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Hi friends!  I blinked and we’re almost at the end of the week!  With Spring Break, this whole week has felt like the weekend, and coming home yesterday on a Wednesday threw me off track!  We ate the best Mexican food in San Antonio, and had double scoops of ice cream (Bluebell coffee and salted caramel in a waffle cone for me!)  Sooo good!

And, to get back on track, I ordered groceries right before we left and already have my fridge stocked with healthy groceries again! That feels like a great start?? to the week!

Today, I’m sharing a couple skincare faves – the ones that are perfect for getting your skin super clean and glowy, PLUS a BOGO 50% off sale at Colleen Rothschild.

Since I use her products so often, I always stock up during a sale.

For this sale, use code LUCKY50 and when you buy one product at regular price, you’ll get a second half off!


A couple of things that go so well together, and I personally use are the :

  1. Radiant Cleansing Balm + Vitamin C Treatment Complex.  I use these religiously every morning.
  2. Extreme Recovery Cream + 2 pumps of Face Oil No. 9 – my 2-ingredient cocktail for dry winter skin
  3. Age Renewal Super Serum + Retinol Supreme Night Oil – the serum fights the six signs of aging: texture, dehydration, elasticity, fine lines, radiance, and tone & the Retinol Night Oil contains Vitamin C and plant oils to moisturize, improve texture and fight age spots and dullness.


Glycolic Acid Peel Pads with Blue AgaveTeeCardiganJoggers

One product that has really helped my skin is the Glycolic Acid Peel Pads.  They remind me of those Stridex pads I used as a teen to fight acne.  I had terrible breakouts especially at my cheeks, and then I would pile on the makeup to try to cover it, and that only made it worse!  I had no idea what I was doing and remember being really self conscious about my skin.

The Glycolic Acid Peel Pads with Blue Agave are really large and a great exfoliator for your skin, especially good for the neck and chest area – not just the face.

The tub comes with 60 pads and are formulated with:

Glycolic & Lactic Acid  –  Clarifies pores and exfoliates dead skin
Blue Agave   –   Helps calm and reduce irritation
Hyaluronic Acid   –   Hydrates while locking in moisture
Pulp Extracts    Antioxidant-rich to brighten and exfoliate

It also doesn’t have any of the icky stuff like parabens and sulfates.

After cleansing, you gently wipe the pad over your face, including your neck and chest- but avoid the eye and lip areas as they tend to be more sensitive.

I like to use these pads about 2 times a week.  When I do my spin class on Tuesday and Thursday, I get so super sweaty and even my hair is drenched afterwards!

I always feel like I need a good deep cleanse afterwards, so when I come home and shower, I wash my face with the Radiant Cleansing Balm, and then use the Glycolic Acid Peel Pads.

I start with my cheeks, wiping in circular motions, then do my nose and chin, and finish with my forehead.

My skin is sensitive and I notice that after I’m done wiping the pad over my face, it feels tingly and gets pink for a few minutes.  The first time I used them, I was like “whoa, those are potent!” and they are!   But, that’s what I like about them!  They are effective and a true exfoliant for your skin.

It’s grossly satisfying to see all that dirt and debris wipe off your skin onto the pads!  Look at that!  And then your skin feels so fresh and vibrant and alive – like baby skin!

PS- I just got my hair highlighted and I feel like it’s too light!  I can’t believe I’m saying that because I used to always love being so blonde.  But now, I feel like the darker tones blended in are more flattering on me.

I know it will grow out lovely because my stylist colors it so that it grows out in a natural looking way with a darker root, but I’m ready for it to grow!


Matcha Tea Treatment Toner

Back to skincare! For something that you can use morning and night, try the Matcha Tea Toner.  It’s soothing to your skin, but still absorbs excess oil and minimizes the look of pores.

The Matcha Tea Toner is gentle and formulated with :

Matcha Tea   –   protects against free-radical damage
French Algae   –   absorbs excess oil
Prebiotic   –   helps balance microflora
Fermented Plankton   –   delivers essential hydration

After cleansing, pour the toner onto a cotton pad (you get a package of soft square cotton pads with the toner) and sweep the pad over your face and neck, again avoiding the eye area.  

