Top Posts of 2019 | Fashion & Beauty

Hello friends and happy Friday! I swear I’m losing track of what day it is!  You too?  My kids go back to school on Tuesday, so we still have another four days of winter break.  Then, since our school closed a week early, we had to vote whether we wanted to add an extra 20 minutes everyday until the end of the year, or an additional three days at the end of the school year.  We voted three more days, so we’ll see!

This weekend I’m planning to get the pantry all finished to show you next week.  

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Top Posts of 2019 | Fitness, Travel & Decor

Hello friends!  Are you recovering from the new year’s festivities?! We now have all of our Christmas decor boxed up and put away and I can’t wait to show you how organized I got it this time!  I know I’m in a special category of people who absolutely delight in all things organizing!  I have a few more organization projects in progress too.

But today, it’s all about fitness, travel and decor!  I rounded up the top posts in each category and you can click the title to read each one.


One of my proudest accomplishments of 2019 was publishing a fitness e-book Get Fit Done Guide  with Cari Shoemate. 

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Top Posts of 2019 | Get Productive

Hello friends! Welcome to the start of a brand NEW YEAR!  Are we all loving it??  I know I am!

We celebrated the start of the new decade at Marianna’s home with her lovely family and several good friends, including Ali-Shaun and Stephanie.  Marianna is from Venezuela and definitely has a knack for entertaining, providing delicious, beautiful food, and is just an awesome person to be around.

We ate, drank, talked and laughed and even Jordan lasted until the NYC new year countdown!


Before we dive into today’s post,

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December Rewind

You guys! It’s 2020 tomorrow! Never in my life have I been so excited for the start of a new year!  How are you feeling about it?  Doesn’t it just feel extra special it being the start of a new decade?! I have a really good feeling about this year for all of us!

The kids and I are ringing in the new year with our friends and I’m making these mocktails for the kiddos.  I think they’ll get a kick out of them! They’re made with sparkling grape juice and gummy worms/bears. 

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My Smoothest Shave

Thank you to Billie for sponsoring today’s post.  

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Are you ready for the new year?!  Any fun plans for NYE?? We’ll be keeping it low key with a few friends, but I’m so excited for 2020!  I love the fresh start a new year brings, but something about it being 2020 makes it extra special. I’m ready to put 2019 in the books and welcome 2020! You too??

I hope in that last few years I’ve been able to spread my Grandma Nola’s Take Care of You message and that it’s had a positive impact on your life. 

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