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Hi friends.  I had some feelings on Stories yesterday and opening up and letting it out really helped.  I truly love the conversations we’re having and cannot thank you enough for lifting me up when I’m down. Lack of sleep is the biggest culprit right now, and I’m doing my best and trying not to beat myself up.  It can be hardest to give ourselves grace, but it’s so important.

Today, it’s a short and sweet Just the Best Sales post.  Every Wednesday, I scour the internet to bring you great deals on things you might love, want or need.  Here’s what I found this week!

Fleece Pullover 35% off

I’m always in the market for cute new cardigans, and this one is 40% off!

How pretty is this polka dot ruffle top?!

My favorite knee high boots are now 20% off!

Such a perfect cozy sweater dress to throw on with tights this Fall

Can you ever have too many cozy hoodies?

40% off these chic snakeskin loafers

Big pumpkin spice vibes with this v-neck sweater

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Take an extra 50% off this comfy tunic at checkout

This perfect layering tee is only $10 and comes in 7 different colors!

Another button down for your fall wardrobe!

This crossbody saddlebag is super cute and practical (under $35!)


Have a fantastic day friends!



  1. Karen
    October 16, 2019 / 10:15 am

    Megan, you have touched me deeply today watching your stories. I have cried with you. I have been awestruck by you. By your bravery and beauty. I feel grateful to have experienced you….your beautiful soul, your vulnerability, your positivity. I wish I had something to give back to you! I have only my adoration. You are an amazing woman! TRULY. AMAZING.

  2. Anne
    October 16, 2019 / 5:11 pm

    Megan, I am totally rooting for you!! Honestly, I just found your blog a few weeks who and you have quickly become my favorite blogger. I am a mom totally struggling with self-confidence and worrying if I am good enough as a mother, wife and employee. I have found you to be such an inspiration. It is so easy to see that you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Go easy on yourself. Believe in the beauty of your dreams. Keep reaching out. Big hug!!

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