The toner has antiseptic power that helps fight bacteria to defend against future breakouts and minimize the appearance of redness.  It has a light, green tea scent and feels very refreshing on your skin.  It makes your skin feel clean, but without any tightness or redness.


Body Butters

Body Butter Trio

Let’s switch gears and talk moisturizers!  Last year, I fell in love with the Tahitian Monoi Body Butter because the tropical scent reminded me of the two summers I spent in Hawaii with my Grandma Nola.

When she was in her 60s, she was in a bad car accident with an 18-wheeler and broke her neck.  She was lucky to be alive, but after the accident, she couldn’t turn her neck- she had to turn her whole body to look in that direction.  She also suffered with pain.

She was living in Washington DC at the time and her doctors said that a warm climate would help alleviate some of her pain, so what did she do?  Moved to Hawaii!

She was a navy widow and Hawaii has a big veterans community and military base, so it made sense to her, plus she was always one for a good adventure.

When I was 8 and 9, I got to travel to Hawaii with my cousin to visit for a couple weeks.  Even though I was young, I remember it vividly!  And the Tahitian Monoi Body Butter reminds me of the island and the wonderful memories we had there.

There are other delicious scents as well- the Honey Vanilla Body Butter and a new! Warm Amber Body Butter.

All of them smell divine and they feel so luxurious on your skin.

They’re whipped body butters with a perfect consistency that contain five nutrient-dense exotic oils and conditioning benefits of pink algae.

Body Butter Trio

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They come in a set of three and even the boxed packaging is so cute that I didn’t want to throw it away!  It looks so cute sitting on your vanity, which made me think this trio would be a thoughtful gift.


Quench & Shine Trial & Travel Kit

Moving onto hair! When I packed for San Antonio, I almost forgot to bring my hair care travel kit with me.  I’m so glad I didn’t leave it behind because the shower and hair washing after a long day at the pool always feels so good!

And, since I just had my hair colored, I didn’t want to use the hotel shampoo.  I’d rather take good care of my hair with products I know and trust!

This 5-piece hair care set comes with :

The travel set is the perfect way to sample these best selling hair products before purchasing the large ones.  Although, I have already gone through a full-sized tub of the Quench & Shine Restorative Mask!

The Quench & Shine Restorative Shampoo is ultra hydrating and color safe, infused with Moringa Oil and Shea Butter to lock in moisture and add lustrous shine without weighing hair down. It also has Biotin and Niacinamide for nourishment, leaving your hair feeling restored, healthy and strong.

You can use it daily, but I usually go 3-4 days between washing. 😉

You might have seen me talking about the Smooth & Shine Hair Serum on a recent Tuesday Goodies, along with the microfiber hair towel that is super absorbant.

The Smooth & Shine Hair Serum is lightweight hair oil that helps banish frizz, tame flyaways, and quenches dry ends.

I love it because on Day 2, 3, or 4 hair, my roots get oily and need dry shampoo, while the ends of my hair look and feel dry.  I apply just a drop or two into my hands, rub them together, and then slip them through the ends of my hair.

Instead of making my hair look oily, it looks healthy and shiny!

I also use a teeny bit on my bangs to smooth any stray flyaway hairs.

I know most people (including me) usually think of Colleen Rothschild as a skincare brand- and it is! but the haircare and body butters are so good too!  Have you tried them?

Don’t forget to take advantage of the BOGO 50% off sale at Colleen Rothschild.  Just use code LUCKY50 when you checkout!

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Have a great day friends!


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  1. amy
    March 18, 2021 / 8:26 am

    Love your nails. What color are you wearing?

  2. Jodi
    March 18, 2021 / 10:06 am

    Your skin and hair look great! I’ve been told a toner is important to balance the skin’s PH, so I might have to try that green tea one. Also, I’m in the same boat of wanting to tone down the blonde, but it hides the grays better so I’m torn haha!

    • Megan
      March 18, 2021 / 3:03 pm

      I’ve only washed my hair twice since I got it colored, but I know it will tone down with more washes and once it grows out a little. I love how calming that toner is on my skin!

  3. Anna
    March 10, 2022 / 8:09 am

    What made you switch from Elemis to Colleen? Your skin is so bright, clear and smooth.

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