June Beauty Haul

Hi friends! I hope you dominated Monday and your week is off to a great start!  My Monday was super busy, catching up on chores like laundry and grocery shopping that I didn’t get done during the weekend.  And I’m also looking forward to sprucing up the landscaping around my house.  Two bushes right by my front door have died and I want to plant flowers to bring some life to the front yard.  The backyard is also in need of maintenance and weed pulling!


I’m happy y’all have been enjoying the beauty posts lately. I’m usually the type of person where when I find one thing I love, I tend to stick with it.  But, the more success I have with new products, the more excited I get to try new things!  Here are a few products I’m loving and a couple things I just ordered and am looking forward to trying.

Beauty Haul

Coconut Water Cleansing WipesCharlotte Tilbury Eye CheatFace Tanning DropsDrying LotionHeat Protectant MistTexturizing SprayDry Shampoo 

Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes • I’ve been doing really intense workouts lately and wanted something portable that I could use to quickly wipe my face clean right after the workout.  I don’t like all that sweat sitting on my skin because I’m prone to breakouts.  These are great for throwing in your bag and using as needed.  The reviews also say they are great for removing your makeup.  Just $8.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat • This eye cheat has been my bright eye makeup secret since last year!  You apply it in your water line to make your eyes look instantly brighter and alive.  I’ve tried a lot of those pencils and many of them don’t work (you can’t even tell you applied it), but this one shows and makes you look more awake.

Trish McEvoy Face Tanning Drops •   Having a bit of color on my body and face makes me feel better, especially during summer.  I don’t use my body self tanner on my face, instead, I use these tanning drops made specifically for your face.  You simply rub a few drops onto your face before bed and wake up with a subtle glow.

Drying LotionOMG!!!  GET THIS STUFF!  Seriously, you guys I have been struggling with breakouts the last couple of months and it’s been highly unusual. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve been wearing a mask, stress, eating too much chocolate or one too many iced mocha’s at Starbucks, but my skin has been freaking out with several pimples popping up.

I remember hearing good things about this drying lotion and I applied it to my spots before bed and woke up in the morning and they were practically gone! I literally could not believe it!  It’s a spot treatment solution that dries up your blemishes.  You are not supposed to shake the lotion before applying it. Instead, you let the sediments fall to the bottom, dip a Q-tip in and then apply it directly to your pimples.

It’s formulated with salicylic acid, sulfur, and zinc oxide to help draw impurities from the skin. I could kiss whoever developed this product!

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Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist • What I like about this heat protectant is that you spray it on your dry hair. I like to use it on day two or three hair if I am re-curling pieces or applying heat from a flat iron.  It’s great for all hair types and colors.

Ouai Texturizing Spray • These next two are products I just ordered, but haven’t received yet.  I have used and love the Ouai Wave Spray, so I’m familiar with the brand and wanted to try their other hair products.  I always use a texturizing spray to finish my hair off and make it look slightly messy and undone.  This one is an ultra-lightweight product that combines the best parts of dry shampoo and hair spray, to build incredible volume and texture while absorbing oil and refreshing your hair.  Sounds pretty good, right?!

Ouai Dry Shampoo • I also wanted to try their dry shampoo because I use that almost everyday.  This one is said to be super-absorbent, soaking up excess oil and reviving volume and body, while leaving hair feeling clean and healthy.  I’m super excited to try it!

Are there any beauty products you are loving lately or want me to try? Let me know and I’ll add them to my cart!  If you missed it, you can see how I organize my makeup here

Have a great day friends!



  1. Whitney
    June 30, 2020 / 6:59 pm

    I’m on my second bottle of Hot Toddy and I love it! I love the smell, but nobody else in my family does! I’ve also read so many reviews of people who don’t like the smell. I think it smells powdery fresh!

  2. July 7, 2020 / 5:41 am

    Sephora’s cleansing wipes are worth a buy. It is funny to think that they were the only products I could afford to purchase on my first visit to a Sephora store in my city. Everything else was outrageously expensive. My friend splurged a bit on lipsticks, perfumes and eye makeup.

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