5 Makeup Tips from a Pro

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Hi friends!  How was your weekend?  We had a really good one that started with a rainy baseball game on Saturday, then the select baseball league tryouts on a gorgeous Sunday.  It made for a loooong Sunday, but it’s really fun for the kids!


I’m really excited for today’s post focusing on beauty and makeup!  I like to put on a little bit of makeup each day to make myself feel better and be more productive, but I usually stick to the basics.

My makeup routine is pretty much the same thing I’ve been doing for years.  I wanted to learn some new tips and tricks and anytime I do, of course I pass them along to you!

About a month ago, my friend Trisa took her mom to see professional makeup artist Suqura at the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Nordstrom for a makeup application.  The application is FREE, as long as you purchase three products at the end.  #signmeup! 

Trisa’s mom’s results were just stunning!  I loved hearing how beautiful she felt after getting her makeup done by Suqura.  That’s what it should do for us, right?!

Of course, it’s ideal if we can feel beautiful in our skin without makeup, but I know I feel more put together and better able to tackle the day if I get dressed and add a little makeup. #takecareofyou


Charlotte Tilbury Professional Makeup Application

Isn’t she gorgeous??  Those eyes, right?!  Lucky for my friend Trisa, she inherited them!

Trisa got to be the model at a Charlotte Tilbury event and again, Suqura  did a beautiful job enhancing Trisa’s gorgeous face!


Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Application

I couldn’t wait for my turn!  I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t do my hair though- it doesn’t go with my “after!”

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup


While Suqura did my makeup, I was sure to take notes so I could share her professional makeup tips with you!

#1 : How to Get Red Carpet Ready Skin

#2 : How to Keep Your Concealer from Creasing (or Making You Look 104)

#3 : How to Define Your Eyebrow Shape

#4 : How to Make Your Cheekbones Pop

#5 :  How to Get Perfectly Pouty Lips

First off, if you visit the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Nordstrom, they have 10 signature makeup looks on display so you can choose the look you’re going for.  There’s something to suit every mood and occasion.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

I chose the popular, soft “Pillow Talk” look.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

How gorgeous is that Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette?! It comes with four pretty pinkish colors that you can layer and build upon to take the look from day to night.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Eyeshadow Palette


But first things first!  You want to start with a clean, fresh canvas to apply your makeup to.  Then, you’ll want to get what Charlotte calls “Red Carpet Ready Skin” and her Magic Cream achieves that flawlessness.

Fun Fact : The Magic Cream is a product that Charlotte always used on her celebrity clients for their red carpet appearances.  The clients kept asking for that “magic cream” so that’s what she ended up naming it when she released it for sale. 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

The Magic Cream is basically your serum, moisturizer, and primer all in one product.

It includes these natural ingredients:

  • shea butter and aloe butter to hydrate, even for sensitive skin
  • rose oil and camellia oil floral extracts for softening and hydrating
  • hyaluronic acid – to plump the skin (as if a raisin turned into a grape!)
  • peptides – patented formula for anti-aging
How to Use:  If you get confused about how to apply one of Charlotte Tilbury’s products, don’t worry, the instructions are included on the back of each item.
Apply Magic Cream to your fingertips and sweep upward and out, starting from the lower cheek and moving upward to stimulate circulation. Tap your cheeks and under the eye area to decongest puffiness. Massage into your forehead using circular motions and sweep outward toward the temples. Smooth your fingers under your cheekbones and jawline, sweeping upward to define contours.
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup



Tip number 2 is how keep your concealer from creasing OR as I like to say (making you look 104 instead of 24!) #askingforafriend

Suqura showed me how the Magic Eye Rescue Cream is like Spanx for the eyes! 😉

How to Use: Before you apply concealer, you apply the Magic Eye Rescue Cream to your ring fingers and gently dot under the eyes on the top of the cheekbones. Then, gently tap above the eyes across your brow bone. Repeat the tapping in a circular movement around the eyes to help reduce puffiness. Continue to tap gently under the eyes and across the tops of your cheekbones for a few seconds to allow the cream to work its magic and stimulate the blood cells for a wide-eyed, youthful look.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

How to Use: Then, use your fingers to pat in the Magic Away Concealer (I’m shade 3 or 4 depending on how light I want to go), the warmth of the fingers will help the concealer be more creamy and easy to work with. Then set it with a loose powder like Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder. It’s finely milled and still gives a luminous finish with no flashback!

