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Now that I’ve had a chance to peruse all the women’s fashion from the Nordstrom Sale (see my Must Haves here), I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through the other categories.  I haven’t seen much I was crazy about for kids, but I sheepishly admit I really only looked for Jordan so far.  I did snatch up these pink sneakers for her and she’s the cutest in them (size 5)!  And, I got my hubby to choose his men’s picks, so I’ll have that for you next week, along with his witty commentary!  You would’ve thought I asked him to shovel snow uphill the way he was bemoaning how exhausting going through the men’s section online was! #tsktsk! But, some of his picks have already arrived and he’s digging them!

I’m so ready for the sale to open up to everyone on FRIDAY!, so definitely come back because I’ll have more to share with you then.  See my first round of dressing room posts with fit review here & here.  I’ve been busy mixing and matching pieces so I can show you several looks and how to make the most out of what you buy on Friday!

Today, I have my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty recommendations and I must say, this category did not disappoint!  There’s lots I could have added to my cart and went on and on about, but I narrowed it down to my Top 10 for you!

HWH Nordstrom Sale 2017, Beauty Collage

Bobbi Brown Eye & Cheeks Palette $98, $365 value + gift with purchase

Bobbi Brown can do no wrong in my book.  I love her philosophy about using makeup to enhance your own natural beauty and everything I’ve tried from her line has been wonderful. This palette includes 12 neutral eyeshadows in a combination of matte, shimmer and metallic, 2 blushes and 2 bronzers with a good size mirror.  The colors in this palette are my everyday makeup looks, and you can apply the darker browns and blend them for a neutral smokey eye if you want a more dramatic look.  This palette is a great value at over $265 off!

Smashbox Makeup Set $49, $94 value

I’m including this Smashbox set too because I was given a Smashbox set of eyeshadows as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and really liked them.  The shadows had a lot of pigment in them and went on smooth. I’m also crazy for this Full Exposure mascara for giving you big, bold lashes.  It really magnifies them! The dark gel eyeliner is the kind I use to line my top lid very thinly at the lash line to make your eyes pop and create the illusion of even fuller lashes.

NueLash Lash Serum $150, $245 value

The NueLash serum is what I’ve gotten the most questions about because y’all remembered I started using it after I took off my lash extensions and my lashes were so damaged and short.  I was so scared that I had ruined them for life! Even now, I kinda still wish I had them, but I keep remembering it’s probably not worth it.  I bought NeuLash when it was on sale for about this price (this one includes 2), and started applying it every night right at my lashline.  It goes on clear and you can’t feel it at all.  There’s  no eye irritation or concern about changing eye color or anything like that.  Within a month, my lashes had grown considerably longer. I can tell by looking and by where my lashes hit on my lash curler when I curl them.  The bottle lasts a long time too- I’m still on my first one and I’ve had it for months.

Anastasia Lip Gloss Set $28, $42 value

One thing I’m loving over the past couple years is wearing different lip colors.  It’s the easiest way to change up and brighten your look!  These 6 lip glosses are full-coverage with lots of shine and a non-drying formula that smells like vanilla.

Sugar Lip Set $26, $38 value

I’ve gotten in the habit of having something on my lips at most times, and even if I’m just going to the gym or grocery shopping, I’ll swipe on this Sugar lip, that actually nourishes your lips while providing a subtle hint of color.  I love how this feels on my lips and the rose one also has SPF 15.  The Sugar Advance Therapy is clear and you can wear it alone or as a base for your lipstick.

Drybar Hair Set $49, $72 value

I currently use the Drybar heat protector and love it and how it smells, so I’m intrigued to try the items in this set: 1) prep & prime spray detangler; 2) 3 in 1 texturizer/volumizer/refresher (this is supposed to give your hair amazing volume); 3) dry shampoo.  I’ve become a dry shampoo addict this last year and have heard great things about this one.  All of their products smell amazing and are known for their quality.

T3 Featherweight Hairdryer $134, $200 value

I was at my hairdresser this week and the cutie pie guy that does the best blow-outs was using this hairdryer.  Of course I started asking him how he liked it and he said he loves it and it’s the only one he’ll use. I asked him what was so good about it and he said it’s lightweight so he doesn’t feel like his arm is gonna fall off after doing so many blowouts all day, it’s quiet, and it has good power for drying hair relatively quickly.  I love the look of the white one but it wouldn’t show up very well in the collage. 😉

Ouai Hair Care Kit $26, $38 value

I use this wave spray in my hair for more tousled-looking or “undone” hair after I’ve curled it. You can also mist it in your damp hair.  It smells nice with a hint of floral notes.  The kit also comes with a foaming dry shampoo I’m anxious to try. It’s supposed to volumize your hair without any powdery residue.

Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System $86, $129 value

Okay, this is one thing I haven’t tried that I wanted to ask you about!  I’ve been using the Colleen Rothschild skincare line, but was wondering if any of you had the Clarisonic because I’ve heard such wonderful things about how it clears your pores, reduces oily areas, dry patches, and blemishes.  A problem I’ve had in the past was not getting my pores clean, so I’m intrigued by this and the price is right now.  This one is also compact so you can travel with it and it’s waterproof for shower use.

Daisy Fragrance & Body Lotion $85, $141 value

If you love smelling good and haven’t tried Marc Jacob’s Daisy fragrance, I say try it!  I know fragrances are highly subjective, but this is a good one with a fresh, light and not overpowering floral scent and a gorgeous bottle!

Finally, because I really wanted to recommend 10 things and the Clarisonic was more of a question, a special shout out goes to the MAC Nice ‘n Spicy Lip Kit.  It comes with a lip primer (that actually really makes a difference in how smooth and even your lipstick goes on), lip liner, and lip gloss in a gorgeous neutral.  I’m usually too lazy to line my lips, but I always love the look when I do! MAC lipsticks and glosses are among my faves because the color lasts and doesn’t taste or smell weird.

What are your beauty faves from the sale?? 

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  1. I loved my Clarisonic for about 6 years. I used it after taking off my make up, and it did remove every trace of left over make up. That being said, I have stopped using it now for the last four months as my skin just wasn’t responding well (I am almost 52) and I think it was just too harsh, even with using most delicate brush head, and over-exfoliating my skin. I just recently bought the Colleen Rothschild trial kit and am LOVING it! I used Clinique skin care (and still am using their make up for now) exclusively, so it was difficult to switch, but my skin is loving CR! You are younger, so you will probably benefit from the Clarisonic still. I think it’s a great thing and I recommend it highly, just not for me anymore… Hope this helps!

    1. It’s funny how we have to pay attention to our skin because it changes! Glad to hear you are loving the Colleen Rothschild trial kit. Love her products!

  2. Can you do more organizing posts and some time management posts? I relate to that better than these shopping ones. Just saying.

  3. Meagan I’ve been using the CR products just over a year now and LOVE them! I have tried the Clarisonic twice over the past 8 years, via a television home shopping channel , and both times had to return. I am going to be 60 in a few days and I have had sensitive skin for the past 20+ years. Not sure why it started so late, but it did and I’ve had to be very careful with products. As Dawn mentioned, the Clarisonic was to harsh for my skin. I have large pores, oily skin and broken capillaries. I swear I actually developed a few more broken capillaries on my chin after using this machine.
    That said I just clean with CR now. LOVE the whole line! No problems with anything. The masks from CR have done wonders for my pores. The scrub I do NOT use as a scrub, just gently apply and let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse. The black clay mask really cleans my pores!!! I also use a sensitive skin facial wipe, Aveno, before washing my face with CR products.
    Hope this helps.

    PS…you have beautiful skin!

  4. I’ve used the Clarisonic for about 15 years now give or take and LOVE it! I can’t imagine using any other cleansing device on my face. It truly does get your skin clean and you will notice that your products work better. I bought my daughter her first Clarisonic as a teen and it really helped with the breakouts (she’s 32 now and is a die hard fan of it too). I have the Clarisonic Smart Profile, but that’s just because I like the different setting options and the turbo button (plus they came out with a new brush head that massages your face and helps your skincare products penetrate better). I think the Mia will do just as well in getting your skin clean. I’m 55 now and my skin has never looked better. I think you’ll be very happy that you got it!

  5. For the Nuelash serum =do you have to use it every night ? What would happen if you used it for a few months and then stop? Would your lashes stay at the longer length? My 20 yr old daughter is interested in this. Thanks

    1. That’s a good question! I’ve been using it every night because I still have more left in the bottle and mine are long now. I don’t think your lashes would shrink if you stopped using it though.

  6. I used a clarisonic mia 2 for years and got rid of it last year. it cleans well (the cashmere brush head is the best for my dry, sensitive skin) but i noticed it started to cause breakouts and was becoming too harsh for my skin. it’s a lot of maintenance to keep the brush head germ free; it got expensive cleaning it and replacing it often. I picked up the foreo luna mini at the nordstrom anniversary sale last year and it’s a more gentle tool; leaves my skin so soft. my husband even started using it. It’s so easy to clean with just some water and dries well. clarisonic was great for my skin when i was in my (late) 20’s but not so much in my (mid) 30’s.

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