HWH Fitness Challenge

Hi, I’m Megan, a lawyer turned stay-at-home mom and lifestyle blogger.

For past last seven years, I have been sharing my passion for fashion & stylehome decororganization and fitness, with a good bit of family life and baby/toddler tips in there.  Last year, I had a deep desire to CREATE something of meaningful value and spread my positive message of Take Care of You further. I started with a series of fitness challenges which over a 1000 people joined! I heard you when you said you wanted a fitness program you could follow all year long, that would include at-home workouts and easy, healthy meal plans. So I partnered with personal trainer and fitness expert Cari Shoemate  to create this ebook – Get Fit Done.

It is an instant download as a PDF you can save to your phone’s Books or Kindle App.


Get Fit Done

What’s Inside

The Get Fit Done guide will help change your body and get you leaner and stronger, but we want you to get even more out of it.  That’s why, along with effective workout and meal plans, we’ve included worksheets and printables to help you Get Sh*t Done!  See what we did there?! 😉

Get Fit Done is 128 pages of health and fitness goodness!  As we started putting it together, it grew and grew because we wanted it to be completely comprehensive and valuable to you. 

Included in the GFD guide are:

  • 4 Weeks of Detailed Workouts
  • Bonus 7-Day Fitness Restart Program
  • Visual Exercise Library
  • Modifications for Different Fitness Levels
  • 4 Weekly Meal Plans
  • 4 Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Meal Prep Tips
  • Recipes with color photos
  • 6 Printables to help you plan your day and reach your goals 

Get Fit Done Printables
Healthy snacks for kids

I know one of the biggest challenges we face is, HOW DO WE MAKE TIME for ourselves when we have so many demands and such busy lives.  I’ll go step by step to show you where you can make time in your day for quick, effective workouts, and how to plan and prep healthy meals in advance, so you’re not spending hours in the kitchen each week.

Also Included

Free Printables

We also want to give you the tools to succeed and reach your fitness goals, so as a BONUS, we’ve included the following free printables and worksheets that you can customize to suit your life.

While Get Fit Done is primarily a fitness plan, we know that without a life plan, your fitness goals tend to fall by the wayside.  We hope our tips and printables help you get organized so you can GSD and GFD! 

  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Habit Tracker
  • GSD List
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Progress Tracker

Our goal for you

What kind of life do you want to live?  How do you want to feel?  What do you want to radiate to others? How do you want your day to go? When I dig deep and reflect on these things, I envision a vibrant life where I feel alive, healthy and happy.  Positivity and joy radiate from within me.  I’m strong, confident and kind. I look and feel great in my skin.

If you’re reading this, I bet you want to feel this way too. If you follow GFD cover to cover and work the program, you WILL see and feel results! You are taking control of your life right now by investing in yourself!