Gifts for Grads

Hi friend! Thank you so much for the love on my pool, patio and garden post. It was a lovely weekend and as I type this, it’s dark and gloomy and pouring outside! But, I know my plants, trees and grass love it! It always makes me feel old to say that! Ha!

Kids Are Growing Up

Graduation time is upon us and I have an 8th grader graduating and heading to high school next year. He’s been at the SAME SCHOOL since Pre-K3, along with 5 of this friends! Isn’t that amazing!

To celebrate that friendship and honor the commitment to one school, the families of those boys are getting them a half page ad in the yearbook. We submitted photos of them as wee little lads, all the way to this year.

It’s quite special and very emotional to see your kids growing up, getting to the next stage in life. The teenage years have been a struggle for me as my son has become more independent and way less talkative with me.

I listened to a teenage expert on a podcast and one of the first things she said was “don’t take it personal”. It must have struck a nerve because I started bawling. That podcast really helped me. You can listen/watch it here. And here is a link to her books. I just realized that she had so many, I’d like to read and am putting on my reading list.

Gifts for Grads

Since my son was born (well both kids actually), I’ve saved things in a memory bin. It’s got things like photos, artwork, report cards, notes, certificates, etc.

I decided to put them into a scrapbook for my son – just the PK3-8th grade things. It took me 5 HOURS to go through my phone and choose pictures. It ended up being around 250 photos! I ordered the prints from Mpix since their quality is so good.

When they send the pics back, it took me another two hours to sort the photos into chronological order!

Finally, the photos and all the memorabilia made it into two scrapbooks! Now, I’m just waiting for the cover photos to arrive!

Gah! All those precious memories in one place! I hope my son enjoys this special gift!

And, since we’re traveling to San Diego for our Mother/Son trip in a couple of weeks, he’s also getting this 3-piece luggage set.

I saw it on Walmart for a steal ($60 for the hard case carry-on suitcase with spinner wheels, duffle bag, and toiletry bag). And I got him the black with brown trim so it would be ‘manly.’

He’s actually currently on a trip with his 8th grade class and didn’t have good luggage to travel with, and he didn’t want my feminine looking stuff, so I’m excited to gift him this.

If you have a loved one graduating, I’ve curated a gift list of things they might enjoy to celebrate their achievement. Things are are hopefully, practical too!

Gifts for Grads


Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. I love Lisa Damour and her podcast has helped me so much! I’ve recommended her to many of my friends.

  2. I love the scrapbook idea! I’m so behind on creating scrapbooks for my family. Sometimes I think about doing what you did – printing out the actual photos and using old school photo books. You’ve inspired me!

  3. What a great gift you are giving James re the scrapbook. Would be emotional for you looking back on all the photos. They grow so quickly. Enjoy the time with him.

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