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Hi friends! How’s your week starting off?  It’s been a couple of hard nights with Jordan over here.  Just when I thought the middle of the night interruptions were over! Now she wants me to sleep with her, so I usually cuddle her to sleep, then get up and go.  But, then she’ll wake up and call for me to come back.  I would really prefer us to sleep in our own beds because I feel like we’ll get better sleep that way.

But, I’m also torn because I want to comfort her when she needs it.  Last night I just let her sleep in bed with me.  Did any of you experience this?  I’d love to hear how you handled it.


And now, I’m turning our attention to more fun and festive things like Spring and Summer weddings, graduations, Easter, Mother’s Day and any occasion that gives you the opportunity to don a dress!

I know with my mostly casual wardrobe, it’s fun to get to wear a pretty dress once in a while.  Maybe even get your makeup professionally done!


If we’re talking wedding season, you know that many parties and showers proceed the Big Day!  For something you’ll be equal parts darling and comfortable it, I love this tie front t-shirt style dress.

Lilac tie front dress

DressWedge SandalsSimilar Bag

Lilac Tie Front Dress

Dress Fit : TTS and comes in regular, petite and plus (in black).  I’m wearing size XXS.

Lilac Tie Front Dress

The easy to wear, crepe material shift dress accentuates your waist with the attached tie front belt.  I like the elbow length sleeves and keyhole back too.

Lilac Tie Front Dress

DressWedge SandalsSimilar Bag

It feels nice and smooth on your skin and also isn’t too short.   I wore it with my wedge sandals, but you could dress it down with a sneaker.

Lilac Tie Front Dress

All in all, I felt really good in this dress.  If you have a loved one graduating soon, it would be a great option.  You’ll be dressed up, but comfortable sitting for awhile! 😉

DressWedge SandalsSimilar Bag

Lilac Tie Front Dress



For a dressier option, you’ll look stunning in this lace midi dress.  It’s a definite head turner!  And only $89, but looks and feels much more expensive!

Lilac Crochet Dress

Dress • Clear Heels • BagChokerEarrings

DRESS FIT : Size up, I’m wearing a size Small and it might be long on me, but I still love it!

Dress • Clear Heels • BagChokerEarrings

The first thing you’ll notice when you get this dress is that it’s really well made.  The material is nice and thick, it’s lined through the bodice and to the knee, and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.

I’m all about this clear shoe trend.  They help you look like you have legs for days! This pair has a 3 3/4″ slightly chunky heel, adjustable ankle strap, buckle closure, and cushioned footbed.

Clear Heels Fit : They fit slightly small, you might want to size up half.

If you did wear this to a Summer wedding, you’d be able to dance the night away because the skirt is pleated and allows for movement.

If ‘lavender’ isn’t your color, you can’t go wrong with classic black, but there’s also 7 other colors to choose from.



I’ve shown you this dress before and we all agreed that we absolutely loved it. I found it in this pretty lilac color and I love it for Spring. It’s a little sassy with the open lace in the front and the shorter lining, but you’re completely covered and suitable for both church and family events.

DressHeelsSimilar Wooden BagEarrings

DRESS FIT : It runs a tad small, I’m wearing an XS and it fits me perfectly.

DressHeelsSimilar Wooden BagEarrings

Similar to the lace dress above, this one is also well made, yet with a more tailored fit. It’s lined at the bust and to the knee, so you can wear your favorite strapless bra with it.

Look at the detailing on the top! I think the lacy fringe at the neck and shoulders is so lovely.  I also like the ladder stitching at the chest and under the bust.  That helps to accentuate the smallest part of your waist so that it’s extra figure flattering.

Lilac Crochet Dress

These heels are my go-to style when I want a classic pump.  They’re by Jessica Simpson and have a four inch heel, which this shorty appreciates for short durations of time! They definitely elongate your leg and make them look super sassy!

The ‘nude blush suede’ is a pretty alternative to your basic nude heel too.  You’ll be able to wear this color with lots of things in your wardrobe.



Your favorite t-shirt dress is back in a beautiful lavender color!  If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck this Spring, this dress is under $50!  It’s super easy to wear since it’s not at all body conscious.  I like how it ruches a little at the shoulders and the pocket gives it a casual feel.

DressChambray TopEspadrillesSimilar Round Bag 

DRESS FIT : TTS, I’m wearing size XS

I like how it ruches a little at the shoulders and the pocket gives it a casual feel.

I tied the button down top around my waist for a more casual look, but without it, the outfit would look dressier.

Because of the relaxed fit, it’s particularly great for a brunch or luncheon.

These colorful striped espadrilles have been a magnet for compliments lately.  They are actually quite comfortable and I love them with jeans, shorts, rompers and dresses!


Okay friends, here’s hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight! Hope you have a fantastic day!

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  1. My advice on the sleeping- set firm boundaries, like I will lay with you and read one story, but then keep a sleeping bag on the floor by your bed. Explain to her that if she gets scared, she is more than welcome to sleep in your room in the sleeping bag, but she is not to wake you up because you need to sleep well to be a good mommy during the day. My mom did this for me and my siblings (there were 5 of us!) and I did this for my 3 kids around age 3. Works like a charm and its a win-win all the way around. Eventually, they quit using the sleeping bag and that phase is over 🙂

  2. I am right there with you on the sleep in your own bed thing!! I have a nine and five year old and we are currently in the middle of some really disruptive sleep. For the longest time, everyone stayed in their bed, except for a couple times here and there when having bad dreams but lately, going on two to three months here, they’ve both been waking up and coming into my bed, like almost every single night!! ! Just when you think bad sleep is over it comes back. Since the whole “Momo” thing that was on YouTube, both girls have been having bad dreams and are extremely afraid to be alone at night. I let it slide for a bit, even setting up a sleeping bag on the floor for my older daughter because my younger one can fit in bed with me but now it’s out of hand and I haven’t slept through the night in months. I just resulted to bribery, like stay in your bed for two weeks and I’ll get you a reward but last night both were up three times each!! I’m so tired and almost at a loss for what to do now! I’m sympathetic because I know they are truly scared and I feel bad but I am. SO. SO. SO tired.

  3. Hi there! Went through something similar with my daughter after Harvey and I gave her a sweater of mine (Hello Barefoot Dream…) telling her “I can’t sleep with you but since you have my sweater, it’s as if I was still there”. She’s been using it as her lovey ever since… Good luck!

  4. I’m actually in the “don’t sweat it” Camp with the sleeping arrangements. Whatever works so that everyone gets the maximum amount of sleep possible is how we roll. If setting boundaries is best for your family—do it! But if co-sleeping for a bit gets you through this phase, I wouldn’t worry. They are only young for such a short time. Good luck mama!

  5. She wakes and calls for you to come back because you were there when she fell asleep therefore she only knows how to fall asleep with you next to her. You’re her sleep crutch, i.e. the thing she needs to fall asleep, whether it’s bed time or the middle of the night. The more you interact with her in the middle of the night\sleep in her bed\let her sleep in your bed, the more frequently she’ll wake and need you to help her get back to sleep. The absolute best sleep skill you can teach a child is how to fall asleep on their own, in their own bed, at bed time – then if they wake during the night they won’t need you to fall back asleep (unless they are sick, etc). I hope the nights get better soon, I have three young kids and have dealt with tons of sleep issues. I know it sucks!

  6. I’ve been there too and it’s so exhausting. You have my total sympathy!! I’m in the camp of teaching them to sleep in their own bed instead of just rolling with it though. You guys probably won’t believe this but my now high school age son has a friend that’s a girl who always did that growing up and STILL gets in bed with her parents….at 16. not good 🙁

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