This concealer applicator is so cool – you twist it up to release just the right amount of product.

Charlotte Tilbury Concealer


Your eyebrows frame your entire face.  I actually have my pencil thin brows microbladed and it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done for my face.  Having said that, I still fill them in for added definition.

How to Define Your Brow Shape : Hold a brow pencil at the side of your nose to start, turn it 45 degrees for where your arch should be, and then line it up toward the end of your eye and that’s where your brow should end.

How to Fill In Your Brows

How to Fill In Your Brows : Then, using the brow pencil, create short hairlike strokes to fill in your brows.  I love the tapered shape of this pencil and the other end is a spoolie to finely comb your brow hairs.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup


Fun Fact : I’m embarrassed to admit that I only started wearing blush a few years ago!  I didn’t understand how youthful and brighter it made you look! Now, I don’t go without it!

Key products for making your cheekbones pop are the Filmstar Bronze and Glow and the Cheek to Chic Blush.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

How to Use : Suck in your cheeks and make a fishy face, then with your bronzer, “follow the hollow” as Charlotte Tilbury says. Bronzer gives you structure.

The highlighter goes right on top of the cheekbones, you can usually feel that orbital bone near the eye, make a “C” shape with your highlighter there. Adding highlighter gives you more dimension.

*Charlotte has a guide for you on the back of her blush compact.  It says to swish the outer ring up through the cheeks and pop the middle shade on the apple of the cheeks. Blush gives you a nice flush of color.

Remember the color goes on the apple of the cheeks. Always smile and place it on the highest part of your apples, to lift the cheeks a bit.

If you’re ever stumped on what goes where, think of Neapolitan ice cream:

Chocolate = Bronzer

Strawberry = Blush

Vanilla = Highlighter


I definitely want to call out the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara that Suqura used on my lashes.  It’s the same mascara I use at home and it’s seriously amazing.  It gives you the fullest, lushes lashes with just one coat.

But, I love dramatic lashes, so I would use this primer first, then just before the primer dried, (maybe 10 seconds after applying it), I’d layer the mascara over.  Talk about lashes for days!

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup


How to Line Your Lips :  Follow the follow natural line of your lip.  When you get to the cupids bow, use those two high points to draw an ‘X’ from cupid bow down to your bottom lip. At the bottom lip, draw a “U”, and then connect those lines at the corners.

Then fill in your lips with your lip color of choice.  If you apply a bit of gloss right in the center of your lips, they’ll appear poutier because the light will create the illusion of bringing them forward.

I’m quite obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury lip products, specifically the Pillow Talk Matte Lipstick and Pillow Talk Lip Liner. It’s a very beautiful pink that looks natural, but polished.

Pillow Talk

I’ve also been wearing Blushing Dream a lot lately.  It’s  similar to Pillow Talk, but lighter.

Charlotte Tilbury Blushing Dream

Also, the Latex Love Lip Glosses are great alone (they have great pigment), or over your lipstick for added shine.

Charlotte Tilbury Latex Love Lip Gloss

Charlotte Tilbury products are an investment, so choose wisely.  Once you try them though, you’ll see that the quality is there and they’re worth it.

My collection started off with a lipstick and lip liner during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Then, I added the Full Fat Lashes mascara, and here is my collection now.

Ooh, I almost forgot to mention that white eyeliner “Eye Cheat”!  Apply it in your water line to make your eyes look brighter!  I’ve tried a lot of those pencils and many of them don’t work (you can’t even tell you applied it), but this one shows and instantly makes you look more awake!

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

I also encourage you to get a professional makeup application at your local Nordstrom store.  You’ll learn so much and hopefully be able to apply those new techniques at home so you can feel your most confident.

It’s also just a fun way to treat yourself!  I can’t remember the last time I did it!

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

You can get in touch with Suqura at the Nordstrom Galleria in Houston or via her Instagram.  Tell her I sent ya!  😉

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Eyeshadow Palette

Have a fantastic week friends!

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  1. I love everything, except the foundation. You look so muck younger without the face makeup and creasing under the eyes! I feel the same about myself-everytime I get my makeup done, I hate the way my skin actually looks older. Stick with everything but just use a powder or tinted moisturizer on your skin!

  2. It looks great, but I think I’d have left my brows alone if I’d been you. They look great in your “before” pic and overdone in the “after.” YMMV; I generally go understated (perhaps too much so) on my makeup, so I might see it differently than you do.

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