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Good morning friends! Welcome to a fresh new week!  I used to dread Mondays, then somewhere it switched and now I love them!  But, that’s really only if I get my chores done on Sunday night and wake up not feeling behind!  Last night, I was up late cleaning the kitchen and getting things situated, and that makes waking up on Monday morning so much better!
I’m also training with my trainer twice a week via a Facetime call, and one session is always on a Monday. It gets it done and helps set the tone for the week.  Now that our weather is getting so much hotter, I’ve got swimsuit season on the brain. But first, there’s a big holiday coming up next weekend!
With our stay-at-home order lifted in Houston, I’ll be so happy to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom this year.  We have always been so close- we’re only 17 years apart in age!  She always has my back, is my biggest cheerleader, and tells it like it is- no BS.  And, she’s a ton of fun, so super genuine,, and the most loving Grandma.  All of the grandkids LOVE to go to Grandma’s house!
I rounded up some of my favorite things from Amazon for Mother’s Day, just a little something to show her you care and are thinking of her this year.  And remember, you can always see what I’m buying and recommend in my Amazon Storefront.


Mother's Day Gifts from Amazon
Sun HatSuper cute and lightweight, this adjustable/breathable and comfortable hat is great for the warmer weather.  I wore it all summer and every time I went to the pool or beach last year.  It’s also perfect to wear  while gardening, at the park, camping, hiking, church functions, race day events, even out in your own back yard. One of my favorites as you know and all my friends have them too!  $19 PRIME
Amazon Sun Hat

Wristlet for Keys – Remember this key ring from last Fall? This was one of my favorite finds on Amazon and at our Favorite Things Party. The large ring fits around your wrist making it super easy to carry. It also makes it so easy to find in the depths of your tote bag! 😉 I have the snakeskin print, but loving the new teal color option! $12 PRIME
Key Wristlet

Baby Feet – OMG!  This is soooo wild/gross/wonderful and crazy how well it works!  You put your foot in these little plastic booties that have the foot mask inside and wear them for one hour.  I read the reviews and learned that it’s best to soak your feet for 30 minutes to an hour first- so I did that.   And I soaked them for about 10-15 minutes for a few days afterwards too.

At first, nothing happened, but by day 3, the skin on the sides of my feet started to get all crusty and hard and by Day 4 and 5, the dead skin was peeling off in big sheets! It didn’t hurt, but that dry part in the beginning felt weird!  By about a week or so, all the peeling had resolved and I really was left with the softest feet ever.  It’s been a few weeks and they are still soft!  My Mom specifically requested this gift!

Baby Feet uses 16 natural botanical extracts to work its magic, and it exfoliates away unwanted skin, it improves foot odor, athlete’s foot, dry skin, and helps with blood circulation.  My Mom specifically requested this gift!

Update : Dang! It looks like it’s been so popular it’s sold out almost everywhere online!  I have seen it in Target before.  This foot peel on Amazon got a lot of great reviews too.

Personalized Tray –  What a sweet, personalized gift and chic way to hold your keys, wallet, jewelry, watch and change .  The heavy dish measures 4″ x 5″  with a pretty gold capital letter. $14 PRIME

Bluetooth Speaker – I use this little bluetooth speaker all the time!  It’s small, but mighty with great sound quality!  It can connect to any device up to 33 feet away and the battery lasts for 5 hours and comes with a charger. $15 PRIME

Gel Nail Coat – Did you catch my blog post on how I’ve been doing my nails at home?   This clear gel polish that contains Keratin to strengthen, harden and reinforce weak nails. It bonds directly to your nail and makes your nails smooth as glass so that the polish glides on like silk.  My nails never looked so good before I started using this!  $10

Gel Manicure at Home

Nail Polish – The PERFECT shade of light pink all year long, in a quality polish that lasts for days. $10 PRIME

Wine Glasses – Not only are the shape of these wine glasses unique but they are also real crystal! Each glass is masterfully shaped and hand blown by artisans using traditional methods.  Cheers!  $42 PRIME

iPhone/Tablet Holder – When you see me talking to you on Stories without holding my phone, this handy gadget is holding my phone!  It will hold your phone or tablet and let you be hands free!  I use it in the kitchen for recipes, at the table while I’m reading, or just when I want to keep my phone off of the counter!   It’s super sturdy, and also sleek and stylish!

It would be great for zoom calls with your tablet or cell phone if you have to be away from your computer! $46 PRIME

Softest Bed Sheets – I have talked about these sheet before and I will keep adding them to my favorites list. They are without a doubt one of my favorite finds. I have now added them to every bed in my house! With over 89,ooo positive reviews, I’m not alone!  They come in several different color options and a Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee. Not to mention the price can’t be beat.  $30 PRIME

I hope that gives you some good ideas and easy options for Mom.  What’s on your own wishlist?  Any of those things?! Just forward this post to your honey so he doesn’t get in the dog house this year! 😉

Now go kick Monday’s booty!

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