Backyard Tour | Patio, Pool, & Garden

Hi friend! Welcome to a fresh, new week! I’m so excited to welcome you into our backyard now that it’s complete with the patio, pool, and garden!

Backyard Tour

Let’s recap first! We moved into this home just over two years ago, in March 2022. In October 2023, we started the process of putting in a pool. The pool was finished in January 2024.

It was a big decision, but I’m so happy we decided to go for it. We spend time in the backyard everyday now and enjoy it so much! Our summers in Houston are brutally hot and humid, so I think this was such a good idea.

Pool Tour

It’s taken a long time and much research, but we finally have in-pool lounge chairs, patio lounge chairs and punchy black and white striped umbrellas!

pool lounge chairs, umbrella

Pool Lounger Umbrella

I’m really happy with the two pool lounge chairs I bought. I searched and searched for those and found them for a really good deal. Those chairs can be very expensive, but the ones I found were among the least expensive, and I’m so happy with the quality.

We can easily move the chairs in and out of the pool if we want to and also tilt the umbrella.

pool lounge chairs, umbrella

We’ve hosted several get togethers since the pool was done and it’s the best to see everyone get to enjoy it.

The kids’ friends love to hang out here and we love having them!

The kids (and adults) have a lot of fun with the basketball hoop. I found one with an acrylic backboard so it wouldn’t obstruct the view too much. My teenager assembled it in about an hour, so it mustn’t have been that difficult.

pool basketball goal

Basketball Hoop

The cousins were trying to see how many pool toys they could fit in the hoop.

We store all the towels, toys, goggles, sunscreen and more in this sturdy storage box. It holds a ton and I like how it stays open when you put the lid up. You can also lock it if you want and it’s easy to move around.

lounge chairs

Lounge Chairs

To provide more lounging areas outside of the pool, I got these two teak lounge chairs. I like the warmth the wood adds and they are quite comfy. These are currently on sale $400 for two. I just saw similar at Serena & Lily for $1200 for just one! A difference is mine are acacia and the S&L are teak.

lounge chairs

Elliott, his daughter and sweet Maggie here chillin. 🙂

We celebrated her 17th birthday with a pool party and look how much Maggie loves the water!

Patio Tour

Part of the design plan for the pool included extending the patio so that we’d have more functional space for hosting and entertaining. I’m so glad we made this decision because it really opens up the backyard for room to eat, lounge, play and relax.

You have to see the before to really appreciate it!

Red henley tank, Denim Shorts, Sandals


I got two striped umbrellas and we move them around as needed. The pool and patio both have two in-ground pole supports.

Outdoor Table and Chairs


We’ve had the small round dining table and chairs for a long time. They fit the space well and are perfect for eating outside.


Moving into the main seating area, I love the furniture we chose! It’s great quality, sturdy and so comfortable!

Because furniture can be such a big investment, it took me a long time to decide on the pieces. I was fine with being patient, doing my research, and waiting until I found the perfect thing.

You can read more about the factors I considered when purchasing patio furniture here.

I actually found this pillow at Big Lots, but it’s available online at several retailers. It’s exactly what I was looking for to coordinate with the striped umbrellas.

I enjoy lots of reading, writing and just sitting outside time, but I especially love it when the kids come outside to read with me.

And hosting family here is such a treat. One thing I’d still like to have is a coffee table out here. I’m planning to move my round living room coffee table out here and ordered a new wooden coffee table for inside.

Even the teenagers! 😉

Outdoor Rug


The rug was the first item I bought for the patio and it’s doing great!

Side Table, Outdoor patio, rug, chair

Side TableRugChairVase

The side tables do double duty as coolers so we can add drinks and keep them cold when we have parties.

This fan has already been cooling us off and in the hot summer we’ll be able to use the mist feature. It has a remote and also converts to a table top fan.

Striped Tank, Hat, Jeans,

Side TableRugChairVaseTankSandalsHatEarringsBracelets

Large PlanterFluted Planter

Our olive tree and aloe plants are thriving here.

Garden Tour

Y’all know I’m soooo happy with my little garden! You can read all about getting started with raised bed gardening here.

Anthropologie Top, Jeans, Sandals, Hat

Raised Garden BedTopJeansShoesHat

I come out here every day to check on my little garden and see how things are progressing. I put one garden bed here (which I can see from my dining room) and the other garden bed out in the turf. Both spots get lots of sunlight.

