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I’m super excited about today’s post from one of my favorite blog authors, Courtney of A Thoughtful Place!  Courtney has a gorgeous eye for design as well as a knack for creating pretty and organized spaces in her own home.  I love her “Friday Eye Candy” posts because I know I’m certain to find a swoon-worthy space to admire every time.  Courtney also has two little ones a bit older than my guy, so I love all of her wonderful tips and ideas for kids too.  She creates the best simple party favors and easy DIY personalized gifts, which I have certainly bookmarked for future use!  image ********** It feels so comfy being here. I feel like this is my home away from home! Megan has become a dear friend and I am super excited to be hanging out at Honey We’re Home today. As you all know, Megan has a gorgeous home, is full of talent, and is as nice as can be. I am sharing a few of my favorite organizational tips with you. I am slightly OCD when it comes to organizing {or so my hubby thinks!}. Taking a few minutes to get something organized can make me whole week. So thank you for letting me share some results of my crazy obsession love for putting things in their place. And if you have children and are patient, there are a couple ideas for you at the end of the post! Banker’s Boxes:  I found these fantastic black and white banker’s boxes from Target. They were only two for $8.00. I love them because there are always  things that I just don’t need to see. I use them in our master closet for children’s activities {you know the stash of dollar section finds and extra coloring books that you always need when  you have toddlers}, winter gloves, users manuals, etc. They are labeled so I know exactly where to look if I need something. Great find and very inexpensive. IMG_7460 Clear Bins: Although I just talked about “hiding” stuff in my master closet, I am normally the biggest proponent for clear bins. If I can see in it, then I will actually use it. In this armoire, I used three clear bins and labeled them. I always sort my junk first, and then figure out what labels I need. I ended up with three piles of like things so they are labeled: photo albums, paperwork, and computer/cds. The major trick is to just TOSS IT ALL IN! It doesn’t need to be organized within each bin. As long as it has a home and it’s easy to get to we are happy campers! IMG_7386 IMG_7380 A Child’s Closet: If you have little ones, you know that their closets can be in a constant state of messiness! Here is how I organized my daughter’s closet.

  • I made sure she only has to open one door to get what she needs.
  • I used a hanging sweater bag for her folded pants, out of season swimsuits and pajamas, hats {she loves hats!}, and dress up clothes
  • I used a rolling plastic bin from Target to keep her shirts, skirts, and shorts. They are labeled and she can easily put everything where it needs to go.
  • A small plastic bin with three drawers for tights and such
  • A basket for her pull-ups {will we ever be done with these?????}

image IMG_9054 I love the sweater bag because she can stuff put all of her dress up clothes in and they are not strewn about the floor when she is done playing. They get jammed in there and that’s just fine with me! We aren’t looking for perfection. She is four! I just like that she has a place to put everything. IMG_9055 IMG_9056 IMG_9057 IMG_9058 Plastic Bags for Puzzles: If you have stuck around reading this post this long I am impressed! This is my last little bit of organizational advice. If you have children that love puzzles then you might be going crazy with the myriad of puzzle boxes and pieces!!! As soon as we buy one, I take it out of the box. I then cut out the photo of the puzzle and tap it to a bag. The box gets tossed and it is so much easier for my children to keep their puzzle pieces in the bags. They also don’t take up as much room. We throw all of them in a tote bag. Then when it’s puzzle time, we just grab the tote bag and get busy! IMG_9066 IMG_9067 IMG_9068 Thanks again for having me, Megan! Happy organizing everyone! I can’t wait to see more ideas from all of the talented bloggers out there. ********** I love how Courtney’s daughter’s clothes match her room! And you cannot beat the price of those banker’s boxes!  How is your organization coming peeps?  I received some new goodies for my office today from See Jane Work.  I spent way too long browsing their website the other day.  My husband didn’t understand why I didn’t just go to Staples for my office supplies?!  The pencils (that I haven’t even sharpened yet) and the cute little flags are from their website.  And yes, that’s a paperweight of my son’s face- I couldn’t resist! image I also got these “ocean” colored boxes and paper trays to organize my supplies!!  See Jane Work - small fabric tray 007 See Jane Work - small fabric tray 008 ********** image image Happy Organizing!

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Oh gosh I can't get over the paperweight!! But back to organizing, Courtney did a great job of organizing her spaces. I love boxes and bins too, they are the best. 🙂 Good job girl!

