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I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that while a baby is developing the ability to feed himself, mealtimes will become really messy.  image Aside from food getting into every nook and cranny of the highchair, it’s also starting to end up on the floor.  I recently bought a “splat mat”, but that doesn’t necessarily prevent food from landing outside of the mat.   We previously had a nice rug (6×9) from Crate & Barrel under the breakfast table that I really loved, but it was hard to clean.  It was also kinda pricey ($349), so I didn’t want it to get ruined during mealtimes.   James’ highchair is usually at the end of the table. image I started looking for an inexpensive indoor/outdoor rug that I could, hopefully, wipe up easier.  I also wanted something a little larger than our previous rug to cover more floor area.  This one from Home Decorators was only $187 for a 6’7 x 9’6 and is part of the Martha Stewart (love her!) collection.  So far, it has cleaned up nicely.  Also, Home Decorators often offers discounts that you can find online; I bought my rug when shipping was free.  image image And while I was at it, I found two runner rugs for our kitchen also from the Martha Stewart line ($49 for 2’4 x 6’7).  They are on either side of our island.  I added a long rug pad from Overstock ($22 for a 2×12) and just cut it in half to make two pads (one for each rug).  The pad keeps the rug in place really well. image But my favorite kitchen rug is the Dash & Albert one I picked up for $38 for a 2×3.  I’m sure the kitchen looks like a mish-mash of rug styles, but it’s what we’ve got for now:) image The original breakfast room rug was moved to the entryway.  I was happy to see how perfectly it fits!  image Isn’t it fun to rearrange things and use them in different places in your home?  In fact, that console in our entryway has been in that spot, but was also in the dining room for a bit, and now is back to the entryway!  When my hubby comes home from work, he’s usually asking, “What have you moved now?” Ha! **********

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  1. I'm dying laughing bc I am the saaaaaaame way. In fact, my husband laughs because kendall does it too! Pushes furniture around like me! Lovin the new rugs and the deals! xoxo shel

  2. You always find the best stuff!
    You got me really into quatrefoil which I now LOVE.
    I also like the new breakfast rug better than the original one.
    And I feel your pain with the feedings, except now I find pieces of food under our couch, behind throw pillows… sandwich crusts are his favorite to leave behind 🙂

  3. I could have written this post but titled it "Musical Furniture"…

    wait til James is like Moose and Monkey, eating sans highchair.

    Then all the pretties become fodder for sticky fingers.

    I just spent the better part of my weekend recovering my dining chairs with WIPEABLE fabric. Love.

    Keep him in that highchair until he's in kindergarten…I kid. Well, sort of!

  4. Funny how things change when you have kids huh? It is always a learning curve. No book can ever tell you what to exactly expect. I call the different rugs you bought, rug acne LOL My office is the worst! I have white carpet, and it is a high traffic area, so I have rugs in all the key places, but it looks like rug acne to me. Happy Mother's day Megan.

  5. Both rugs are awesome! There's a good one going around blogland from Urban Outfitters for under $70 that looks great too! I think I have rug fever! 🙂

  6. Love the new rugs. We have played musical furniture for a month now…things are slowly settling into place, but it was really fun moving things around!

  7. Awesome rugs! I need some in our house for sure. Where did you get your table? I have been looking for a rustic table and haven't really nailed down what I want yet!

  8. Love this! So jealous of the PB benches at your table; we're currently on the hunt for a dining bench…hoping we can snag a budget-friendly one at Urban Market!


  9. love the new rug! and the one in the entry looks great too! I too am guilty of moving stuff when I get bored or need a fresh new look. Its fun to "shop the house"

  10. Love the new rugs… and I also like your console table in the foyer. James is quite the messy eater. Have you tried ravioli yet? Be prepared! Aidan goes crazy with that stuff!! I hope you had a great Mother's Day! 🙂

  11. Ha Ha, my husband says the same thing to me. He knows when he leaves in the morning that there's a good chance the house will not look the same when he gets home.
    I love your new rugs! I am dreading that stage- when my babies start feeding themselves. I remember how messy it was with my first. I'm sure you have lots of spot cleaner on hand! 🙂

  12. Loving the new rug Megan! You were smart to go with an indoor/outdoor.
    I have a small one by my kitchen sink and it's the best, once and a while I take it outside and hose it down.

  13. Sounds like my hubby when he gets home. I will say, "Do you like it?" and I see the stress in his face as he quickly tries to find what I did. Poor guy. Love those rugs. I have never seen that entry shot before. So pretty. Did you move the chairs back out of the kitchen?

  14. I LOVE rearranging!!!! Your rugs look great. And now that James is bigger, check out the highchair at Ikea. It's small, very basic white and wipes down easily. Those giant highchairs take up half a room and store so many crumbs in the padding!

    ps — LOVE his 14 month post, he's the cutest. And great mother's day cards too ms craft!

  15. It looks awesome, Megan! I love the new rug and it's geometric pattern. I hope it's easier to clean! Hilarious picture of James (: My brother stuck his foot in his cake while my mom held him over the cake to blow out his candles on his 2nd birthday. So funny!

  16. First of all, love your blog! Second, your house is beautiful! I love the rugs, and well, all your furniture! My hubby and I have a thing for dark wood…where did you get it all? We need some more rugs desperately because our apartment is all (ugly) tile.
    Hope you have a great day!

  17. LOVE all your rugs and your post reminds me of EXACTLY what I just did. Last week I bought 2 indoor/outdoor rugs from Home Decorators so they could easily be cleaned from spills and muddy feet! One of them that I chose was also from the MS line…such chic rugs at a great $$.

    By the way, did you make or buy the window treatments in your dining room?? LOVE the pattern! Beauty!!

    I'm your newest follower <3

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  18. Great finds! Love all of those rugs. And I'm the same way…constantly moving things from one room to the next. It's a great way to redecorate without spending money!! 🙂

  19. Thanks for the rug suggestion. I just bought the same runner for my kitchen. Can't beat the price!!!!


  20. While searching for bamboo rugs and other bamboo products, it was enlightening to discover that it is a very eco-friendly product. While functioning as an inside or outside rug, they come in many different sizes: in dimensions of feet.

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