Jordan’s Christmas Nursery

I swear the weekends go faster and faster and just like that, we’re back to Monday! But, in just two short weeks, it will be Christmas break and we’ll have our son home for a couple weeks, so we’re looking forward to that!  We also celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary over the weekend and I can’t believe next year will be 10 years.  I love this little family of ours and of course Jordan brings so much joy! 

Her nursery is still one of my favorite rooms in our house and we recently added a touch of Christmas decor in honor of her very first Christmas.

As soon as I saw this medium sized pre-flocked Christmas tree at Homegoods, I knew it would be perfect for her room.  It came in the galvanized tub and is just so pretty with those big fluffy branches!  On the spot, I decided I had to have it and was just thankful it fit in my car even with her and the carseat inside!  I found a similar 3.5 foot flocked tree online for under $60!  It’s pre-lit just like this one and looks almost identical, but I don’t think it comes with the tub.
I didn’t go overboard with the Christmas decorations in her room this year, just the lightly decorated tree and a simple Noel banner that I got at our annual Nutcracker Market are all it needed to ring in the holiday. Last year, before she was even born, I decked it out with shiny pink and gold!  Now that she’s actually here . . . mama’s too tired to do more! 
I racked my brain trying to remember the name of the sweet shop that sold that NOEL banner since I threw the receipt away, and I finally found the Nutcracker brochure with all the vendors in it!  This shop is called Miss Rose Sister Violet and they have the sweetest vintage accessories, housewares and apparel.  
Jordan is already 9 months old and of course exploring everything!  She hasn’t paid too much attention to the tree – she mostly prefers to play with dirty old shoes! 

I fell in love with the winter snow kid ornament set from Target.  They are fabric and look handmade, perfect for a children’s room.  
The tree also has mini wooden star ornaments from Homegoods, felt ball garland from Minted, and wooden beaded stars from Target.
I ordered two personalized ornaments to honor Jordan’s first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family of four from Etsy shop, Mooseberry Paper Co.  We tried to get personalized ornaments at the Nutcracker Market but the line was outrageous and we opted not to wait.  I’m actually glad I found this Etsy shop- they have darling ornaments! 
So you can see the ornament is about 3 inches in diameter.  And I’m wearing that same light knit sweater that I’ve been reaching for everyday!  It’s casual goodness with a wide v-neck and is currently 40% off- still in stock in lots of colors and sizes.  I should buy another color so it’s not as obvious that I’m in the same thing everyday!
It’s been increasingly difficult to photograph things in our home with an active and adorable baby around!  I thought you might want to see what was happening in the background while I tried to get these shots. That’s also why you see Jordan wearing two different things in this post- because I had to take these pics on a couple of different days.  
For the second day of shooting, I hauled the exersaucer (that I normally keep in our master bathroom for when I need to shower) into the hallway to try to keep her contained.  That lasted all of six minutes until she was screaming to get out.  Fine.
So she played her favorite game of “let’s pull everything out of the dirty laundry basket” while I tried to take a few more pics.  Don’t let that innocent face fool ya! She’s up to no good!
And “eat the hangers” is always fun.
But when she got all up in my biz and tried to pull the tripod over . . . 
I had the genius idea to put her into her crib.  
Poor baby.  
But I don’t give up. “Look Jordan, there’s a Christmas Tree in your room!” (said in my most happy-high-pitched squeally baby voice to try and elicit a smile.) Yes, right there!”  
Better keep snapping while she’s smiling!  
That lasted 30 seconds before she was demanding to get out again.
Well, at least we got a few!  Love this baby to pieces!! 
If you’re interested in more details about this room, including sources, paint colors, etc., I shared them all in this post.  To see more of our Christmas decor, you can click the HOLIDAY tab
Have a great week friends!


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  1. rolls and pouting??? she is still so adorable and cute 🙂 i can't believe she is 9 months only and standing up, soon walking all over the place! watch out mama…she will definitely keep you in your toes, if not already 😀

  2. Love that hamper/basket and I'm on the lookout for one for my little boy's nursery. Do you recall where it's from? I checked your nursery source list but didn't see it. Thank you!

    PS – Love the idea of bringing a little Christmas into the kid's rooms. Definitely doing it next year!

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