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Hi friend!  How are you?  It’s been such an emotional week here.  I’ve been sharing updates on Stories, but in case you aren’t on Instagram, I’ll share here too.  Now that I’m able to leave my neighborhood safely, I’ve been wanting to get out in my community and dig in and help.  It’s the same for everyone who’s been fortunate enough to be safe with dry homes.  We feel so blessed and at the same time so bad for everyone who’s suffering.  It’s a strong contrast of emotions and it’s hard to square them.

Yesterday, I volunteered at First Baptist Church helping organize and sort though a mountain of donations.  The sheer generosity of people is amazing!

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer

On the receiving end, once items are dropped off, they have to be sorted by size/gender and organized into bags to deliver to people in need.  I’m not sure how that delivery part will happen, but I do know that at the church I was at, the sheer volume of donations was overwhelming!  They need more volunteers to help sort because there are just so many items, especially clothes! I really don’t think any more clothes are needed, but IF you are donating clothes to a place in need, please bring ‘gently used’ or new clothes and label the gender/size on the bag you are bringing them in.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey donations

The George R. Brown Convention Center said last night that they don’t need any more supplies, except for size 6-7 pull-ups, but they do need more volunteers.  However, they have enough medical volunteers.

Getting out on the highway, I was able to see the flooding at I-10 near Highway 6.  It’s surreal to see people boating down the street that looks more like an ocean than a road.  Crew workers are still on the scene working on it.  It’s very sobering to see it for yourself, especially when my specific neighborhood looks relatively normal.

Hurricane Harvey I-10 damage

I cannot say enough how grateful I am for each and every one of you that has reached out to offer a kind word or a silent prayer.  I know you are out there even if you haven’t made yourself known.  I feel the love and I love you back!


I’ve been a little frazzled with everything going on, so my apologies if you are seeing this pre-scheduled post twice.  I accidentally published it on Tuesday for a couple hours when I meant for it to go live today. #oops  

Today’s post is in collaboration with QVC who, in full disclosure, compensated me for my product review.  As always, my opinions are my honest thoughts and feelings about the products and I only recommend things I would actually use. The relationship I have with you is worth far more to me than any product collaboration!  For those of you regular readers, you know that I’m an over-40 mom of two kiddos and I try to stay in shape and look as good as I can.  Even though I’m no spring chicken, I wouldn’t mind looking like one!  Spring chickens look good, right?!

QVC Elemis

Top ⋅ Necklace ⋅ Earrings ⋅ Bag

After turning 40, I realized that I really needed to start paying better attention to my skin because there’s no turning back time.  Up until earlier this year, I had used only drugstore cleanser and nothing else on my face.  Talk about an easy routine!  But, I only did that because I didn’t know what else to use and I was afraid of products breaking out my sensitive skin.

Earlier this year, I started using higher-end skincare products and saw so much improvement in my skin!  And I felt like a mature woman who is taking responsibility for her skin and doing something special for myself by taking the time to pamper my skin with quality skin care products.  Many of you responded that you are interested in taking care of your skin too and using products that make a difference.

QVC sent me the Elemis skincare 3-Piece Discovery Kit to try and I’ve been using it for the last few weeks.  But before I get to the Elemis skincare line, I have to admit, I knew about QVC for years, but I’ve never shopped there.  Isn’t QVC the show on tv that sells products and people call in and they do on-air demos?  Like Lisa Rinna? Well, yes, but did you know you can shop QVC online?  I didn’t!!   I shop so much online to save time that this revelation is big news to me!  But, you can also shop online the things you see on tv!   Sometimes I think I know some things, but mostly I sit around thinking, “Where have I been?”

Kind of like when I tried the Elemis line.  I received the Elemis Pro-Definition 3-Piece Skincare Kit that includes a Cleansing Oil, Pro-Definition Day Cream and Pro-Definition Night Cream. Although they have more products in their skin care line, I liked the simplicity of just starting out with three products to try.

