Our Favorite Things Party 2022

Hi friend! I’m so excited to invite you in to our 2022 Favorite Things Party!  The party was absolutely fantastic and a highlight of the year for me.

Honestly, I didn’t want the night to end.  It was so wonderful to get all my girlfriends together under one roof and just relax and have fun together.



If you aren’t familiar with a favorite things party, it’s a girls only soiree where everyone brings (3) favorite things for a gift exchange.  Here’s how our gift exchange works:

Upon arrival, each guest dropped off their wrapped bag and then wrote their name on 3 slips of paper and dropped them in a bowl.

When it was time to exchange gifts, we all drew numbers. These numbers determine the order we present our gifts.

Once we all have a number, Person Number 1 goes up and explains her gift, where she got it and WHY it’s her favorite thing.

She then picks THREE names out of the bowl. Those three people get Person Number 1’s gift. If you draw your own name or if you draw the same person twice – you put that name back and draw again.

So, everyone comes with 3 gifts and leaves with 3 gifts.

For extra fun, we also did a few door prizes and drew names for additional gifts.

 Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party


It’s always fun to see what everyone brought and why they love it.  So many good finds!  Some of our gals went over the $30 price limit, but some of us were also able to find things over $30 that were on sale, so we stayed on budget.

Favorite Things Party


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Favorite Things

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Shop Favorite Things

If you are reading via email, click here for shoppable images

Ali-Shaun  | Hermes Dupe Scarf

This scarf is a dupe for the original Hermes, but you really wouldn’t know it. It’s super soft to the touch and the colors are so vivid. The perfect item to keep in your bag when traveling in case you get cold or at a restaurant. Ali-Shaun has a knack for finding a great gift. This one is a great price point too!

Hermes Dupe Scarf

Tiffani | Protein Shake Maker & Eye Mask

I got this gift!  The drink shaker comes with its own built in agitator/infuser to make mixing your protein shake or adding flavor to your water so easy. It’s a great size and has a handle for easy transport. Comes in several colors also.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tiffani added an eye mask. The reusable eye mask comes with one side covered in a terry cloth material for true comfort around your eyes, while the other offers a cooling gel.  It’s great for relieving headaches or just for relaxing.

Melissa | TX Hat & Similar HOU hat

These hats were almost fought over at the party! We Texas girls love a good shout out to our state and these hats deliver. Great colors and pretty fonts. You can’t go wrong with these.

Megan | Hard as Hoof & Oribe

If you have been following me long you know how much I love both of these products. They are both so great. I use the nail strengthener every day to keep my nail strong. I use this when I am giving my nails a break from shellac so that they can get stronger and longer quickly.

The Oribe texturizing spray the one thing I can’t live without for styling my hair.  It adds that piecey texture and volume.

Leah | Wixology Candle

How clever are these candles that are scented like cocktails?! They would be a great hostess gift or perfect for pairing next to your bar area. What’s your favorite cocktail?

Tisha | Laniege Lip, Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Brush

The Laniege lip is a tried and true favorite of mine as well. I use it daily to keep my lips soft and hydrated.

Tisha swears by this affordable cleansing balm that also erases makeup and the cleansing brush she added has tons of great reviews.

Andrea | La La  Line Design Earrings

Andrea brought the prettiest pairs of earrings from her niece’s own jewelry line. These one of a kind earrings are pure perfection!  Several styles and price points to choose from.

Rhonda | Birdie

Rhonda is on the college tour train with her daughter heading to college next year, so safety is on her brain. She came across these Birdie safety devices and was immediately sold. When you pull the pin, it makes a loud chirping sound and flashes a light. The idea behind the device is to bring attention to you when you are in danger so the perpetrator runs away. You can choose the color and it has a ring to attach to a purse or backpack.

Martha | Twisted Arrow Head Bracelet & Her & Reese Earrings

These VegTan leather bracelets are handmade here in Houston. The designer will customize the bracelets for you by stamping your name or anything you want onto the leather strap.

The earrings are also locally made in Houston.  We love supporting our local businesses!

Traci | Air Tags

Use these AirTags to keep track of things you just cannot lose. I have heard of people placing them in luggage so they know where they are if they ever get lost. Brilliant! I am thinking of putting mine on Kitty & Luke. 😉

Air Tag

Liz | Chick Fil A Clutch, Elastic Hair Bands

You can always count on Liz to find something unique. The Chick Fil A clutch was it this year. ha!  It’s actually insulated and she said she has used it for food!

The elastic bands were also part of the gift and they are great for keeping your hair up without damage and not creasing your hair.

KC | Electric Hand Warmer

This electric hand warmer is perfect for the Mom always at the ball fields, especially during the cold months. Keep it in your pocket so your hands never freeze! Lasts 13-18 hours long! Great stocking stuffer!

Melissa | Revlon Hairdryer Brush, Colleen Rothschild Eye Make Up Kit, Hydro Flask

Melissa brought three separate favorites this year. The ever popular Revlon Hairdryer Brush, but this is the upgraded version with several heat settings so you can control how hot it gets.