  2. The banker boxes are such a great idea. I have lots of things floating around in my closet that need a home!

    Your new office supplies are great. Love the calendar and the paperweight is precious. And do I spy the Container Store tray? I also like the black and white tray too!

  3. Thank you for organizing this series. I am working on organizing my entire home little by little and these posts are giving me some wonderful ideas.

  4. ooooh I love what what you bought. Going to have to check that site out. Love Courtney's idea on the puzzles too!!! That is perfect.

  5. I find so many great blogs through your blog! I really do not have enough time to read them all…but I still do!

  6. I'm a big fan of Courtney's and great minds must think alike as I've been doing the exact thing with my kids puzzles for a couple of years now. So funny! Great post! 🙂

  7. Great post Courtney! Some of my favorite things you've done. Your Master Closet inspired me to change mine!! And, as a former preschool teach, using the plastic bags for the puzzles is genious!!
    Megan, love your new office supplies and totally understand…I spend awhile the other day online just chosing my new notepads for the year! Did you get your boxes/trays from See Jane Work too? Love James' M

  8. I'm loving these organizing posts because I love organizing!! Her daughter's closet is great. The pink is so cute. I have lots of those banker's boxes, too. Great solutions for clutter to be gone!

  9. Courtney did a great job. 🙂 I LOVE the way she has her daughter's closet organized…that gives me bunches of ideas. I've been in limbo since we moved the girls into the same room.

    Your new paperweight is adorable…really neat boxes too. Love the color!!

    This is a fantastic series!

  10. I have to make a run to target now and search for some banker boxes. These are just what we need for our closets! 🙂

  11. This post is definitely giving me the organising bug – i need to sort out my wardrobe! Oh and your desk looks great- the pencils are such a nice colour!
    Rachie xo

  12. Ok I think I need a bambino. Ooohing and ahhing over that ADORABLE little pink closet!! Courtney, she is a lucky girl 🙂 And Megan… the paperweight- love it!! (Your desk is looking so pretty!)

  13. great tips – I do that with my puzzles also – it is great! I also love the idea of the hanging sweater bag thing for jeans – I might have to borrow that and yes I loved how her clothes matched her room – I completely noticed that – ha ha!
    I also LOVE Your new bins from see jane work!

  14. Can I get Courtney to come organize my garage?! The closets are just as beautiful as the rest of her spaces.

  15. Hey Megan! I wanted to let you know that I gave you some link love over at Crafts & Sutch today! Please stop by to take a peek and grab a Sutch an Inspiration button too. 🙂 Have a good day!


  16. I so love this series! I love the ideas that I'm getting. And your office is so cute! I love the pencils, and the colors of all the boxes!!!

  17. I'm such a sucker for office supplies and yours are so beautiful! The blue is a perfect shade! You inspired me with your Organization Series – thx a mill!

  18. i know the puzzle organizing is simple but i totally needed the idea. love those blue boxes.

  19. Very cool "banker's boxes"! I've actually never heard that term before…so thanks for the heads up! These would be awesome in my master closet. Thanks for the idea!

    Finding Fabulous

  20. This is a great series! I am a sucker for bins and boxes, anything to coral stuff together. We are moving next week, so I will have a lot of closets to organize.

    Super cute paper weight!

  21. Courtney provided some much needed inspiration! Geesh, we moved about 6 months ago and it takes for ever to get things organized. This has given me some motivation! Thanks : )


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    When I shop for gifts I traditionally look for unique on of a kind gifts and personalized gifts, as I've said many times before I think they make gift giving way more fun and personalized gifts.

  23. I think my husband and I fell in love partly over our shared obsession with storage bins. When we moved we bought giant storage bins to hold our smaller collections. Sad, but true!

    Thanks for all the new tips and tricks!

  24. I'm so thrilled to finally have a chance to read these!! Great tips Courtney, so inspiring. I think I need a trip to Target before the weekend.

    and LOL, but your daughter's bins are labeled because why….your 4-year-old can read?!?!? 🙂 Sloan will be 5 in march and she still sleeps in a frigging pullup. it's the last of her babyness though…so i'm not pushing it. Because unlike you, I'm not having any more kids. muahahahaha

    and super cute office supplies megan!!! now i'm distracted from blogs to go online shop!!!

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