Your Guide to Thanksgiving on Prime

How’s your week going friends?  I will admit that October was a rough month for me.  The last year has been a transition, but something about the finality of everything and the overwhelming responsibility of being a divorced mama of two little kids hit me hard.  I truly appreciate all of your kindness and graciousness and have definitely felt loved and supported through it all.

Now that November is underway, I’m finding my footing again, and I’m reading a great book that’s also helping.  Identifying the Resistance I’ve been feeling in my life has been a lightbulb moment.  Through the book, I’m learning to stay away from, “what’s wrong with me” thoughts and instead recognize the force of resistance with tools to overcome it.  I’ve always been a GSD kind of gal, but this new season threw me for a loop.

I don’t have Shannon coming over anymore (she found a great new job), so it’s totally up to me to motivate myself and get things done.  If you work from home, you know how tough that can be!

Over the weekend, I spent some time planning out my blog content through the rest of the year and it felt so good and got my creative juices flowing again.

You guys know that gratitude fuels my life, so Thanksgiving is an extra special holiday.  It will likely be a small celebration at my house this year, but if you’re hosting the holiday, I founds some festive things that will help you pull the day together effortlessly!  And everything is on Amazon Prime!



1 • Folding Chairs – It seems like there are never enough chairs when you’re hosting a large group of people, and these chairs are made of solid wood with no assembly required.  They come in a set of four and fold away for easy storage.

If you have lots of guests and need another table, we’ve used this table for years and it’s held up great.  It seats 6-8 people, is super sturdy and folds up with a carrying handle.  I throw a tablecloth on it and it looks fantastic!

2 • You don’t want to get your cute Thanksgiving outfit all dirty while you’re cooking in the kitchen, so pull on this adorable apron to keep yourself clean. You can adjust the neck and waist ties to your perfect fit.  It also has three pockets.

3 • Happy Fall Banner  This set of 3 banner will look so festive on your mantel or, if you don’t have a mantle, string them across a mirror. 😉

4 • You’ll definitely want to set the mood with candles and if your table needs some height on it, try these gorgeous Gold Candle Holders.

5 • Or, you can’t go wrong with Mercury Glass Votive Holders  I like to use these Tea Light Candles that last for hours and then you can just throw the little aluminum part away with no messy candle was residue on the bottom of your votive to clean up.

6 • If you have a recommendation for a dutch oven that isn’t as pricey as the Le Cruset, I’m all ears.  I’ve read lots of reviews for other dutch ovens on Amazon and they are usually terrible and not worth the money.  I’ve had my Le Creuset Dutch Oven for over 10 years and I always get a little giddy when I pull it out to use.  It’s a pleasure to use and has held up so well over the years.  This one is over $50 off and comes in every color of the rainbow.

7 • Who doesn’t love a good Cheese Board?! This one is 100% bamboo, comes with four cheese knives, a slide out tray, two ceramic bowls, and two slate labels with chalk.  The grooves in the side are perfect for holding crackers.  The reviews are positive and say that the board feels sturdy and well made and one person said it’s nicer than any other set she’s owned, even the one that cost $250!

8 • My kids love it when we use the “golden” flatware.  It just feels so special and elevates your table to0.

9 • I love these Gold Charger Plates that look great with all kinds of plates, but especially because they have a hammered finish.

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10 • If you’re gonna spend all day roasting a turkey, you want to display it on a beautiful Turkey Serving Platter when it’s time to eat!

For your turkey roasting needs, this electric oven roaster cooks turkeys up to 26 pounds and frees up your oven for other goodies! The long thermometer will let you know when the meat is done, carving will be a cinch, and clean up will be much easier with these oven roaster liners.

11 • It wouldn’t be the holidays without a glass (or two!) of wine!  I’ve had this Wine Opener forever and it works like a charm!

12 • How cute are these little wooden place Cards & Holders?!

13 • The cool thing about this Plaid Tablecloth is that it works for both Thanksgiving and Christmas with the rich, traditional colors.  You can play up the more warm colors for Fall and then the reds and greens for Christmas.

14 • Cloth napkins just feel and look so much nicer on your holiday table.  This is a set of 12 that will last in a polyester/cotton blend. You can also machine wash them and they won’t fade.

Of course, if you’ll be housing guests, you’ll want to get these sheets on your bed (over 62,000+ positive reviews!) and have this cozy throw blanket on hand!


So have you made your Thanksgiving day plans yet? Do you travel? Stay put? Host?  I’d love to hear what your traditions are!

Have a great day friends!



  1. sandra hacker
    November 12, 2019 / 5:35 am

    thanks for all of the amazing ideas- ordered a few items.

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