Tuesday Goodies : Little Things that Make Life Sweeter

Hi friends! How was your weekend?  Mine kicked off with a super fun date night on Thursday!  We went to Brasserie 19 and had good wine, a delicious meal, easy conversation and lots of laughs.  It feels so good to be having adult fun again!  I know y’all want all the dirty details, ha!, so I started working on a ‘dating after divorce’ post that I’ll share as soon as it’s ready.  It’s taking me awhile since there’s so much I have to say on that topic, but stay tuned!

On Friday, we celebrated the first week of school in the books!  Aside from all the new safety precautions, the hardest part is just getting back into the morning/evening school routine.  It takes awhile to get that sleep schedule back on track #amiright?!

But, I will say, we all function better once the routine is established and up and running, so fingers crossed we’re getting in the groove now.  We went to the pool on Saturday, and Jordan innocently asked me, “Mama, can you swim?”  I told her yes, of course I can swim, why?  “Well I never see you swim.”

I realized she was right!  I get into the pool and splash around, but I never want to get my hair wet, so I don’t really swim.  But, I figured I’d join in the fun this time and it really was a good time!  James and I were doing handstand and flip contests and he said that was his favorite time at the pool yet!

Do you get your hair wet at the pool??

Tuesday Goodies

Now onto today’s post! You might have been confused by the title, since it’s definitely a Monday and not Tuesday yet!   I’ve started a weekly series on Stories and wanted to share it here too, in case you missed it.

It’s nothing extravagant, just little things that make life a bit sweeter.  Hence the title! 😉 These are things I find useful in my day-to-day life, and you might too.  I share these “goodies” on Stories every Tuesday, so you can catch them live there.

I’ll save all of the Goodies on my blog here, so you can reference them every week.   I’ll also save them to a Story Highlight called “Goodies” so you can see them “live” and in action.

You can catch the next one live on my Stories tomorrow!

Here is what I’ve shared so far.



Stylus Pens • Digital Thermometer • Lanyards • Tongue Scraper • No Touch Key

Stylus Pens // These handy pens are perfect for writing on your tablet or phone. They work with nearly every device, but you can double check the description to make sure it will work with your specific phone. You use the soft tip side to draw or write and it also functions to type on the keypad.

I literally use mine every day to draw on my stories. I keep them all over the house, and in my purse. My mom and James love these too.

Digital ‘No Contact’ Thermometer //  Now that we have to take our kids’ temperatures daily before school, this digital thermometer is a must!  It’s perfect for squirmy kids and gives results in just a few seconds!

It’s battery operated and you hold it 3cm from your forehead, then press the button and within a second, it  vibrates noiselessly and displays the reading in clear numbers that are easy to read!  This is so perfect and totally accurate because it has 3 built-in sensors and collects 100 data points in one second!

If you’re concerned about the use of infrared non-contact thermometers, here’s what the FDA reports.

Lanyards // Attaching a lanyard to your children’s mask is a quick and easy way to keep them from losing the mask dropping them on the floor (and getting them all dirty). The lanyard simply clips onto the ear straps of a mask and then hangs on the back of the neck. I particularly like this set because it came with two animal faces (perfect for my four-year-old), and two plain ones (which my fifth grader prefers).

No Touch Key // If touching a keypad or opening a door handle gives you the heebie jeebies, you need this no touch key!  You can use it at the ATM or grocery store when you are entering your pin number, on the elevator to push buttons, or use the hook part to open a door handle.  It’s quite sturdy and durable and comes in 2-6 packs.  I keep one in my bag so it’s always handy.  You won’t have to fumble for a paper towel when exiting a public restroom anymore!

Tongue Scraper // No doubt about it, this completely gross, but also awesome!  Have you ever scraped your tongue clean?  Do it and see all the nastiness that’s usually there!  Ug, that’s the gross part.  But, after you do it, you’ll have fresher breath, better taste and oral health.  

This one is 100% medical grade stainless steel with a wide, smooth curved surface to easily get off all the bacteria that causes bad breath and dental decay.  This particular tongue scraper is said to last a lifetime and never rust.


Magnetic Dry Erase Planner • Daily Planner • Blush • Tray • Earrings

Magnetic Dry Erase Planner // I’m definitely planner obsessed!  I like it and I have to be or else things don’t get done and fall through the cracks!  And they fall through sometimes anyway!  But, this magnetic dry erase planner is so good!  I fill it out weekly and put my workouts in one color, kids’ stuff in another.

At the bottom, I list our meals for the week, a Bible verse, and notes or reminder.  It’s so handy to see this at a glance on the fridge and then everyone in the house is on the same page!  The whole back of this planner is magnetic, so once you stick it on, it’s not going anywhere.

Daily Planner // I’ve been using this daily planner the day before, to plan the next day!  And, I’ve been planning the next day right before I pickup the kids from school, as opposed to right before bed because I’m sometimes to tired to do it!

