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Hi guys!  I hope y’all had a great weekend!  It feels like ours was jam packed, and on this Monday morning, I’m wishing I had just of weekend left.  The garbage disposal broke and suddenly I realize just how much I rely on modern conveniences.  Not a big deal, but enough of a hassle because without the disposal, the sink isn’t draining very well.  One more thing to deal with today.  We had our son’s school fundraising Gala on Saturday night (wore this romper with these shoes) and came thisclose to bringing home an 11-week old black labrador puppy, but thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the dog went to another good home.  We did end up winning dancing lessons!, although I know my husband would have much preferred the pup. #sorrybabe  
I had plans to bring you another post today, but since I’m too pooped to get that one out of my brain and onto the blog, I’ll share with you a few things from the weekend and lately.  This is my “one thing” for today! 😉
ONE | I have to start with the adorable baby, of course!  I snapped a couple pictures of her this weekend in her nursery, so this is the most recent of how Jordan Nicole is doing at just over 2 months old. She kills me with cuteness!! She really looks like a little doll here!
I’m noticing now that our days have more of a rhythm where her naptimes are getting more predictable as well as her bedtime (7:30-8:00 p.m.) although I do still feed her in the middle of the night.  When she’s wide awake she’s full of really big gummy smiles that melt your heart.  So far, she’s a pretty mellow baby, but will definitely let you know if she’s really hungry or tired.

Jordan was gifted and given hand-me-down clothes from the brand Kissy Kissy, which I had never heard of before #newgirlmom, but they are seriously the softest baby clothes I’ve ever felt.  All of the baby girl clothes are dreamy, but these are on another level of softness and quality.  I did a quick search and found some Kissy Kissy clothing on Amazon Prime too. I’d love to get her more as she outgrows the ones she has.

TWO | I had a little time to catch up on some long overdue and very much missed blog reading this weekend.  I went through Lindsay (The White Buffalo Styling Co.) Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour “Work & Play” theme and was so impressed by the talent and creativity shown in those rooms.  Definitely take a minute to check out all 28 inspiring spaces.

I was crazy for Lindsay’s colorful & creative office/playroom :


What a fun way to display your photos!
This is a child’s dream play space (and for Mom too!).
and also Jennifer’s (The Chronicle’s of Home) office nook off (her outdoor space is pretty amazing too).

THREE | We’re back on our regular meal prep to make life easier during the week.  It may not be the most exciting meals ever, but it sure saves time and stress scouring the fridge for something to eat.  And it’s healthy too.  My husband eats these meals also, which is why there are so many.  You can see how we cook all our chicken in big batches or read my Bikini Prep meal plan here.


I’m not on prep now, so to keep things interesting, I still try to make one or two additional dinners during the week.  The pasta carbonara was a delish splurge, but still probably healthier than the restaurant version.


FOUR | I’ve gotten into the habit of reading books on my iPad with the Kindle app before bed and sometimes while I feed Jordan.  I guess I went on a bit of a French bender, because below are zee books I devoured recently and recommend:


Currently reading this one :
Read any good books lately?

FIVE | We have a baby “tummy time” play date with a few moms and babies in our neighborhood this morning and I didn’t want to show up empty-handed, so I made sour cream coffee cake and it turned out amazing.  I had to taste test a piece before bringing it to make sure it wasn’t poison! You do that too, right?!

I hope you have an amazing Monday!  See you back here tomorrow with an amazing new find! 😉

keep in touch! 



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  1. Oh, I will definitely be checking out all those French book selections! I've had Mireille's first book, plus her other one "…for all seasons" for years. I've been obsessed with all things French since I was 14 and stepped foot into my first French class. Even my almost 6 year old boy has caught on to my obsession and frequently talks about the future when "we live in Paris." 🙂 Miss Jordan is such a beauty! Cannot wait to meet my own little girl in just a few short months! Will have to check out that Kissy Kissy brand for her.

    1. I love my best French girlfriend's authentic accent. I can hear her now, "Bonjour!" Definitely check out Kissy, Kissy – you won't believe the softness! Our cousin actually had one of their pieces monogrammed for Jordan, such a sweet gift. Big, big congrats on your little baby!! Hope you are feeling good!

  2. Had to come check in and catch up on your blog after meeting you, small world! PS – Grace and I killed the rest of the pound cake after you left, YUM. Nice to meet you, the babes will have to hang out again 🙂

    Catherine Sala

    1. Hi!!!! So glad you stopped by here! It's so good to get together with other moms of little babes and where it's normal to look around and see everyone breastfeeding!! Looking forward to hanging out again Catherine!

  3. I have been going back and forth reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by LLL and Living for God's Glory by Joel R Beeke. And of course always reading and catching up on blogs while I nurse!

  4. I love the idea of doing a "bunch" of meal preps all at once. Can you let me know if you use any kind of sauce or spices on your chicken/rice/broccoli medley, or do you just eat them plain? I was wondering if they get kind of dry?

    1. Life saver for sure around here. It depends on the mood, but the standby seasoning I use is Mrs. Dash on my chicken. It only gets dry if you reheat the chicken for too long. I will use a tiny bit of regular salt too on the veggies and rice.

  5. Jordan is so precious! After reading your post last week, I ordered an Amazon Prime Pantry box for the first time and it arrived today. I was so excited (funny what excites you when you get older- lol). Every little bit helps….I can check those items off of my errands list now…yay!

  6. Loved Kissy Kissy for my daughter! I had a few and I would just keep washing them the first mnonth and just kept putting them on her. They are so so soft! I was looking at the picture and before I read below it, I thought that outfit has to be Kissy Kissy!

  7. Jordan is adorable! She reminds me of James at that age, but I really think she looks more like Jimmy.
    I guess the Blue Apron thing didn't pan out? We can't use services like that due to dietary restrictions.

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