In the Dressing Room | Swimsuit Edition w Bikinis

And the ‘school’s out for summer’ countdown continues with just one more day of school! We have pretty much already checked out, but there’s still a final school mass and awards ceremony, last day of school party, and teacher appreciation gifts to be given.   Then, there’s sure to be lots of pool days in our future!  

I did a dressing room post featuring swimsuits right around Spring Break this year (find our Spring Break Packing guide here– it’s still relevant for your summer trips!) That swimsuit post featured mostly one-pieces, my fave was this pink paisley and I’m still wearing it. Ya’ll said you appreciated the fit and quality review, but also wanted to see some bikinis, so here we go!  I sprayed myself with self-tanner and checked my self-consciousness at the door to find you a dozen darling swimsuits! I hope you’ve at least had coffee! I’ll be back on Friday with our regular, fully-clothed version of In the Dressing Room! ?Swimsuit shopping presents it’s own set of challenges, but finding the right size is chief among them.  Most manufacturers recommend sizing up one and I always put the size I’m wearing in purple italics. For size reference, I’m 5’1, 105, 34D.  I find that typically equates to a Medium or Large bikini top and XS or Small bottoms, and in one-pieces, I’m usually a 2 or 4.  

I definitely prefer ordering online and trying on in the comfort of my own home (without the oh-so flattering fluorescent lighting, please!) and order from places like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom with free returns.  Bloomingdale’s lets you return things up to a full year from the shipping date! I’m a “loyalist” member, which means free shipping and a point for every $25 spent.  5000 points earns you $25 to spend.  This isn’t a sponsored post, just a friendly FYI if you’re not familiar with shopping Bloomingdale’s online.  
This bandeau style bikini ended up being one of my faves and it also comes in white.  You can wear it with our without the neck strap that ties in the back and does offer more lift and support.  The ruffled bottoms are sweet and add more curves if you’re narrow at the hips.
I wish this bikini photographed as vibrant as it appears in person!  The colors are really fun and I love the print! I wasn’t sure how comfortable the off-shoulder top would be, but it’s fine and surprisingly, stays put. The ruffle part was hanging a little low on me, but I really liked the contrast stitching on the bottoms.
This navy and white bikini has a nautical feel to it, but the simplicity is perfect.  The top has underwire, but I probably needed to size up to a large.  I like tie side bottoms (double knotted!) because they let you adjust the fit.
Here’s a sassy one for ya with the criss cross strings on the top and sides.   It’s revealing, but also stayed in place when I was moving around. It also comes in pink and is on sale in that color.
The scallop detail and quilted fabric are the sweetest on this bikini!  I only wish the straps did a better job at supporting the top, but they are too far to the side to really help.  The top has gel lining to help hold the cups up, but I think it would be better suited for smaller chests.  I’d be worried about falling out of this one.  I’m wearing it with the cup pads, but they are removable.
I felt like Sporty Spice in this bikini!  It runs very small though, so size up!  I would size up to a Large top and Medium bottoms.  The colorful stitching looks great all around, even from behind.  It also comes in black and white.
Here’s another one that is also teeny tiny.  The crocheted fabric and adorable pom poms are awesome!  I’d have to size up to a Large top though.


This bra provides more coverage up top, and is actually reversible (it’s white)! I wish I had snapped a pic of the other side!


I like the look of a solid paired with a print, so I tried on two different bottoms with this printed top.  The pink bottoms have cute rushing in the back.
And for those of you planning on sticking with a one-piece this summer, I found  three four I actually liked!  Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch:
This miracle suit is so flattering!  It’s a gorgeous black one piece with a sweetheart neckline and thicker straps (but not too thick that they look ‘old lady’) that feel great on your shoulders!  You can’t really tell in the pics, but there is ruching along the middle that really helps camouflage any trouble spots there.  I just felt really good and confident in this swimsuit!
This suit is the best of both worlds combining a bikini-ish top and bottom with the coverage of a one piece with crochet cutouts.  The straps are adjustable and I like the way the crochet pattern goes in a V-shape to flatter your figure.
I was sweet on this romantic, floral one piece.  It’s a traditional cut suit and felt very comfortable on, but I probably could have sized down to a 2 so that it would fit more snug.  




JCrew One Shoulder Striped Swimsuit (I would order Size 2 bc I have this JCrew suit in size 2 and it fits perfect)
Last but not least, I wanted to try this one, but it wasn’t at my store! Aren’t the stripes and one shoulder so cute?!
Do you prefer a bikini or one-piece for summer?  Or both?! 


keep in touch! 


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  1. The miracle suit is plain but looks fantastic. I like the black bikini and the crochet one piece but with those I always get stuck thinking of how the tan lines will look!
    I tend to prefer bikinis since I’ve mostly given up caring how people think I look

    1. I wonder about those tan lines too! I love the attitude about just having fun and enjoying yourself without caring what other people think. 🙂

  2. Omg, your abs, want! Love the nautical one the best. You do not need a one piece…ever. I am new to your IG and blog so going to hunt down your work out routines. Just returned from a beach trip and felt 40 and flabby. Must get in shape. You are great motivation, I can do it!

    1. That striped one seems to be a favorite! You can do it! When I was really trying to make changes, I felt like it took several weeks to notice a difference, then all of a sudden, bam! You start to see it and feel great, so that is motivating!

  3. My bikini wearing days are sadly over as my abs are no more, but you look fabulous in all the suits. I would NEVER wear a one piece if I had your figure–bikinis all the way! 🙂

  4. These bikinis are great my favorite are: yellow, black and the black one piece! I must to admit I am a little bit envy about your fit body:D

  5. I just ordered the La Blanca one piece from Amazon for $83! Thanks for so many options! I love your blog and read everyday!

  6. Girl, your stomach puts mine to shame! I got a soft, pudgy belly with no visible abs, and I’m a guy. =/

    Much respect to you! I wish my tummy would like that or at least have one visible pack.

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