Decked + Styled Holiday Tour

Good morning friends!  Today is a special day where I’m joining several of my blog friends for the Decked & Styled Holiday Tour and I’m extending a warm hello and big hug to those of you that are new to my blog, or stopped by from my friend Abby, Just A Girl and Her Blog!
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting everyone in this tour, except for the special one who actually organized it- Bree from ZDesign at Home! I can’t wait to finally meet her in person too, hopefully this summer!  I’m honored to be included with this group and can’t wait to show you a peek inside our holiday home!
If you’ve been with me on this blog journey since the beginning, you’ve seen our house evolve from a patch of dirt into the place we lovingly call home.  You’ve seen our son, James, grow from a little baby into a lively, smart, thoughtful, fun big brother to baby Jordan.You’ve seen decor hits and lots of misses.  You watched me organize and reorganize and shared in my fitness journey and efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.  You’ve been there encouraging me in your sweet comments and also silently (I feel ya sisters!), and I appreciate you so much! I’m honored to welcome you in today and share some of what it feels like to celebrate the holidays in our home.

I’ve vacuumed up the cheerios, shoved the messes aside, poured a hot cup of coffee into my favorite Christmas mug and even and put on a red lip for the occasion! I’ve got a ton of pictures to share with you and to keep the post from being waaay too long, I’ll let them do most of the talking! I hope you find some holiday inspiration here!Welcome to our home!


With simplicity calling my heart more and more, this year, when I pulled out ALL the bins of Christmas decor, I chose to only keep and/or display the things that truly make us happy.  You’ll see more minimal Christmas decor in our home this year, but lots of Christmas trees!
We’ve got a big flocked tree under our stairs, a tall tree in the dining room, a skinny tree in our bedroom, a mini tree in James’ room, a small tree in a galvanized tub in Jordan’s nursery, and a rose gold tree in my office.  But who’s counting?!  Well, my husband is and he says that’s six!


Like most of you, our kitchen is the heart of our home and we added a little bit of festiveness here with a pretty faux greenery candle holder I found at our local Nutcracker Market.  This flameless candle is proving to be quite handy!
Nutcracker Market Holiday Candle with Flameless Candle

Even though I vowed to do less advent activities this year, when my son found these mini bags we’ve used in the past as an advent calendar, he was so excited to string it together and hang it up!  Every morning, he can’t wait to look inside each day and see what the cards inside say (even though we haven’t been actually doing everything) they say to do!
I found this tall tiered server recently at Tuesday Morning and I’m sure there will be lots of styling opportunities for it in the future as the seasons change.  I’m currently loving having our coffee mugs so conveniently displayed!
Similar Three Tiered Stand | Hobby Lobby Santa Cookie Jar & Cake Stand | old Mikasa Chevron Mugs (Similar) | White Coffee Cups | Espresso Cups | Red Car Cookie Jar
One of the advent activities we actually did was make a gingerbread house! 



Through the kitchen and into the dining room we go! This room got it’s own tree this year and we decorated it with red and white ornaments. A couple of large Nutcrackers are keeping watch and this is where we’ll host Christmas dinner for all of our family this year!
Baby Jordan is delighted with the sparkly Christmas trees, but surprisingly, she hasn’t really tried to pull anything down!
There’s just nothing cuter than a baby dressed up for the holidays!
Hobby Lobby Merry Christmas Sign
Oh, look who popped in?! It’s so hard to get a picture of him these days!


The area under our stairs always houses our main Christmas tree and really shows it off with the curve of the staircase. This year, we flocked the tree and decorated it mostly in blues and metallics. You can see more details and pics of it in this post, so I’ll just share a couple here.



On the stairs, I hung live garland and eucalyptus branches from Trader Joe’s.  I’ve learned over the years that enlisting a second set of hand when decorating the stairs is the best way to not feel like you’re in garland hell!  This was a messy job, but so lovely!


The Master Sitting room was the first room I decorated this year, in early November!  I’ve always decorated right after Thanksgiving, but having gotten started early this year makes me a convert. This was our version of a mini Winter Wonderland and it’s one of my favorite spaces this year.



Our lives have been so very blessed by Jordan and this will be her very first Christmas! We put a smallish flocked tree in her nursery and decorated it with plush, kid-friendly ornaments.  You can read the ‘behind the scenes’ post about this photo shoot here.





I’m sitting in my office right now typing up this post and editing these photos!  This room got a makeover this year with the help of my talented friend, Sita Montgomery and I so enjoy being in it now!
This rose gold Christmas tree is so feminine and sparkly and pretty!  Just what this room needed to dress it up for the holidays!
All pink everything!


Grey Sweater | Jeans | Initial Necklace (Similar)I even added a few festive touches to my desk, but didn’t go crazy in here.

Sugar Paper Writing Desk | Mesmerize Art | Etagere

Pink NutcrackerGold LampPhew! If you made it to the end, I’m impressed!

Grey Sweater | Jeans | Kids Hunter Boots (My Hunter Boot Review)

Thank you so much for stopping by our Decked and Styled Holiday Tour!

Please head to Erin’s blog next, Sunny Side Up, I promise you won’t be disappointed!  Below is just a tiny preview of what you’ll find at her place!

You can visit the entire tour by clicking on the names below:


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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. It's beautiful! I feel you on the advent calendar. I've been trying to avoid stressing about not completing every task but trying to just encourage us to be more in the spirit of the holidays. How blessed we are to have our baby girls joining their big brothers for the holidays this year!

    1. Yes! It's even more fun with the babes! I have to admit, the morning James opened the advent calendar and the activity was "build a gingerbread house!" I was all :/ – I had to run to Walgreens to get the kit while he was in school!

  2. Love the front door image. It looks like a book cover (hint hint). Beautiful! You echo my sentiments exactly with trying to simplify. I've left most of the boxes of Christmas decor in the attic because I just can't stand all the "stuff" cluttering the house. I want to my kids to enjoy the season, complete with the items that bring back memories for them, but it just seems like it can become overwhelming. Simple, natural, fresh is my jam!!

    1. I totally get what you mean. We've whittled down our decor over the years, so we don't have as much anymore. But there's still a lot! I'm also already thinking of how to store it more organized this year so it's easier to get to!

  3. Your Christmas home is beautiful! I don't recall ever seeing your kitchen island, it is gorgeous. I love seeing little Jordan sprinkled throughout the pictures, she's just adorable. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Melanie! So funny you mentioned the island because I was randomly thinking of painting it yesterday! It has bookshelves on one end, but they are currently bare because something kept pulling at everything! 😉

  4. Megan!! Thank you so, so much for doing this amazing tour with me! Your home is so beautiful all decked out for the holidays and thank you for sharing it with us!!! I hope we can all do this again next year for the decked & styled tour! Hugs to you and I really hope we get to meet soon too:) Xoxo

  5. Hi, Beautiful home! I’d love to know what paint colour you used in your livingroom (room with holy night art). I’m looking for a whole home greyish neutral that will go with warm blue/greys.

    Thanks, Heather

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