Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chalkboard Menu

When I first created the chalk wall in our kitchen (at the end of August!), I envisioned writing out our weekly menu on it, but I admit, this week is the first week I've actually done that.  I got inspired by my gorgeous friend Carmel at Our Fifth House.  She's and her family have recently gone Paleo and she shared a delicious cauliflower hummus recipe on my health blog, Honey We're Healthy last week.

I definitely prefer to plan our meals for the week, but that doesn't always happen.  And recently, while I was doing the Live Fit 12-Week training program, I was eating the same thing over and over.  I still do that a lot (especially for lunches), but lately I've really been in the mood to cook.  

The chalkboard menu is a great visual reminder of what's up for dinner each night.  I used a chalk marker to write out our meals, and the pens do leave some residual ink behind.  I wipe my chalk wall clean with windex and paper towels.

OMG- the fajitas last night were so good!  I used this recipe to marinate the skirt steak overnight- highly recommended!  This salmon recipe was really good too.  Is Friday your "eat out/mama's not cooking" night too?? :) 

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  1. looks so cute! and I am going to try that faijta recipe, sounds great.

  2. so cute, I love that you still let the little one doodle away!

    Karen Kane Giveaway!

  3. Fun. I just finished up our chalkboard wall and plan to use it as our daily calendar/meal planner too. Wondered how the markers were working for you.

  4. So funny how good ideas just keep getting recycled - I actually started meal planning because of an article Courtney wrote for HoF over a year ago. It is such a life saver and I actually look forward to cooking now! That last picture needs to be framed - those sweet little tip toes!!

  5. I'm in love with that wall!
    Might have to try and figure out where *I* can put something like that.
    Would help with having to answer "Mom, what's for supper" 18 times every day, too! =)

  6. I love the chalkboard wall. I'm hoping to put one in our new house as well! It great for so many different uses!

  7. What time is dinner? Set a spot for me! And friday and cooking never mix. Neither do saturday and cooking. and usually, Monday and cooking don't either ;)

  8. This looks awesome! I try to keep a visual reminder of every meal in our house, because a lot of times we are coming and going, and I like to know what is for snacks. Otherwise we binge on Oreos. My non cooking day switches up from week to week. The cooking doesn't bother me it is the clean up. I don't think I should clean up ANY night... how could I manage that?

  9. Hahahah, Cassie! Yes. We do this too and it totally keeps me on track and the week seems easier. When I don't do it, it all seems to fall apart. Envious of your giant chalkboard. Wonder if I have a spot for that?

  10. I need to do this. It may save me some last minute grocery store runs. :)

  11. Love the look of it and your menu looks yummmmm-my!

  12. I was just changing out my chalk wall in my kitchen and wanted to share that you were the inspiration for me doing my chalk wall. Always wanted one but didn't have a great wall to do it on. I loved your idea of a small floor to ceiling wall in the kitchen, and so I did the same! Cheers!


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