Our Favorite Things Party 2020

One of the highlights of my year is our annual Favorite Things partyAli-Shaun and I started hosting it a few years ago and it’s grown into an annual tradition that all of us look forward to every year.  And we talk about it ’til the next year!

Most of us met when our kids started preschool together and now those kids are in 5th grade!  We are such a tight knit group and it’s been so fun to watch our kids grow up together.  Over the years, we’ve celebrated each other’s triumphs and successes and lifted each other up during the hard times.  I really don’t know how I would have gotten through 2019 without them!

The Favorite Things party is girls only, and we all wear our pajamas and eat and drink and laugh and catch up.  It’s seriously so fun and it’s potluck, so there’s plenty of good food without all the heavy lifting falling on one person.

I would like to say it’s not about the gifts, but it totally is!  We get a kick out of seeing what everyone brought and there may or may not be fighting over who wins what item!  Trades are okay at the end of night!

And everyone wants to have the TOP favorite thing!  That title usually goes to Ali-Shaun, but last year’s little darling tassels that Courtney brought also got tons of OOHS and AAHS!

We went back and forth this year, trying to decide if we should have the party, make it virtual, or have it in some way that we would feel comfortable with everyone coming over.  In the end, we ultimately decided better safe than sorry and not have it.  We’d feel terrible if someone ended up getting sick, especially right at the holidays!

Do we all still have favorite things this year?!  You betcha!  Will we share them with you? Of course!  All of the girls sent me their favorite thing (under $25!, but a couple of us went a wee bit over), and why they love it. ♥

I hope you enjoy getting to hear what everyone’s favorite thing of 2020 was and I’d love to know what YOUR favorite thing is.  Let me know in the comments!

And, for more detailed info about how we do our party and gift exchange, go here!

Our Favorite Things of 2020

*in alphabetical order

Ali-Shaun’s Pick – Store & Go Travel Case

With so many shades, you don’t want them to get scratched, and this case helps to avoid that problem.  And you also don’t always have to wear the same pair all day! 😉 When open, the case can hang for easy display and selection- how cool is that?!

Y’all know Ali-Shaun, but in case you don’t, she’s the one laying down on the job here.  She’s the best girlfriend a girl could have, so fun to be around, and will literally punch your enemy in the face! 

Andrea’s Pick(s) – Spa Faves

This year SPA days at home was my FAVORITE!  The picture below shows all my go to spa day items.  The BEST is the Trish McEvoy eye mask.  It really helps to brighten up the eyes right before a zoom meeting.  Second favorite is hand mask!  My hands get scaled from all the extra hand washing this season.  These masks really help moisturize.   

From all the math fractions I’m having to help my kids learn has  taught what you do to the top you must do to the bottom-  

So….hydrating sock mask for the feet, and comfy slippers once the feet are refreshed! 

*We consider Andrea our “group Mama” and she’s always the one keeping her cool, helping up put things in perspective- despite the fact that she has 4 kids, plus one in college! And, if you love good, NY style PIZZA or all things Italian, you have to try Russo’s Pizza– it’s her and her husband’s restaurant!  

Knot Wrap Headband


Hand Repair Gloves

Foot Mask

Angela’s Pick –  Personalized Christmas Ornament

My sister-in-law gifted this ornament to me this year and it’s a treasure!  You just give them your photo and they make a wooden ornament out of it! And bonus, the shop is local to Houston!
*Isn’t their family so cute?!  I love her Boho style and admire her so much as a mom. 

Ashley’s Pick – Conair Sweater Shaver

This thing is legit. I’ve not only refreshed all of my favorite sweaters & tops I couldn’t wear anymore due to the piling, but I’ve also used it on throw pillows and my white linen couch cushions! It’s seriously amazing. 🙂
*Ashley is a mama to three boys, one of them is a little newborn!  It’s gonna be a sweet Christmas at her house this year! 
Conair Sweater Shaver


Bridget’s Fave – Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This is what I would have gotten, along with the jewelry cleaning solution.  It’s AMAZING at making your jewels sparkle!
*Bridgette is one bad babe – she used to be a cop!  She’s also such a loyal girlfriend. 
Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Courtney’s Pick(s) – Sisal Washcloth

This is such a small thing, but I’m utterly obsessed and likely one of my favorite things in my entire shop. It’s a sisal washcloth that really exfoliates, but doesn’t hurt or leave you beet red afterwards. I love the way it looks and feels, and you can launder it! I haven’t used a terrycloth washcloth since owning.

