8 Month Baby Update

Every time I start to share a baby update with you, I’m amazed at how quickly it goes!  Yes, time goes by quickly with our 6 year-old son too, but it feels like everything with Jordan is happening even faster! She’s gotten mobile very quickly and is already on her way to walking! I hear about these babies walking at 9 months, but I’m not sure we’ll be there that fast.  My husband bets it’ll be by Christmas.  We’ll see! 
Today, I’m sharing all about the 8 month progress, and to keep this post from becoming a novel, I’ll share how I transitioned Jordan from breastmilk to formula and started her on solid foods in another post.  She’s drinking 4 (5-6 oz) bottles a day and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Of course, we had to take her to her very first pumpkin patch recently.  She’s still very attached to Mom, Dad, and Grandma but also likes to engage with other people, as long as they don’t hold her for too long! 

She started pulling up to standing at 6 months, and now she’s letting go and standing on her own.  I saw her ‘cruising’ the coffee table last week!

She’s completely in love with her big brother and he adores her right back.  It’s fun to watch them playing together and to see how excited she gets when he’s giving her attention.  He says he can’t wait until they go to school together and he will “always watch out for her and hold her hand.” #passthetissues!

Jordan’s Sweater

At home, she’s into everything!  She especially likes to find shoes and chew on them, so I have to really keep those picked up. 

Baby Tunic & Leggings

She’s got so many adorable clothes (lots of hand-me-downs from friends) and new things I got her for Fall.  She’s going to be Snow White for her first Halloween. Getting her dressed or changing her diaper is the biggest challenge because she hates to lay down and always flips right over. 

But, dang! She’s just so darn cute!!

I’m sure the holidays will be even sweeter this year with her a part of our family.  I’m already working on a Christmas project I can’t wait to show you next Monday!

She recently moved from the baby bathtub to the big bath and loves it.  She’s always trying to pull the plug though.  We are thisclose to finishing the decor touches in her bathroom, so I’ll be sharing that with you soon too!

Dad is getting his groove too, thank God! 😉 He still says he “really hits his stride” about age 2.  #only16monthstogo! 😉

It would be easier to keep Jordan home with me while the boys did sports and such, but I like us to stay together as a family as much as possible.  Sometimes, Jordan needs to nap and we miss something, but not too often.

She got the butterfly rattle as a gift at my baby shower and it’s one of her favorite toys lately.  Makes a great gift for a baby if you need one!

I’ve already got a post in the works about switching her to formula and solid foods and how I’m preparing those homemade, so let me know what questions you have about that so I can incorporate it into the post.  You can read Jordan’s 6-month and 3-month baby routines here.


keep in touch! 

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    1. Thanks Lauren! You've seen James grow up and now Jordan! Life was so much slower for us when James was a baby and now you're right, we've got two, so lots to keep up with!

  1. She's adorable. Love your Jordan updates. My son Dashiell turns one next week! Just wondering what you are using in the bathtub to keep her sitting upright? I see something green poking through the bubbles. I have to take baths with my son because we didn't have any luck with the Munchkin duck. He tries either standing up in it or leans over too far. Makes me nervous.

    1. Man, that first year flies by, right?! Happy almost birthday to Dashiell! Jordan sits upright by herself so she's just sitting on a nonslip mat to help her not slip. I just sit right on the floor by her while she's in there.

  2. Your family is so beautiful. I have a 7 month old so I'm looking forward to your post on her feeding schedule. We do some solids now but I need ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner ?

  3. I'm curious at what month you transitioned to solids and if you did just cereal first (like just breakfast) or did you do all three meals right off the bat?

    My 4 month old was okayed to start solids two weeks ago and at first we did just cereal in the morning, but we've just started adding in purees at lunch and dinner. She's a hungry gal. 😉

    1. We waited until she was 6 months and started with fruits and veggies and then added in cereal with fruit a few weeks later. My daughter eats big portions- surprises me! I'll do a more detailed food post in the next couple weeks.

  4. She is so so sweet Megan. I always love seeing photos of both of your adorable kids. James is really growing up! Christmas will be fun at your house this year!

    1. Thanks Allison! I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. It's really fun with James and having Jordan will make it even more special!

  5. Hi Megan,
    Thank you for the update post. She is absolutely adorable!! Baby update post is definitely one of my favorites as I'm always wondering what to expect. Would love some routine/schedule on the next update along with how she plays and what your day looks like with her. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your journey. You're always an inspiration!! 🙂

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