back to school | clothes & supplies for kids

Hi friends! How’s your week going? Thursday is typically my busiest day of the week, trying to get all.the.things done for Friday, but today has excitement in the air! A few of my close “mom friends” and I are celebrating Jamie’s birthday at her cabin this weekend.  We’ve been apart for so long and the last several birthdays we’ve celebrated have been either zoom calls or drive-by parades.  I’m so looking forward to this girl time!  I know we all need it!

I’m sure we’ll talk kids and school and how crazy these last five months have been for us.  We haven’t all been together in person since February for my birthday!  It feels like forever and has definitely been too long!

back to school | clothes & supplies for kids

Today, I’m partnering with Walmart to share some things you might have on your kids’ back to school list.  Whether it’s at home or in person, one thing’s for sure, the school year must go on! And with it comes growth spurts requiring new clothes and fresh school supplies (my personal favorite)!

Do you remember that exciting time going shopping for back to school supplies?! It’s still burned into my memory going to Walmart to pick out a new backpack and Trapper Keeper!  Of course, I had to see ALL the designs and then I’d spend hours covering my textbooks with brown paper bags and decorating them!

Going through the selection of school supplies at Walmart brought back such fond memories!  I’m found several fun backpacks and even ones you can personalize with your kids’ names or team.

School Supplies

Back to School with Walmart backpacks


I even found my current favorite mildliner pens at a great price!  Those are great for kids and adults and they are what I use in my journal and when I want to do decorative planning!

midliner pens

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GIRLS Clothing

If/When my kids go back to school, they’ll be wearing a uniform most days and I always shop Walmart to see if I can find the styles our school requires for less.  Walmart has great uniform options and I love how cute the little romper is!  But, of course, they have great casual styles too that kids can be comfortable in at school or at home.

I’m also really smitten with the rain coats!  We need those now!  We’ve been getting so much rain the last two weeks – at least my landscaping is looking good!

Back to School for Girls



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BOYS Clothing 

And how about the boys’ clothes?! There’s uniform options for him, as well as the casual athletic wear lots of boys love to live in.  I even found kids’ face masks at Walmart, something I never thought I’d be looking for online, but here we are.  I’m realizing I need several on hand because they get dirty and need to be washed often.  At least these have cute patterns on them!

Back to School for Boys


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Last but not least, how do kids’ feet grow so fast?! Jordan is up two sizes or more from last year already (depending on the brand).  Her new Minnie Mouse Sneakers are size 11 and she was in a 9.

Back to School Shoes for boys & girls


Minnie Mouse Shoes

Minnie Mouse Shoes

Minnie Mouse Sneakers

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Do you know what the school year will look like for you yet?  It’s crazy to me when I realize that my kids have been home for 5 months already!  And that’s with barely going anywhere.

I will say, the Routine Chart I started for James last month is going well and we’ve added ‘read 20 pages’ to the list since that’s his summer reading requirement. I’ve also been writing little notes to him on the bottom of the page and it’s so sweet to see what he writes back!

Have a fantastic day friends!

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