September Loves GIVEAWAY

Hello friends!  I hope you enjoyed the long weekend!  Mine was really good, ending with a birthday celebration for my mom at my house.  It’s been too long since my family has been over and it was the BEST being with them, just hanging out.   The kids played, my little brothers grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and we drank mimosas!

Those simple, easy get togethers where everyone is relaxed and comfortable are my favorite. I’m really close with my brothers (I’m the oldest and they are 6 and 12 years younger than me!) It’s awesome to get all of our kids together –

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Amazon Fashion Faves & Labor Day Sales

Hi friends! Happy Friday!! This is our last weekend before school! I literally cannot believe it’s finally here. And now that it’s upon us, I’m ready and I think the kids are too.

We’ve been getting school supplies and uniforms ready and having Zoom calls with the teachers and reviewing all the materials for the new safety procedures. I know it’s going to be different, but I’m just so thankful and grateful for our teachers and all of the staff at the school who have worked so hard to make this school year happen.

Extra gift cards for everyone!!!

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Just (the BEST) Sales

Hi friends!  How did Day 1 of your fitness challenge go?  I did a really hard spin class and could barely finish it!  I guess I didn’t get enough fuel for the workout, which made it extra challenging.   If you are subscribed to my blog and having trouble accessing the free printables, there is a link in the last Weekend Newsletter.  Also, feel free to email me at

And we’re officially less than one week away from the kids starting school.  I can’t believe the time is finally here!

We’ve been doing Zoom calls with the teachers in preparation and getting all those last minute details finalized. 

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August Rewind, Top Sellers & Loves WINNER

Hi friends! Can you believe we’re in September finally?!?!  It felt like it would never get here, 2020 has been a million months long!  Since my kids will be going back to school this month, it really feels like the first fresh start I’ve had in awhile.  And I love a new beginning!

I’m so pumped to start our free 30-day fitness challenge today! I hope you are too!  I know it takes time to see results, but consistency is the key, and if you stick with it, you WILL see changes!  It typically takes me two weeks to start really feeling better and six weeks seems to be a sweet spot for starting to look really good!

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FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Hi friends! I’m sooo pumped for today!  I’ve been thinking about it ALL weekend and may have even jumped the gun by getting in two walks to the park and meal prepping meals for the week!

Today, it’s back by popular demand — our FREE 30-day fitness challenge!  I need it, you need it, and we all want to look and feel better!  Quarantine life has taken it’s toll on our mental and physical states – I’ve gained about 6 pounds and can barely button my jeans!

So let’s do this!

The challenge officially starts tomorrow,

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