Elemis Pro Definition Kit

The Elemis Cleansing Oil seems counterintuitive, because you feel like you don’t want to put something with oil on your skin, but this cleanser is really nice.  It smells beautiful and feels luxurious on your skin.  You shake the bottle before using, then massage the cleansing oil onto dry skin with your fingertips.  You then add warm water to create a milky lather and finally rinse it off.  My skin feels baby bottom smooth after this!  And I know what a baby bottom feels like! I change lots of diapers!

QVC Elemis 2

Similar Robe

QVC Elemis 1

But the real game changer for me is using a day and night cream.  The Pro-Definition Day Cream is formulated to help nourish and smooth the look of your skin.  It also had a pretty, light clean scent, but it’s not overpowering.  I went ahead and sniffed this again while I was writing this and I’m reminded how good it smells!  If a skin cleanser or any kind of lotion has a funny or overpowering smell, I’ll get a headache and can’t wait to get it off my skin because I’m sensitive like that.  This stuff, I want to stick my nose into or light it as a candle at my desk!

Similarly, the Pro-Definition Night Cream for anti-aging for “mature skin” (who’s mature? Ha!) is made to improve skin texture.  You only need a tiny bit (pea sized) to cover your entire face.  I always have a tendency to want to rub, rub, rub products onto my face, but I try to remember to just dab it on lightly and then gently glide the product onto my skin.  I never thought I could wear a moisturizer or any type of cream, but my skin loves it!  It’s practically screaming at me, ‘why did you wait so long to moisturize?!’

QVC Elemis 3

QVC Elemis 6

I’ve only been using this cleanser and creams for a couple weeks, but my skin is happy and healthy-looking with it!  I don’t always wear makeup during the day if I’m just staying home, and it’s really nice to just have fresh, clear, and moisturized skin!

They have a mini travel kit too, which is perfect because it’ll fit nicely into my cosmetics case when I go out of town.

Elemis Pro Definition travel kit

If there was one thing that could be improved, I’d say the packaging could be prettier, but that’s being picky.  It’s what’s inside that counts and the skin care products I tried are good!  Elemis has products in their skin care line to meet every need, so I encourage you to check them out if you’re looking for something new.  I know I tend to stick to things I know and love, so I’m happy that I was introduced to this brand.

They also have a superfood facial oil and although I haven’t tried that one, but my skin loves a tiny bit of facial oil if it’s feeling particularly dry.  I just put the smallest amount in my palms and then rub my hands together and then dab it onto my face. If there’s any left over, I just rub it into the back of my hands and even onto my arms and legs.

The 3-Piece Elemis Pro-Definition kit is also a great value at under $50 with free standard shipping.  And if you’re new to QVC, you can get $5 off your order with code FIVE4U.


QVC Matching Donations


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  1. Are you using this along with and mixed in with the Colleen Rothschild products you have talked about before on an occasion or two? Or are you using this one exclusively now… and no longer using the Colleen Rothschild….I need to invest in my skincare, and I guess I am curious about which you will be sticking with for the long haul? Thanks for any clarity…..

    1. Hi Andrea! Great question! For the last few weeks, I’ve only been using Elemis so that I could give it a comprehensive review. And I really liked what I tried- the cleansing oil, day cream and night cream. I am also a huge fan of the CR products and will use those too. I like the CR balancing gel cleanser, but I’m not as crazy for the scent. The Elemis cleansing oil is comparable to the CR cleansing balm, but the Elemis is an oil (liquid) and the CR is a balm- so I guess that’s personal preference, but the Elemis one smells amazing! I prefer the liquid pump on that one. I honestly think both products are great quality, the packaging is prettier on CR. Elemis and CR both have products specifically formulated for certain issues, so depending on your skin type and need, I bet you can find what you need from either line. Thankfully, I have enough of both to last me awhile!

  2. Hello, Megan!

    I enjoyed reading your entry! Btw, you have such an amazing skin! I’d definitely wanted to try these products from Elemis. They looked so promising! 🙂 Just a question, did you experience some kind of like “purging” or the immediate breakout right after using a new product? 🙂

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