The cool thing about this planner is that it has “today’s focus”, where I put the top three things I need to accomplish, a bullet point for to do’s, a place for notes, meals and water. On the right side, I love that it has a timed schedule that starts at 6 AM, when my day normally starts. Often, planners start at 7 AM and that drives me crazy!  You can even make a note of a “good thing that happened today” to keep things positive. 😉

Tray // Do you love a pretty tray as much as I do?!  I seriously have a tray problem, but I just love them for corralling everything from kitchen supplies to remote controls, beauty items and more.  This one has a faux snakeskin texture in a neutral ivory that looks very elegant.  The gold handles are luxe and the whole thing feels expensive.  It has a soft bottom so it won’t scratch or damage your surfaces.  It’s also pretty big, 18×12.

Earrings // For everyday, I enjoy wearing these earrings because they’re more of a statement than studs, but also still small enough to not bother or distract you.  They’re extremely lightweight and look very similar to much more expensive pair I have from Bauble Bar.  I highly recommend these and they’re quality enough to give as a gift.

Blush // This blush by Milani is what I use nearly every day in the color coral Cove. It gives a nice rosy hue to your cheeks and I feel that makes you look more youthful. I have to be careful with beauty and skin care products because my face is sensitive and breaks out easily, but I never had any issues with this blush.


Mason Jar Dispensers w Labels • Face Masks (5 pack) • Theraplex Barrier Balm • Wool Hat “Camel”  Insulated Tumbler (20 oz.) • Glass Straws • Digital Scale


Mason Jar Dispensers w Labels // How cute are these?! I like keeping dish soap and hand soap together out on my kitchen sink for daily convenience.  These mason jar dispensers just add that little bit of charm and they’re darling with the sticker chalk labels.  I got the brushed nickel, but they also come in bronze and black to compliment your decor.

Face Masks (5 pack) // My mom recommended these face masks to me. She has to wear a mask for eight hours a day at work, and says these are her absolute favorite. She likes the simple white color that she can easily wash in the washing machine.  She says the ear straps don’t pinch, pull, or hurt her ears like other masks have. And these masks have gotten over six 5,600 positive reviews.

Theraplex Barrier Balm // My Grandma Nola used to swear by putting Vaseline on her face everyday and her skin looked amazing!  Well, this is even better because it’s similar to Vaseline, with a slightly less greasy feel.  I started using Retin-A about two months ago, and this has helped tremendously with the dryness I experienced initially.  I would apply it all over my face before bed and would wake up with soft, soothed skin that felt quenched. I also like to use it on my lips, hands, cuticles and feet!

Theraplex contains no parabens or preservatives, it’s noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dermatologist recommended for over 20 years.

Many people use it as their daily moisturizer or for chronic conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and other severe dry skin conditions.  If you have excema, definitely give it a try – it’s received the National Eczema Association’s (NEA) Seal of Acceptance with the highest possible rating of 5 out of 5.

Also, it comes in a big tub that lasts a long time!

Wool Hat  // I’m bringing back the wool Amazon hat that looks so chic, but is a steal!  The great thing is that it’s adjustable to perfectly fit your head.  I have the ‘camel’ color, a very nice neutral tan that goes with nearly everything in my closet.

Insulated Tumbler // Y’all know I like to fill up my water cups at the beginning of the day to make sure I get enough water in every day. I started to feel like my big yeti cups were too cumbersome and didn’t travel well in the cup holders of my car. This slimmer 20 ounce insulated Tumblr is awesome! It’s easier to lift and hold and still holds a lot, 20 ounces!  I liked this so much, I bought two! 

Glass Straws // I use these glass straws all the time and never once have they broken.  They’re quite sturdy, dishwasher safe, and planet friendly.  I like that they’re 10 inches long because they stand out in a tall glass.

Digital Scale // My previous scale bit the dust, and I’m so glad I found this transparent one.  Not only does it look great in my bathroom, it’s super accurate and comes with batteries.  My kids love weighing themselves too!

Are you digging series? Is there anything you swear by that I might want to try, or something you want me to test run for ya?  Let me know in the comments.  As for Amazon fashion, you can find all my latests posts here, and I’ll have a new one for you on Friday!

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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  1. Honestly this kind of post is the best right now! We’re still not going much anywhere so I have no need for new clothes and am skipping all of the clothes posts from bloggers so as not to tempt myself. These are functional items that we will definitely use. I am ordering like 5 of these things right now!

  2. I can’t wait for the dating after divorce tips! I’m in the same situation as you, same age, and haven’t been single since I was 20, gulp. I’m so happy you’re having fun. I love your blog and appreciate you sharing!

  3. I can’t wait to read the Dating after Divorce post. I would love to see date night outfit ideas to go along with it!

  4. I used to be the same way about the pool and my hair, then my kids (now 24 & 29) also would make comments about me never wanting to get my hair wet, or play in the pool. My hair is naturally curly and can go Rosanne Roseannadanna in no time, but I decided then that life is too short when my kids are little to not get my hair wet. So whether on vacation, a cruise, or just in my backyard pool, I get my hair wet. So what if it looks crazy, I’ll put a hat on or pull it up in a messy bun. If I’m on vacation I’ll never see those people again…Years from now (and it has been), I won’t remember what my hair looked like that day, but I’ll remember the fun I had with my kids and the delight on their faces.

    So some days just forget about the hair and have fun! Trust me you will miss these pool days someday!

  5. Love the practical suggestions! And would be very interested in the dating after divorce guide too. Alone after 2 decades and apprehensive about whats next…I love your attitude and positivity but also acknowledging when its hard.

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