*Courtney is our most stylish friend, beautiful personality, well traveled shop owner and Mom of two darling boys. You can check out her shop here and give her a follow on Instagram @shopcourtneybarton

Courtney’s Pick(s) – Kate McLeod’s Lotion Stone

I keep the bamboo container on my nightstand and before bed, you unwrap the soap-like bar and it melts with the warmth of your hands. Rub it over legs, arms, etc like you would soap, and the lotion sinks into your skin. It’s become a nightly ritual and my skin stays hydrated the entire next day… I also love that I don’t feel “wet” from lotion as I crawl into bed.


Jamie’s Pick – Consuela Blue Jag Grocery Bag

Megan knows I’m the bag lady and this one is so good! The Consuela Blue Jag Grocery Bag is easy-to-clean ConsuelaCloth holds a ton and can be easily folded into your everyday bag, stashed under your car seat, or thrown in the grocery cart.
*Jamie is one of my favorite people!  She’s the one who got me the tile wall letters in my dining room!  She’s super smart, was the school PTO president when I was the Secretary, works in the oil and gas field, and is also a Rodan & Fields consultant if you want to try anything or need anything new!  I swear by LashBoost for growing my lashes!  And yes, Jamie has an OBSCENE amount of Consuela bags! 

KC’s Pick(s) –  Monogrammed Jute Bag

KC has two items this year that make up her favorites. This is a 15×13 inch jute tote and you can personalize the letters and colors!  It’s nice and sturdy and makes such a great gift!
*KC loves her classics!  Give her something with a monogram and she’ll be a happy gal! Of course, she tends to give gifts she loves to receive! don’t we all?! She’s is also a fellow tall girl for those in that group! 

Kelly’s Pick – Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

I love this mascara. It makes your lashes look very long. My favorite part is the removal: just a bit of water and the mascara slides off your lashes in little gel bits. No black residue around your eyes.
*Kelly is the most natural beauty, I trust anything she says when it comes to makeup!  She was also a lawyer, but gave it up to be more hands on with her kids.

Liz’ Pick – Handmade Earrings

These earrings are my New Fav thing!  They are handmade by a gal I met at the Farmer’s Market (in Tulsa) and her shop is called Osage Oasis.  The small are only $12 and the large are $18.
Liz is seriously the funniest!  Makes us all want to wet our pants when she’s around!  And I’m sure we actually have! 😉 

Manuela’s Pick- Magnetic Lashes

Having enjoyed mink lash application for years until 3 years ago when the glue gouged out a small piece of my cornea. Loving the look, I tentatively started lash application again at Chic Lash Boutique. $75 a pop every 14 days and the PTSD of another gouged eye I found these magnetic lashes.  Over 1,688 reviews and 4.5 ⭐️

In the past 5 days I’ve used them with no make-up running errands about 3 times and they look real, feel real and apply/remove with no problems at all.

Wish we were all doing this together this year.  I miss you both very much ?

Manuela has a heart of gold and she’s always up for anything!  She’s our super detailed friend and I always tell her she needs to get more sleep!  

magnetic lashes

Marianna’s Pick(s) –Sol de Janeiro Lip Butter

Marianna has two this year! First up is the  Sol de Janeiro lip butter. I got this chapstick along with the  Bum Bum cream that Tarah loves for my birthday 2 years ago (Thanks Begona!) and I love it. I have it in my nightstand and use it every night before I go to bed. It makes my lips feel sooo smooth the next day and keep them hydrated at night. I feel I am missing something at night if I don’t put on this lip mask before going to sleep.
*We love Marianna!  If Andrea is ‘Group Mom’, I feel like Marianna is our Little Sister! She’s a loyal friend, great cook, always stylish and ready to help a friend.  Her boys crack me up!!  One time when her 5th grader was over, he quite seriously asked me, “So Megan, how is the fashion business going?” ♥  James also brought him on vacation with us one year and he was such a great photographer. 

