How are we already at the end of August?!  Shannon and I were just talking yesterday and she remarked that once September hits, it always feels like Christmas is just around the corner.  September also is when I try to stop buying toys for my kids because we need to leave some things for Santa to bring!

But, before we dive into the August rewind, I wanted to send my sincere thank you for your kind comments on my lawyer story.  I had no idea y’all would be interested in it and that alone touched me deeply. 

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When Jordan started preschool this year and I shared how emotional it was for me, many of you sent me the sweetest messages saying you’ve been following me since I was pregnant with her and can’t believe how time has flown!  I’m with you- it goes so very fast!  But did you know that I’ve been blogging since my son James was just 4 months old?  He’s nine now!  My 10 year blogging anniversary was this summer!

So many of you have been with me (and James!) from the very beginning and I’m so very grateful for you! 

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Just (the best) Sales

Good morning friends!  I hope you’re having an awesome week!  It’s still a little bit bumpy getting Jordan used to preschool.  She cried when I dropped her off on Tuesday, so hopefully today is much better.  I appreciate so much the encouragement from all of you who’ve been sending sweet messages reassuring me that she will adjust in time and that we’re doing the best we can.  Parenting is such an emotional ride.  The highs are so good, but the lows are heartbreaking.

I’m already looking forward to the end of the week and the long weekend!  How about you??

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4 Ways to Style a White Tee

*Thank you to GAP and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post

Good morning, friends!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  I’m so glad you found yesterday’s post helpful! I strive to bring value to you through my posts, and I always appreciate chatting with you through the comments.

August and September signify back-to-school and Fall style.  In Houston, we struggle through these months because it’s still so hot here, but we’re ready for jeans and sweaters!  One place that really knows jeans and casual style is GAP.

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Amazon Fashion Faves

Hello friends!  Happy Monday and welcome to a fresh, new week!  I’m finally starting to feel like life is getting back to normal after getting the first two weeks of school under our belt.

I think Jordan is still getting into her groove- they have nap time for an hour and a half, but if she doesn’t sleep during that time, she’s so tired and grumpy at the end of the day.  I strive to get her in bed early, around 6:30 on those days!

She’s doing amazing at sleeping in her big girl bed.  I think it was a combination of : 1) me finally deciding it was time,

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