Wardrobe Wednesday | Dressing Room Edition

Last week, I got a chance to meet my girlfriend Veronika for lunch while my mom stayed home with Jordan.  My days with help from Grandma are numbered so it was wonderful to get to have that time for a friend get-together. Afterward, I took advantage of an hour and actually shopped for clothes inside.a.store!  I can’t remember the last time I did that!  I’ve gotten so comfortable shopping online, especially from Nordstrom because I know my sizes there and returns are so easy.  Right now Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale is going on, and prices are up to 40% on so many good things!
I used to shop Loft frequently, especially for work clothes, but after having my second baby, and since I still have weight to lose, I wasn’t sure what my size would be now, so I wanted to go in before ordering anything online.  Loft has great styles that also come in petite, perfect for us shorties!
I found so many cute things for summer!  Especially the shorts!  So many styles 50% off now! I’m always wearing my cutoff jean shorts, but they are so super casual and there are times I want to look more put together.  A patterned cotton short does the trick.  They are great for wearing on the weekend running around or for lunches and playdates.  Loft has a ton of styles, patterns and colors to choose from.  Being so short (5’0), I prefer shorts with 2-4″ inseam.  If you’re taller, or don’t like to show as much leg, they have 5-6″ inseam shorts too.


I love this tank (50% off) so much I got it in 4 colors.  I’m wearing a size Small in these pics because that’s what I picked up for the dressing room and I didn’t want to waste time going back out for the XS, but XS is what I ended up buying.  I realized when I was pregnant that looser clothes can tend to just make you look bigger.  Something that skims your body can actually make you look smaller.

I think sizes must run large at Loft because I was size 00 in all the shorts. #vanitysizing I’m 5’0 and 113 pounds currently for size reference.
How cute is this pop of  red with the shorts?!
refined tee (5 colors) 50% off  geo riviera shorts | wedge sandals
This vintage soft v-neck tee looks awesome too.
And the flowy tanks are so easy to wear, adore the lace detail at the top.
soft off the shoulder top (3 colors) 50% off 
I like how you can wear this top off or on the shoulder.
I wasn’t crazy about these shorts on me, but if you had a black top and were a little taller, I bet they’d be awesome.
After the shorts, I fell in love with these crop chinos! They are lightweight, comfy and cute and a great alternative to jeans for summer.
How fun are the striped pair?!
white romper 50% off  (also in berry) | (similar black romper)
I’m still dreaming of this romper!  I didn’t get it because I have this one (40% off), but mine is 3/4 sleeve and I love the sleeveless look of this one.I tried on a couple dresses and skirts too, but they didn’t look that great on me.  I would probably have needed to try on petite

maxi dress (50% off)
wrap skirt 
The wrap skirt was actually cute on, but I left it behind.
I’m crazy for this summer sweater though!
sweater 50% off 
It was good to get out for some girlfriend and shopping time!  We all need that once in awhile, right?! And I am having too much fun on snapchat (I’m @honeywerehome), come see us live there.  It’s so weird to listen to yourself, but also cool to get to interact more via video!
keep in touch! 

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  1. Oh my goodness – I love EVERYTHING you tried on!! It's really tempting to buy those shorts with the racerback top. You're right – sometimes the cotton shorts does make the outfit look more put together. I wanted to ask you something a little personal and I hope it doesn't come off as offensive. Obviously you're in a much more financially stable position than a student (like me). How do you manage your shopping budget? I love almost all of your suggestions but find them to be way out of my price range.

    1. I can so relate to that student way of life. When I was in college I racked up 3 grand in credit card debt and it took forever to pay it off since I didn't make that much money working and going to school. Listening to Dave Ramsey helped me so much and I still listen to him today! In college, I would just borrow my roommates clothes and she borrowed mine since we didn't have money to shop much. Now, I'm still a lover of a bargain and sale (hence the weekend steals & deals posts)! And I love to mix and match and often wear the same thing on repeat.

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