it works…NEVER has a problem chopping anything, and there are no limits as to what you can make with it. The cleanup is SUPER simple, no disassembling parts to clean, which is a huge time-saver!

    I use this almost daily – smoothies, soups, dips, ice cream…the list goes on. You can even put wheat grass in a Vitamix (usually you would need a juicer), because it is so strong that it can break down the nutrients…OK I will stop rambling now, but truly it is worth it…here are a few things I've recently made with mine:

    Squash and Tomato Bisque:

    Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie:

    Green Monster Smoothie:

    Hope this helps!

  30. YES!!! It is totally worth it! I have one and use it all the time to make everything from soups to sauces to veggie smoothies… even frozen fruit 'ice cream'!

  31. We have a vitamix and love it. We make vegetable smoothies everyday for ourselves and our daughter. Worth every penny and the clean up is so easy!!! Try TI find somewhere that has a demo as seeing it in person will definitely convince you. Costco often has a vitamix person doing a demo. You won't regret it!!!

  32. I haven't tried one, but I'm always curious. If you're a Costco member, our Costco has them — and then if you don't like it (or he hates smoothies!) you can return it. Another (cheaper) option is one of the bullet blenders. We got ours from Target (Bella Cucina brand) for about $25. I make all my smoothies in that & LOVE it.

  33. I've had my Blendtec for five months now and totally LOVE it! I liked the Blendtec over the Vitamix right from the start. I think it has a more modern look to it, it fits under the cabinets, it has preprogrammed buttons so you don't need to ramp up the dial to try and figure out what setting you need plus it's easy to clean. If you drop or spill anything on the Blendtec buttons, you just wipe it off versus the Vitamix, you have to get a toothpick to clean out the spill. Plus the Blendtec has black letters on the jar making it easier to read. After having owned one, I'd never be without it. They are just more powerful than standard blenders. You can also chop ice in there which is nice if you like to make alcholic type drinks in there. It's also made in the USA. It also has a counter on it and it tells you how many times you've used it. I've used mine 855 times since December 20th! It makes me feel good to know that. I blend all of my son's (disabled) meals in there too since he eats with a feeding tube that way he gets real food versus formula type feedings.

    I use mine for a few things. first, it's great for green smoothies or any kind of smoothies. You could make up smoothies and freeze them for James in popsickle type containers. I make homemade ice cream in there, a family recipe. I sometimes chop up some white chocolate and put it in the ice cream. I virtually never buy ice cream anymore since I can make my own-using real cream and organic eggs. I make Giada DiLaurentis Simple Pasta Sauce on the stove top using organic ingredients and then mix it up in the Blendtec until it's smooth (I like to cook the onions on the stove top versus blending raw ones in the blender.) Once the sauce has cooked and cooled, you can put it in the Blendtec, then hit the sauce button. You can make your own peanut butter as well. Just 3 cups of nuts and blend. You can grind your own flour in the Blendtec as well. You can also make salad dressings, hummus and salsa in there. You can make pizza dough in there (although I use my bread machine for that). Also, if you have another kiddo, you can blend vegetables and freeze them in ice cube trays versus purchasing baby food in the jars, plus it's a lot better! I also make a homemade tomato soup (like Campbells but much healthier!) and use my Blendtec to blend it once it's done. One other note, just keep in mind, that you'd still use your food processor for some items.

    Overall, it's a great investment. If you want to save some money, you can purchase one at Costco but the best deal is probably at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can use a 20% off coupon and you'll save the most money. If you go on the Blentec website and click on demos and key in your zip code, it will tell you what Costcos the demos are at. Hope this helps!

  34. I love my Ninja – came with 3 different size bowl/pitchers. Replaces my food processor and a blender. Only cost me $50. I've seen them for sale at Costco and on QVC, but I'm sure they're available elsewhere. Love it, love it, love it.

  35. My mother in law gave me a vitamix for mother's day. Love, love LOVE it!!!! It is the real deal. I have a Ninja…it is fine, but you definitely notice a big difference between the two. If you plan on juicing daily, get the vitamix!

  36. I have a Vitamix and a Blendtec. They're both really powerful and great blenders. NO other blender even comes close in comparison. I think my Blendtec is a little more powerful and does a better job, but it's such a subtle difference I'm not sure many would notice (but I've had my Blendtec for 5+ years, so now that I'm using a Vitamix I see small differences). I like the plunger thingy (yes, technical term) that the Vitamix has, although I rarely need to use a spoon or anything with the Blendtec. I do like the additional speeds the Vitamix has, but I think newer versions of the Blendtec offer the same thing. I drink smoothies on a daily basis, and I hate when there are chunks of ice or fruit (fresh or frozen). Both blenders work well.

    (I only have a Vitamix because I'm living with my parents while we build our house, and it actually belongs to them, not because I was unsatisfied with my Blendtec).

    Either way, they're both great machines and I don't think other blenders really compare. I personally like my Blendtec and plan to stick with it, but my mom's Vitamix is really nice and if that's what I had I would be more than happy with it. But really, they are TOTALLY worth the money. Seriously. Worth every penny if you're into smoothies, healthy eating, fresh foods, etc. I love making soups, sauces, etc. You won't regret it.