Marianna’s Pick(s) – Avocado Slicer

Next up is this Avocado Slicer, not a very fun gift but totally worth it. Super handy when you want to cut, de-pit and slice an avocado to put on a toast or on a salad. This is the only way I now cut my avocados!

My Fave – Cork Pops Wine Opener

At first, my favorite thing was going to be the Kissu Lip Mask which I use every.single. night!  It’s super soothing, and non sticky, but has a hint of peach and makes your lips so soft and plump.

BUT, since there were several lip faves on the list this time, I’m opting for the Cork Pops Wine Opener.  Maybe we’re drinking too much wine, but it’s fun to use and makes opening a bottle of wine a breeze!  Plus, it looks chic and cool!

cork pops wine opener

Meghann’s Fave – Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

My favorite thing this year is the Laneige lip sleeping mask.  I discovered it over the summer and I’ve become addicted! My lips get so dry, especially in the winter, and this keeps them so soft and feels amazing to put on right before bed.
*This very fashionable mom of 3 young kids is also an attorney!

Rhonda’s Fave – The Bagnet Purse Magnet

It attaches to your purse and can hold up to 8 lbs of weight. It is perfect for these current times where you don’t want to place your purse down on any dirty surface. Great for travel, when we do that again, and really for everyday use. You can hang your purse from a grocery cart or if there is no hook available in a bathroom stall this magnet will hold your purse up out of the way. The magnet also is safe to have around other electronics in your bag.

*Y’all know Rhonda from her Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Style A Friend post!  She also works with me now and we have a blast together!  

Shannon’s pick – Face & Chin Lifting Mask

The V-Line lifting Mask is my favorite this year. It didn’t take inches off my chin, but I definitely could feel/see a difference the day of!”. Her exact brand sold out on Amazon. But here is a similar brand with great reviews!
*You might remember, Shannon used to work with me!  I so miss seeing her everyday!!  I’ve begged her to come back! 

Stephanie’s Pick – Touring Bag

I this Touring Bag from because it folds into a tiny pouch. It’s easy to pack and then you can put your souvenirs and purchases in it from your trip!  It hooks on to your luggage so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulder!
*Stephanie is a super talented interior designer!  She’s so gorgeous and classy and a wonderful mom to three sweet boys. And I swear one of them will end up in the NBA!

Tarah’s Pick – LED lighted mini fridge

I love this LED lighted mini fridge with mirror door so much that I am gifting it to friends for Christmas! Store face masks and other beauty favorites at just the right temp or just keep a few drinks cold. Might be the perfect gift for the college kid who’s trying to save space!
*If you’re in Houston, and looking to sell your home or buy a new one, call Tarah.  She’s our favorite negotiator and a real estate agent!

Tisha’s Pick – Electric Candle Lighter

I am new to the Electric Candle Lighter, but it has quickly become one of my favorites things too! Where have I been?! This one comes in the prettiest color options and is rechargeable! I love the sleek design and how easy it is to use!
*Tisha is my longtime friend (before I even had kids) and my super talented photographer.  I lovethe photo she captured of me and my kids for Christmas this year. 
I LOVED getting to hear what everyone’s favorite things are this year!  I have some new products to try!!  I’d also LOVE to hear what YOUR favorite thing of 2020 was!  Drop it in the comments!
And since we weren’t able to get together in person this year (pic below is from 2019 Favorite Things Party), I’m thinking we should have a Christmas in July party!  Fingers crossed!
Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. You have inspired my group of 12 girlfriends to do a virtual Favorite Things party this year, which is Saturday! So excited to see how it goes 🙂

  2. Love all the ideas. Also love that you gals are quite the Girl Squad of friends. I love seeing powerful women, moms and friends support one another so much. Oh and I agree with the electric lighter idea, I’ve been using one for my holiday candles and it brings be such joy! Cheers

  3. Thank you for sharing your virtual party, I love seeing this post every year and now have gotten some great ideas for some last minute gift ideas

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