What’s In My (Minimalist) Bag

Today, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what’s in my bag. As you may know, I’m trying to simplify my life. I’ve been sharing my decluttering journey and some of the more minimal spaces in my home.

I also switched out my everyday bag and only have in it the essentials. I really like having my bag like this – everything is easy to access, nothing gets lost in the sea of abyss, and it’s also cute!

What’s in My Bag

I really like my Rebecca Minkoff bag and that’s what I carried most of the Fall and Winter after purchasing it at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year. I would probably still be carrying it now if it weren’t black, but I wanted something lighter for this time of year.

I’ve had this quilted crossbody bag from Amazon for several years now. I have it in both black and tan, and the lighter tan goes with everything for the warmer months. It’s under $20, but well made and really cute with quilting and ruched detail.


I really like it because it has two top zipper compartments, which acts as a built-in organizer.

Quilted Crossbody

Quilted Crossbody

Quilted Crossbody

Key Fob

On the outside zipper compartment, I have my gym fob and car key. Easy access.

Phone Case

I use the front outer pocket for my phone.

Similar Wallet

I’ve ben carrying this trifold wallet for several years now. It’s gorgeous and perfectly functional for my needs. I regularly remove any receipts so it stays thin.

There are 8 card slots a money pocket and zipper coin spot. Mine is several years old, so no longer available, but here is a newer version.

I like how the second portion also has a side zip pocket to keep things organized.

contents of purse

PenLens WipesEye GlassesSimilar Sephora Lipstick (color Atomic Boost) • Charlotte Tilbury LipstickTarte Juicy LipEmery BoardAir Pods

Here are the rest of my essentials: a pen because sometimes you need to write something down – even though I don’t have a notepad;)

My eyeglasses – I need these when I’m wearing contacts to see up close. These are from Walgreens. And lens wipes to keep them crystal clear.

Two lipsticks – by Sephora (a pretty pink) and my go-to Charlotte Tilbury “Liv It Up” also, a Tarte Juicy Lip – hibiscus is one of my favorite colors.

I’m growing my nails naturally and often need to file them.

And, I don’t always have my air pods with me, but I did on this day.

I keep my sunglasses and hand lotion in the car.

And that’s it! This minimal carry is easy and simple and everything I need. If I’m heading to a coffee shop to work, I’ll bring a backpack or work tote so I can add my laptop, notepad, calendar, etc.

I’m really loving the simplicity of this though!

Summer Bags

If you’re looking to refresh your bag for Summer, here are some super cute ones!

Summer Bags


What do you carry in your bag? Are you more like me or my mom? She has everything but the kitchen sink in hers! 🙂 I will admit, it comes in handy sometimes when you need a scissor or some random tool or bandaid and she pulls one out of her purse.

I do have a first aid kit and kleenex in my car though!

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. I’m your mum for sure. My sister hardly has anything in her bag and then if we are out together and she needs something she’ll say I didn’t bring it because I knew you would have it. I’m a walking chemist, allergy tablets, Epi Pens, migraine tablets, band aids and on and on it goes.

  2. Hi Meghan
    Can you double-check the link for the bag, please? It’s now taking me to a different bag.
    Unfortunately, I am more like your mum but my right shoulder is starting to suffer so I’m looking to pare down :).

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