  37. Oh yes, I wanted to add that the Vitamix is HUGE. The base, that is. It won't fit under my mom's cabinets, it won't fit in some cupboards, etc. That is a pain.

  38. A couple of years ago I researched these expensive juicers for months & finally invested in the Blendtec Blender……it is the BEST. We make the Mean Green Smoothie every morning. Our local smoothie shop uses the Blendtec as well & they highly recommended it over the competition.

  39. I have owned a VitaMix for about 10 years and use it so often. Right now, I'm using it daily. I absolutely love it. It can freeze stuff and it can even heat stuff. Fun to use!

    It does have a big price tag, but so do other top-of-the-line small appliances. I would look at it like this: What else have you paid the same amount for? A small piece of furniture? A coat? A night out on the town? A few hair appointments? A year's worth of pedicures? Compare that to: How much longer will your VitaMix last? And how much more will it further your family values, like nutrition?

    I think only you can make the call.

  40. I don't have one but my MIL does and she LOVES it. I have an immersion blender and it is pretty powerful. We make smoothies with spinach, kale and frozen berries.

  41. I don't have one but my MIL does and she LOVES it. I have an immersion blender and it is pretty powerful. We make smoothies with spinach, kale and frozen berries.

  42. Totally worth it. I use mine every day. If you're near a Costco or Cash and Carry check there to see if you can get a better price. My toddler loves the smoothies and banana milk shakes I make for her with the vitamix.

  43. I know I'm late to the debate but……I have a Vitamix and….I. LOVE. IT. I would never go back. And I would rather spend a bunch of dough now and have it last forever then a tiny amount over and over and over. I've had it for a year, use it every day and every time I think to myself what a smart buy it was. Do it!

    PS: I am the most frugal person in the entire world and I had some apprehension over the price initially but not any more!

  44. I've heard that they are great and long lasting. Also, most of the people I know who have them are real foodies and swear by them to make soups and sauces. All that being said, I don't like having a huge blender on my counters, so three years ago I bought a Ninja on a whim and it still works like a charm. I use it to chop veggies for cooking, make dips, and mostly for making smoothies with frozen berries and spinach. It cleans easily and has it's own little cupboard space so it's out of sight when not in use.

  45. I have a Vixamix and love it. I use it almost everyday for protein shakes but also make soup etc in it. I bought it at costco. It was expensive but worth it since I was buying a new blender almost every year.

  46. My husband and I use our Vitamix almost everyday – best money we have spent in a long time. It's fantastic and if you are actively using it 3-4 times a week you will get your money's worth out of it. Good luck!

  47. My crossfit trainer totally swears by it!!! I haven't bitten the bullet yet (is that a phrase?? lol) but I've been thinking about it!! xoxo shel

  48. I got my VitaMix for Christmas and have been using it daily. I love it! I make fruit/veggie smoothies almost every day. My picky daughters love that the veggies are hidden in the smoothies so they don't have to "see" them. I had a Cuisen Art blender and a Kitchen Aid, and neither of them can even come close to the power of the vitamix. The smoothies turn out very creamy, no little pieces of veggies floating around. My girls also love when we freeze the leftovers into popsicles. Definitely worth the investment. You will use it for yourself and your son daily 🙂

  49. I LOVE, love, LOVE my vitamix. You can make soups, smoothies, sauces. It is so wonderful. I have had mine for 7 years, and no problems!

  50. Go for it, they are sooo worth it, they blend spinach, ice, bananas, its crazy and I'm NOT a cook by any stretch but it makes soups too!

  51. Another resounding YES! We got our Vitamix a few months ago after our cheaper blenders died. There is no comparison. The 2-speed is really all you need. Makes perfect smoothies & juice drinks-love that I can stick a whole carrot, pineapple wedge (with core), some greens & yogurt in it & call it breakfast!

  52. I can't emphasize enough how much I love my Vitamix!! I was also put off by the price. I did, however, buy a "refurb" model directly from Vitamix…they are a bit less expensive as they were demo models etc. Same machine, same 7 year warranty, just less expensive. I also researched Blend tec and went w/ Vitamix after reading a few blogs where the 2 were compared. Plus, many raw food and uber healthy food blogs I follow defintely favor Vitamix.
    That said, this is the BEST kitchen purchase I have ever made and it is worth every penny. I use it every day, at least once. At least! My kiddos and I (4 and 1) drink green smoothies every day. You can puree your own baby food in seconds. I make salad dressings, soup, pasta sauces etc! Drop in frozen banana, a little cocoa powder and some nut butter for a nice frozen treat! So worth it!

  53. Well, I'm a little late here so perhaps you've already decided, but I have a different option that I didn't notice above. [I've only seen a demo of the Vitamix at WholeFoods – never tried it, but I would imagine for that price, chances are you're going to love it. (I mean, you better, right?!) But that doesn't mean you won't love a cheaper one just as much…lol.]