Raised Garden Bed

I ordered these ceramic garden markers on Etsy and love how they turned out, right down to the type font.

The bell peppers are just starting to sprout. Is that even the right word? I’m such a novice.

Look at how big and bountiful our jalapeño harvest is! I was able to make my first (small) batch of homemade pico with jalapeño, tomato, and cilantro from my garden!! You have no idea how happy that made me!

Glass Mixing Bowl Set

I’m so very thankful for this space and also how much Elliott helps with the pool. Every weekend he cleans and helps maintain everything. I love how invested he is. Makes me feel like another layer to our great partnership.

I tried to round up all the links for you in one handy place. If you have any questions about anything, let me know in the comments. I read and appreciate every one!

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Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. Beautiful memories you are all making in your garden. Has me longing for summer as we are heading into winter.

  2. We love our fresh from the garden veggies, nothing compares to nurturing and harvesting the fruit of your labor. The planting/growing season is just starting here in Northern Minnesota. We typically hold off on planting until Mother’s Day or just after to avoid any frost.

    1. Oh yeah, it’s chilly there. My son and I had a great trip to Minnesota two years ago. We stayed by the stadium and went to two ball games. I’m hoping when it heats up here that my tomatoes start producing.

  3. What a beautiful space you have created for your family! Any time spent together outdoors and off screens is well worth the investment, right? Love the garden as well!

  4. The area looks wonderful. You’re so smart to keep the large pieces neutral. The side table/cooler is clever with the swivel top, much handier than taking a lid on and off. Have you considered adding a retractable sunscreen or rattan shade by the grill area for privacy?

    1. You know, Elliott mentioned adding something like that or at least some type of light drape because the sun is really bright when the sun rises over there. Also, good for more privacy. We’ll see . . .

  5. Megan, can you tell me what kind of trees are planted along your fence? I’d love to plant a few long our fence. Your backyard looks incredible! I have no doubt that many happy memories will be made there!

    1. Hi Rose, sure! Those are holly trees. They give such great privacy and obscure the view of the above ground power lines, but I’ve had to deal with berries falling onto the tile – I had to wash them away quickly or they stain! Then, the bees dominated when the flowers started blooming – that lasted a few weeks and was a total infestation! Then, the flowers started dropping so all that went into the pool. Our pool is so close to the trees that it’s high maintenance. I’m going to have my landscaper trim them back a bit. I can’t complain!

  6. Your outdoor patio and pool area looks wonderful! I really like all the pieces you chose for seating and hosting. I’m sure you and your family will enjoy this outdoor space for many years!

    1. That’s the plan. I can’t believe it’s finally done. And Elliott helped me move the coffee table outside yesterday. After that was in place, it really felt complete!

  7. WoW, I’m totally in lolvewith your patio, great space to spendquality time alone and with family/friends!!!

  8. Your garden containers are so pretty, it makes me want to garden! I’m so jealous of your sun, it’s still chilly and overcast here in San Diego. Your yard came out beautifully, what a wonderful place to make memories!

    1. Well, you know I’ll be there soon- definitely packing jeans and a sweatshirt! And, it just started pouring here. Houston weather is so weird, but the summers are usually very hot and humid. That we can count on!

      1. Maybe you can bring some of your sunshine with you 🙂 And oddly, the ballpark is often sunny but I’m about 45 minutes north and we have the marine layer. Either way, I hope you’ll love San Diego!

  9. Great tip about built in pole holes! I never thought of that but it’s such a great idea. Glad to see your garden is doing so well! How exciting to make the pico with your own veggies! All I’ve ever “grown” is figs but since the tree was here before I moved in, it feels more like a freebie than something I did. I’m planning to do some propagating from it when I trim it this fall. Can’t wait to watch the little baby trees grow! (Assuming I have any success!) Might have to try my hand at a few garden plants in the meantime. Did you start from seed or baby plants from the nursery?

    1. I have to credit Elliott for that idea! He’s so smart. I’d love to hear how your growing comes along. It teaches us so much and figs are awesome!

  10. you’ve basically doubled your first floor living space by making that outdoor room (inc pool) – love it! the design choices that mimic the rest of your home are gorgeous, and look to be well-uses: the sign of perfection!

  11. Megan, can you tell me what kind of trees are planted along your fence? I’d love to plant a few long our fence. Your backyard looks incredible! I have no doubt that many happy memories will be made there!

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