New Shopping Territory {Cost Plus}

I was a little restless this weekend after being in the house for too long and had about an hour to kill, so I went for a quick shopping trip.  Usually, if I have only a short time to shop, I’ll head to the old standby, Target or Home Goods, but this time I was in the mood for something a little different.  Sometimes you just want to see something that you haven’t seen before.  Enter Cost Plus World Market.  Although the store is close to our house, I always forget about it!  It’s a cool retail store that sells home decor goods and furniture inspired from around the world, as well as a little grocery and wine.  In the past I’d say that Cost Plus isn’t my style, but I’m learning that my decor style is evolving and I really enjoyed just looking around and seeing what I was drawn to.  I restrained myself and just bought a baby book and a table runner that I’m using on my closet island.  Here are some other items that caught my eye.  All photos from Cost Plus. Antique Book Journals – $12.99.  I could look at pretty paper, journals, stationery and cards all day. image Suzani Table Runner – $24.99.  I never embraced the Suzani trend before, but suddenly, I really like it.  Table linens are an easy way to enjoy the look without making a big commitment.  image  Paisley Scented Candles –  $12.99.  I’m always drawn to candles in a pretty jar, but almost never “splurge” on them.  I’ve seen candles for as much as $50 before, so these prices are more doable for me.  image  Portugal Bar Soaps – $5.99.  The packaging is so cute.  I’d like to gather a bunch of these to display in the bathroom in one of my large decorative glass vases.  And again with the good price when I’ve seen much, much higher.  p.s. the soaps I sniffed, smelled good:) image Ikat Toss Pillow – $19.99.  The dark red and aqua in this pillow really appeal to me.  I guess I’m digging this color combo since I’m doing our guest room in orange, white and navy too.  image Floor Cushion – $39.99.  I’m starting to see these everywhere.  Do you like them?  I’m thinking one would be good for all the time I’m spending on the floor with James.  And it would give him something big and soft to climb on.  image Alpaca Wool Blanket – $112.  Looks like winter to me. image Striped Throws – $14.98.  Notice how you can buy the “cool” or “warm” color palette.  But at that price, I say buy both if you can’t decide!  image  Batik Paisley Voile Curtain – $19.99.                          Savannah Curtain – $29.99 image image Do you have a Cost Plus near you? Where do you go for a little shopping change of pace? 

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  1. Ok, I really like the Ikat pillow and curtains, too.

    We don't have a Cost Plus. When I have some time to kill I usually head to TJMaxx or Target

  2. Really loving the Ikat pillow and those curtains. I often get overwhelmed when I go to Cost Plus. Maybe I just need you to narrow it done for me:) I usually make the rounds at Target, Homegoods, Cost Plus, and Pier 1.

  3. We love World Market! We have several things in our home from there. You can always find interesting pieces there!

  4. Oh the places I go….among all my haunts for decor (Target, TJ Maxx) I sometimes find myself at Old Time Pottery. I find it is hit or miss there..same with Tuesday Morning. But lately…there is a Burlington Coat Factory that has some uber cute home goods.

    Kinda random…but a great deal is a great deal.


  5. Love the browse Cost Plus World Market. We have one right near hubby's office, so I pop in there then have lunch with him. Love TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and when I can get there (30 min. drive) our PB Outlet.

  6. For a change of pace I go to World Market too. We have one close to pur house but like you said, I always forget about it. Its on the way to my sons karate class so when I think about it, we will leave early and walk around for a bit. LOVE that place!

  7. great picks, Megan! I especially like the table runner, ikat pillow and antique books.

    I love cost plus, but mostly for hard to find italian goodies, kitchen basics and their selection of vino!

    Fun stuff to look through.

  8. I have not been to World Market in a little while, largely because we moved and aren't as close to one now. But I find my style does not often fit with all the ethnic goods there, however from what I am seeing a few of those pieces might look great in our home.

  9. I am glad we don't have a Cost Plus near us…dangerous!!! I do enough damage at the usual places, Target, Home Goods, Marshalls 🙂

    xo Jade

  10. World Market is one of those stores I've always wanted to visit but have never gone into … I might have to take a trip after looking at the items you've featured here!

  11. I L O V E World Market, it is my stand by, go to place when I need to get out of the house. I am so glad to know that I am not the only mom who does this 😉

  12. World Market has become one of my main resources for home. And if you join their free member program, you get loads of coupons and discounts! My fave WM purchase has been my banana bar chairs…add so much warmth and texture to my breakfast room.

    And of course you posted something on my list…I've been waiting for the suzani table runner to come in store! I'm using it in my orange/purple dining room!

    xo, cass

  13. We've got a World Market really close (along with Target and TJMax/Home Goods) and I love to go there. Have been drooling over their tables for awhile now… And I love the seasonal decorations they always carry. Their prices are great too.

  14. World Market does have cute stuff, I often find it's not really my typical style as well but have found great outdoor cushions & accessories. They also have great gift wrap and small items for gifts.

  15. Cassie- now I understand why the cashier asked me if I was a member. I love saving money.

    Also, I forgot to mention their adorable holiday decor. They had the cutest (gulp) Christmas ornaments! I really had to hold back.

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