    After our Waring Pro crapped out, my husband found the Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Blending/Chopping System ($69.95 on Amazon – link below). We've had it for almost a year now, and it's perfect! There are two blades: blending (standard-looking) & chopping (duller & straighter). I mostly use the blending blade since I use this primarily for my morning smoothie, but the chopping one does work nicely on nuts and herbs for other recipes. My daughter's only 7 months so I haven't tried anything for her yet although I'm about to try it for her baby food. For my typical smoothies, I make some variety of greens powder, protein powder, almond milk, flaxseed oil, frozen or fresh fruits & veggies & ice… (recipes from Dr Frank Lipman) It has no issue chopping up ice that I've noted; I just pulse a few times before letting it go on high. My favorite part is that it comes with 4 travel cups that fit the blade so that you just put all of your ingredients together into the cup, put the blade on it, push it into the base (blend, blend, blend), flip it, swap the top out & be on your way. (Maybe a quick rinse on the blade so that it's not all gross when you get home or so that your husband can make one too.) I always put the hardest ingredients into the travel cup first (ice, frozen stuff), then powders and then finish off with the liquids as noted in the instructions. I should note that I rarely use the regular blender jar since the travel cups are so convenient. And I'm actually using them for my iced coffee (homemade in the Bodum Iced Coffee Press – highly recommend it!!!) right now too while I'm still trying to figure out if there's a better cup for that. So I currently run out of the house with 2 of these travel cups and then throw them in the dishwasher at night. It also fits easily in my cabinets when I don't want it to take up counter space. (The blender jar & chopping cup usually stay hidden away since as mentioned I don't use them much.)

    good luck! 🙂

    There's a demo video on here too:

  54. My husband bought me a Vitamix for Mother's Day. He did extensive research and settled on it. He used some Amex points for a gift certificate to Williams Sonoma. I LOVE IT!!! I make smoothies everry morning and night; I have also made peanut butter and salsa. It is an (investment)….you will not be disappointed.

  55. I didn't read through ALL the comments, but still wanted to add a few things that I noticed hadn't been mentioned yet (maybe they were later on) — I struggled with the price and finally bought one when it was on sale, and I love it! It is so FAST, not only to use, but also to CLEAN! I mean, when you don't have to chop things up small to go in it, it saves you time, and when it takes seconds to blend through whole fruits/veggies and ice, saving time, but also you just fill halfway with warm water and a couple drops of dish soap and blend and rinse and it's clean! No taking apart and handwashing each little blade and rubber ring and then using half your countertop for it to air dry just so you can put it back together again… I hated that aspect of my old blender that was still good, but I rarely used it because it was such a hassle to clean! Plus, milkshakes, ice cream, homemade peanut butter, HOT SOUP, this thing can do A LOT, and it comes with a nice recipes book to help you get started on all the other things you don't think of for a blender. It's worth the money! (And, mine fits in a bottom cabinet just fine, all standing up and everything, and I have a tiny little condo kitchen, so not sure how everyone else was struggling with space so much…)

  56. My husband and I love our Vitamix. We just got a 7500 a week or so ago and use it more than once a day! The soup is delicious! It's fun too! Great way to eat your spinach without having to taste it!

  57. I've used my black and decker cyclone for years. . Blends up nuts and everything. I don't see the hype in it. People ate healthy when they farmed their foods and didn't have blenders…. its silly. Also if u have picky kids. . Just don't cave. They will eat anything after 38 hours of being "picky"

  58. its all hype if you want to eat healthier you don't even need electricity farmers it healthy and there was no fancy blenders I have a cyclone by Black and Decker and its been working for 10 years I blend nuts and vegetables and frozen fruit and ice no problems American spend too much money it's silly. As for picky eaters children with eat what you give them eventually. After not eating a day an half they will eat anything pretty much put in front of them. I'm sorry but parents are responsible for picky eaters.

    1. Just like the mom of a neurotypical child to talk down to parents of kids with autism and other disorders who will literally starve themselves to death if their food isn't the way they will eat it and, no, beating them doesn't work either.

  59. I have had my Vitamix 4000 for 30 years. I still use it frequently-sometimes several times a day. I bought a second stainless steel container many years ago, initially to do compost prep, but quickly decided to use one for wet and the other for dry. If I could have figured out how to get it to dry fast to use for flour, I would have stuck with one container. Don't recall how much I paid for it then, but it probably figures out to no more than $10 per year, if that. Just thought some of you would like to know my experience.

  60. If you want a good blender with a glass pitcher, look into the Oster Pro 1200 2-in-1 Blender by Oster. It has 1200 power watts and 900 watts of blending power. I’ve had one for not quite 2 years and I use it every day, multiple times a day. I had a Vitamix and it didn’t even last a year and when it died on me while I was making a smoothie I called Vitamix and they tried to blame me for the unit quitting on me. I got my money back and went with a simple Oster blender and I love it! It only costs $80 after shipping and handling and it has all user replaceable parts unlike the Vitamix where you have to buy a whole new container for over $100, which is way too expensive for a blender container and the plastic is not good for our bodies or the environment.

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