Colleen Rothschild’s Eye Makeup Kit comes with a mascara, two eyeliners (a smudge pencil and liquid liner), plus a micellar cleansing water and makeup bag.

The Hydro flask is a great water bottle option. Rhonda’s kids use these and they are so great for students. They are able to decorate the outside with stickers to really make them their own.

Ashley | Similar Bath Wrap, Matte Black Capri Candle

The bath wrap robe is such a great piece to wear when you are just out of the shower and still getting ready in the morning. I have one too and wear it while I’m cooling off and not yet ready to put on clothes, while I do my hair and makeup.

I LOVED this candle! The matte black finish is so chic, unique, and goes well with all my decor. And you can’t go wrong with that signature Capri scent!

Erin | Keyper Clear Wristlet

One of the best gifts of the night was this Keyper clutch.  It’s the perfect bag to use for concerts or sporting events where you need a clear bag at the venue. The wristlet detail makes it so easy to wear too.

Tara Underwood | Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner

Tried and true, this shampoo and conditioner never fails and actually strengthens your hair from the inside out.

Kelly | Similar Christmas Pillows

Kelly is so stylish and we are always checking out her outfits each day (she works at our school), so drop off is particularly fun!  She brought the prettiest embroidered pillows from a local store, Kuhl-Linscomb. I couldn’t find the exact link, but found some similar at World Market.

Jenni | Corkcicle Mug & Catalina Coffee

This mug is insulated and perfect for your coffee. It will keep your drink warm for hours  so you can enjoy every last drop.  Jenni also included a local favorite coffee, Catalina coffee. If you are local to Houston you must swing by their shop- it’s on Washington as you approach downtown. If not, you can order online!

Jamie | Alpaca Throw

How dreamy is this throw? It’s so soft in person and the colors are perfect!

Bridget | Primally Pure Lip Balm  & Bottle Dryer

Bridget prides herself on finding the best products that are pure and not full chemicals. She loves this lip balm and also gifted the handiest drying rack for water bottles or really any bottle or cup. Such a simple design and it folds up nicely for storage.

Angela | Houston Hat

Another great hat option for those Texas gals!

Stephanie | Revlon Hair Brush

Great minds think alike!  Same gift that Melissa brought!  I told you it was good!

Tarah V. | Similar Headbands

Headbands are all the rage right now and Tarah found some cute Gucci dupes!


I have no idea why we have these looks on our faces, but this was taken when we drew winners for our door prizes!

Stacey at GloGirl Spray Tan gifted $50 off a spray tan along with a tanning lotion extender and spf lip balm.

Erin is our favorite injector and The Institute of Anti Aging and brought skin care products and eye masks!

I added my Sephora goodies to the mix and it was really fun to give those out!


One of the ways this party is so easy to host is because it’s potluck.  Everyone brings a dish (appetizer, main or dessert) and a drink (usually wine or champaign).

This means that no one person is left with all the heavy lifting when it comes too food and drinks.

Another thing is EVERYONE USES UBER!  Safety first and foremost!

I make my easy lasagna that’s always a hit and a new dessert I’ve never made before, but it turned out great – Tiramisu.

Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party

Of course, Rhonda made her famous chocolate chip cookies!

We all had such a blast and the selfie ring light is always a fun way to capture memories!

Favorite Things Party

Ali-Shaun Bridgett and Leah

Favorite Things Party

Jenni and Jamie

Favorite Things Party

 Ashley and Martha

Favorite Things Party

Erin Kelly Me and Melissa T.

Favorite Things Party

Ali-Shaun Rhonda Me (only had to use my vacuum twice) ha! and Tarah

Luke also had the time of his life and was loving all the attention.  Kitty also joined in towards the end of night.  She’s so funny how she just casually mingled around.

Luke, Plaid Bowtie

Jamie and Luke


Luke the Puppy

Tarah Jamie and Tara

Elizabeth and Luke

St. Elizabeth of Gibson Street

Favorite Things Party   Favorite Things Party

Favorite Things Party

Melissa H Rhonda (pajamas) and Me (pajamas)

Favorite Things Party

Luke and Erin

Favorite Things Party


If the night didn’t warm my heart out of pure love for all these wonderful women in my life, we also donated toys to Texas Children’s Hospital.  Our own Ceci (age 12 and James’ good friend) was a patient their herself for two months when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

She is currently doing well, back at school and being monitored, but the experience prompted her to start her own foundation, Ceci Cares.

Each year, they collect and deliver thousands of toys to kids at Christmas.

Favorite Things Party

These sweet kiddos and more will be helping this Sunday to box of toys to deliver to Texas Children’s Hospital this year.  That’s our Ceci in the back! You might not recognize James – he cut his hair! 🙂

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Love the favorite things!! I just ordered the hand warmer for my daughter-in-law for Christmas.
    BTW….Bridgett’s curls are to die for!! As a curly girl myself her curls are what I aspire to!!

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